Wimbledon 2017 – Best soundbites of The Championships

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The Moderator: Good afternoon we have
Novak Djokovic for you Obviously it’s a full room. I’ll try
and get to as many as possible We will be going to Serbian later It’s exactly the same thing you say
every time. The Moderator: It is. Q: Is it a permanent Wimbledon
fashion statement? You know what, I’m going to
have to keep you guessing, Tom. You’ll actually have to watch my matches
this way to know if it’s stuck around. Q: You have similar styles.
Can you talk about that kind of matchup? Yeah, we have similar styles. Sorry. (Phone Rings) It’s Pat. Sorry guys. Hey Pat. Q: Does it not worry you when you get a
cold at your age that this could be the end? Extremely scary times
for me right now. I don’t know if I explained that well,
but I tried. Q: Sam is the first U.S. player to
reach a major semifinal since 2009. Male player. Q: I beg your pardon? Male player. Q: Breakpoint, second serve,
Venus fires an 160 mile-per-hour serve. 106. 160 I would have been in the back fence. I was close-ish. Close-Ish. Q: Quarters here last year. Semis
this year. What about next year? Pencil me in for a final, and hopefully that will happen.
We’ll see. Q: Who of the male finalists tomorrow
night would you like to dance with? Oh, c’mon. Q: No, c’mon. Roger. Q: You’ll be 36 in a couple weeks’ time. Thanks for the reminder again. It’s all good.


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