Wimbledon 2017 – Soundbites of Day 4


How many breaths did I take
It’s perfect. Exactly what I want.
Well, he made another reference just now in the gym about
Starvin Lee Marvin or something like that. I’ve heard of Starvin Marvin.
He references some more ’80s bands, stuff like that. I guess my IQ
is evolving in that department of learning those little things.
I was wrong. Maybe now is the last chance train.
Maybe is going to be another last chance in five years.
Who knows. Now the age comes more and more. So I have
another eight years to play I remember when I was eight,
nine years old, with my family I did a tour around Wimbledon,
and they took you around Centre Court. And I was saying to my mum
this morning, Remember that photo when I was eight, nine years old,
standing there, now I’m actually going to play there.


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  1. IncognitoX8

    July 7, 2017 3:58 pm

    OMFG do you even listen to this, before airing it? Background music higher than interviews OMG!


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