Wimbledon dream for Maori athlete

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The grandfather of a boy
who’s been named the top tennis player in the NZ under-15
section is celebrating. He hopes to play Wimbledon
in England, but for now, there are other things to be done. Rawhiti Williams is on
the path to success. He’s the first in the family to
make this achievement in sport. So we’re very proud,
but we remain humble. The Williams family are
keen pursuers of education, but Rawhiti has a different story. He gets his tennis skills
from his grandfather. Yes, he plays tennis well, and so
does his mother, who is my daughter. So do I, as well as my
other grandchildren. So perhaps. In February, Rawhiti and
his partner Cameron Philpot won doubles in their age group. He needs to remain humble
in his pursuits. Don’t become arrogant.
Don’t put others down. Keep a sense of humility. Although his aims are overseas, for now there are other
things he needs to do. I don’t know. Only time will tell. He has goals, but they
should be pushed aside. He needs to concentrate on the now. At the moment he’s in
the under-14 section, but he may be chosen
for the national team to go overseas to play. Anzac Pikia, Te Karere.


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