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so this is the whip cream challenge of the
night for the spend the night wait everybody’s got a smash their face at the same time 321
do it alright let’s see I don’t know if that is legit oh look at Aydah that looks pretty
legit oh yeah look at that Kayla totally bugged out hey guys we came back from a sleepover
with smelly belly TV and I have a little Caterpillar update and the caterpillars are now trying
to make their chrysalis I’m not allowed to touch them while they’re in this stage because
well they need their space to reform into butterflies so I’m excited well am excited
so we are gonna wait three days while they’re in their chrysalis their chrysalis has to
harden and then we can take the lid off and then we can put them in their habitat but
yeah I think were to go to the beach today so that’ll be fun well it’s kinda dark over
here there we go so were going to go to the drive-in movie theater with Jayla and Aydah
and then they are going to sleepover afterwards so yeah I just wanted to tell you guys about
caterpillars and everything so we’re going to go to the beach and were gonna show you
guys everything as I always say were bloggers and we like the blogger life and this is our
life so I hope you guys enjoy this video because it’s gonna be real fun we have so many things
that were gonna do it’s going to be awesome are you excited Tyler kind of kind of boys
are always just kind of excited I don’t understand that there just chill I guess it has its benefits
for us parents you know when their chill but anyways I have the fine Shawn and we are going
to get loaded up in the car and get out of here so we made it to the beach Kayla has
her little squirt pump thing and we are heading towards the water to cool off Tyler is boogie
boarding out there Shawn just ran to the car real quick because he thought he didn’t like
it smelly belly TV is on Their Way, Tara and Jesse are just around the corner so we will
see them in a second they are here hello alright you guys so we have all this reserved through
here awesome yea you made it finally I know Sean decided to go home and get the camera
anyways I said we could but there’s no waves so I don’t know yeah do you see Tyler here
she is burying herself in the sand are you a little mermaid right Rory yeah you got shells
Rory is playing with shells I guess Jesse is coming he’s got Jayla and Aydah hear there
they are it what is that thing on your camera is that a dead cat on your camera oh yeah
you guys at the see that thing and Shawn has arrived he is here he is already catching
some waves yeah they’re coming in a little we got the south side there’s not that much
of a breeze out there but you can catch a few toes and a few rips if you try yeah it’s
Iri it’s cool how does it feel Sir to have a camera in your face all the time I need
your autograph I’m kinda used to it by now ever since I went national it’s cool Pro server
right here no boogie board bro sorry here Kayla is doing the mermaid thing to herself
she’s looking pretty snazzy or is this like a Buddha thing what’s a Buddha I’m just baring
my legs it’s a Zen thing she is one with the earth today I will outline my legs so that
way you can see them this is my foot this is my shin this is my knee I haven’t covered
it completely yet all right I’m going out there I’m in a try to catch a wave don’t worry
about it I only saw like two or three sharks you be fine they hunt in packs so there’s
less than six you probably won’t get attacked we brought these things called shark bands
and there in the back of the chair actually and they’re supposed to they have a magnetic
field that’s posted detour them they don’t like it so I don’t know I think I’m just in
a chance itself yet you have anything cool to say not really just that I caught a wave
yay were so happy for you we are so proud of you Connie wave catcher Davis wave catching
did you go on the actual surfboard you did she’s doing this mermaid thing and Kayla said
she is doing the butterfly thing and Jayla is doing the Rory thing mom are we staying
I think were heading out okay okay were heading out everyone is packing up we are going to
go to the grocery store smelly belly TVs come in over and we are going to barbecue it is
good to be so much fun and so yummy there bring in the stakes and we got some fixings
that we gotta get and it’s gonna be awesome so will see you guys in a minute okay guys
so we came back from the beach and I went over to see my caterpillars and this is what
I see they are finally in the chrysalis this morning I showed you guys that they were just
hanging at the top and now they’re finally in the chrysalis there’s one caterpillar that
is still hanging out at the bottom but he is just the front of the pack he will be fine
but yeah the rest of them are in their chrysalis and it says on the packet that I’m not allowed
to touch that now for three days because that is a very important stage so after three days
we take the lid off and then we stick it in the habitat and then they will form into butterflies
and so I just wanted to catch you guys up on that as I thought it was really cool and
I’m really excited because they’re growing alright everybody is here we have smelly belly
TV Rory is having an appetizer right here are you ready open there is Rory’s appetizer
all right look at you all right oh my gosh we got the umbrellas up we are full-blown
here this is what happens when you tubers hang out we have lighting and cameras everywhere
it is just our lifestyle it’s just my umbrella don’t worry about it we have cameras and lighting
and were making food for a barbecue we have animals running around the house you want
more whip cream one more and that’s it now or to go look for the kids to see what they’re
up to as we haven’t seen them do the kids take off did the kids go to the park yes okay
the kids are at the park so we’ll have to catch up with them we have some yummy meat
strawberries some cake yeah we have a full-blown barbecued going on here yes it’s going to
be an eating extravaganza we get all kinds of yummy’s is Tarragona do up the best chef
thing on the salad again yes I totally will I’ve got the hard part done all we get a do
is put the cucumbers and tomatoes and their all right were just in around at the kids
here and they’re going to go live on you now with smelly Billy TV so I’m trying to go around
them out there at the park right now and then were gonna have food because we are barbecuing
so hopefully they are right here around the corner keep your fingers crossed here they
come I got stuck in a tree again you are stuck in a tree no hello how’s it going we went
on a walk around the block actually we have to go back home now why because you guys have
to do you now for a little bit but we were going to do walk around the block yes can
we meet you at home what’s a walk around the block mean we are going to walk around the
block walk walk walk around the block around the block tonight walk around the block rock
are rock around the block gonna walk him gonna walk your song is great hey it’s working out
look at this we have a bunch of gymnast we have Aydah over here doing some cartwheels
we got Kayla and Jayla over here doing some cartwheels look at that oh yeah oh look at
that Aydah you got that you nailed it what’s this do a cartwheel and then turn you Aydah
is got that look you guys did at the same time the running man challenge look at that
that is not the music that goes to the running man challenge I was trying I forget I know
it these kids must have had sugar I don’t know where or how but they got it I had a
yogurt pretzel I had a couple of yogurt pretzels a burst of energy and we stayed up until two
last night you guys stayed up till two you guys are animals party animals okay wait here
is my cart will backup let’s see this all right I want to see if a real oh yeah just
a typical day in the Davis house this is like one of those endless time looping so if you
record a live event and then you posted on YouTube than it never ends it just keeps going
over and over and over oh my God we have drones going on out here and were growing and octopus
we have growing octopuses I think we need more water because I get really big put it
back in so we can grow Tylers out there flying the drone I think this is the barbecue this
is filet mignon I almost said try to begin this is filet mignon this is the crème de
la crème it’s pink and they’re still so I don’t think it’s ready it’s ready for some
people it looks really raw I like it so that it’s kind of a pink not like red like it’s
raw still but I like it pink so that it’s nice and yummy and tender and juicy but if
it’s too raw than its kinda yucky but benefits to with like no red then it is like to dry
yep I like it a little bit pink to this is like a horrible light for me this is really
bad light Connie has good lighting but like half my face there we go you just have to
look up the light the light these potatoes are to die for they are so good we have corn
we have our wonderful salad from our garden can be amazing we have already been eating
the dessert we cheated last but not least we have filet mignon I can’t wait to get my
hands on that it’s actually called Fylet Mig Non look how it’s spelled it’s not filet mignon
it’s Fylet Mig Non Jesse is cleaning up here after a wonderful episode of you now Connie
will only fill me on the bad moments that’s it you look amazing you look gorgeous darling
film your self on the bad moments darling I always do look at me you always look great
always let’s do a dance are you ready Shawn let’s do a dance we dancing we dancing what
does that look like the Elaine yeah the Elaine let’s do the Elaine we have to eat it’s time
to eat barbecue is ready let’s get the kids let’s get the grub let’s do this I got some
cucumber on my salad good for you you got some salad tour bash put that in the comments
if you know what tour bash is we are just talking about why Tyler crashes everything
that he owns and why he should not drive the drone we are on our way to the movie theater
we are going to go to the drive-in movie everybody’s excited yes everybody is wearing their PJs
and their slippers I gave her those slippers because those don’t fit me no more I gave
her two pairs of slippers at a pair of slippers that look like diesel and then I gave her
a pair of slippers that don’t fit me anymore and those of my granny shoes those look awesome
where is Aydah Aydah is in the back with Tyler Kayla and Jayla are in the middle and Tara
and I are in the front let’s do this okay so everybody has popcorn can we get candy
how come you got popcorn because I want to get some candy I took my ponytail out nobody
cares about that I got popcorn and I got Three Musketeers and everybody’s gonna run off your
to go watch that movie we have kids dancing here we are doing the movie thing all right
we are going to head out because it is infested with mosquitoes here tonight so we got to
watch some of the movie that we have the movie at home so is not a total loss and we are
going to make the best of this and the kids are doing a spend the night so it’s not over
it’s not even over you guys we have to go we are getting Eaton alive here I’m ready
to look she’s coming through the ceiling is that Aydah she is climbing in here there climbing
and in any way they can lift it out of the mosquitoes please help us we need some with
cream here this is the whip cream challenge of the night everybody’s gonna smash their
faces at the same time 321 do it all right let’s see I don’t know if that’s legit that
looks pretty legit oh yeah look at that Kayla said she’ll do it my cake had raspberries
in it now I don’t have any raspberries I think Jayla is the winner you just gotta use your
hands you just have to take it and then go like this oh yeah look at that that’s the
best way to eat it she’s just going for it and you just make it into a little ball I
finally got me a raspberry would you guys think about polishing everybody’s nails and
including Tyler’s I think you would like it Tyler and we can polish your fingernails and
stuff gonna scare them away you have to let him go he is just chill and for a second there
Aydah has the full on nail polish kit there what is this that is gems oh no it’s not it
is it’s like the white things for French manicure I don’t know how to use it though I can show
you how to do it one of these days okay we have half of smelly Billy TV saying good night
I am so tired I almost fell asleep on your couch we had so much fun with you we are so
glad you guys came over thank you for having us it was awesome and we still get to keep
Jayla and Aydah but we have to say good night to Rory say good night Rory good night will
see you later Jesse by Sean this is my best buddy in the world I’m not going on to say
goodbye to my buddy I love you Rory have a good night bye we are just doing some nails
here welcome to the Davis salon where every girls fingers are beautiful and Jehle has
picked out her colors black and pink I’m going to do pink on most of the fingers except for
one on each hand it’s going to be black so it will have a black accent okay that is such
a pretty color I was like looking through that camera I didn’t see you are you sure
they have a really nice shade of pink for you you’re not into that all right that is
totally awesome I wish I was a girl cousin it would be totally okay for me to do that
wait we can paint your nails if I was a girl there is one bow oh my God how cute that is so adorable
oh my gosh she has it I have some you might want to use some years though as I got that
from the kit I don’t even know if I own any do I yes you do so this went on my thumb and
then it’s going to go into a pattern and this one goes here so then it goes this color then
this color then this color and then keep rotating okay so what I was thinking I would do paint
for these nails and then I would do white on this nail but then I always have the decision
as to whether I want to put the letter on my ring finger or off flower on my ring finger
I don’t know because the flowers are white and the nail polish is white but there’s also
purple flowers back there on my Honey child you just think way too much well let’s just
start with the pink and then we’ll go from there and then we will just see how we feel
you know what I like these colors yes I think were on the right track here let’s see that
finger is Deborah a good nail salon person’s name which one of my not doing pink that when
at their okay this three finger thing is a trend hashtag ring finger is different yes
and for any of your ladies out there that like to get your nails done what is your favorite
color and how do you get the style done do you do the ring finger a different color she
is like trying to remind me don’t color that ring finger I promise not to do that looks
good I like it did you just call her J dog J low OJ Lo I’m J low oh my gosh it’s so adorable
I like it that’s all that matters its beautiful we just finished doing everybody’s nails and
now they are in the gaming room doing their gaming thing including Shawn yes I was playing
video games he took it away from Tyler and now Tyler says your stink are you ready to
do some TV time yet JaylA is already ready to crash she is the first one to yawn you
know what happens to the first person that falls asleep right they get mustaches they
find out when they wake up you’re going to grow a mustache overnight Jayla no you draw
a mustache I already scratched my nail oh know what a bummer Jayla’s nails are beautiful
go like this now show me the toes ease oh my gosh look at it as toes everybody did a
beautiful job on the nails you guys are pros okay no Kayla we tried to get Tyler to do
but he wouldn’t do I don’t think he wanted to do it for school schools not tomorrow but
it’s the next day so you guys ready to be at peace here and do your own thing is I want
to go say night night let’s say night night to the smelly belly ends until next time like
scribe share with your friends, down below what’s the question of the day how do you
do your nails and what’s the favorite color to put on your nails tell us the answer in
the comments down below until next time goodbye


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