Wimbledon 2017 – Soundbites of day five


In the first set I was playing amazing today,
I found the Hand of Midas probably! (Laughs) I went to the great sushi place they
got in Wimbledon called Sticks and Sushi, Almost every night,
But so many tennis players eat there… Q. Who have you been sharing tables with? Gilles. (Laughs) Just last night. Q. Last night?
You should have put something in his food. I was trying to…
He was too quick. But we don’t have any grand slams
In Belarus, so… …if we had it would have been pretty good… Q. What will you do on Sunday? Just practice and relax…
Relax at home with my family And maybe watch some golf maybe Play with the other kids at the creche A couple of these days to see London
A little bit or to see something Because I didn’t really have much time
To go anywhere because I was playing all these days and practicing In Romania Sundays we are not working
So I am used to it… Just take it easy…you know,
Sunday, it’s an easy day!


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  1. Davies Sidney

    July 8, 2017 3:17 am

    It's always been like this? No play on that Sunday mid tournament? I have watched at least 3 Wimbledons did not notice it.

  2. Djadarian

    July 19, 2017 9:22 pm

    There's something strange about the way Aljaz Bedene tells that story, like he'd planned to tell it before he went in… such a smooth delivery


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