What’s inside a Cricket Ball?

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– All right, we’re back for another video of how to cut something open. Somebody asked us, “How do
you cut open a cricket ball?” Or “cock-ball”, they called it. So we bought one. I’ve never seen one of these before. It’s a… I don’t know what it is. Guaranteed 5 and a half ounce club hand-sewn genuine leather,
has these weird strings on it, and it’s kind of a leather
feel, but I don’t really know what’s gonna be inside of
there, so let’s check it out. Let’s see, so we’re still
not that fancy here. We still only have my little clamp and the ball. So let’s start out here,
see what happens here. – [Boy] Dad, I want you to cut it… – [Man] There you go,
move a little bit closer. What do you want? – [Boy] I want you to cut it… – [Man] I’m thinking we’re
gonna cut it right down here, not down the line. So let’s do that. Okay, we’ve had a few problems
trying to get it on here. I think we’re pretty close. We’re smashing it. It
smashes pretty easily. It’s gonna be pretty interesting
to see what’s in here. Hopefully, our little knife will get this. So here we go, we got our little saw. It’s getting kind of rusty from all of our little activities. And let’s cut it. – [Boy] Looks pretty easy to cut. – [Man] The leather part is fairly easy. It is moving a little bit though. It’s something a little thicker now. I’m guessing it’s like baseball. It’s like a yarn, maybe. – [Boy] Yellow? – [Man] Yeah, it’s kind
of a yellow little saucer. – [Boy] So if it’s less tough then it’s kind of like a baseball. – [Man] Hoo! It wants to come out. Should we open it up? Whoa, that’s weird. (child laughs) – [Girl] It’s a tennis ball. – [Man] That’s exactly right, Clare, it does look kind of like a tennis ball. It’s like the yellow
part of a tennis ball. – [Boy] Oh, what’s inside? It looks pretty weird. Oh, what’s inside? It’s so close. (child cheering) – [Man] So it’s like a… I don’t know. It’s like
this yarny stuff… – [Boy] With this rubber… With this hard ball inside of it. – [Man] Yeah, we should probably
get into that hard ball. It really is soft. It’s
like soft material. – [Boy] You almost cut it. You started cutting it a
little, then you stopped. – [Man] That ball is not even round. There’s edges on it. – [Boy] That’s the black one. – [Man] So let’s give that a try. Let’s see if we can get rid of this. – [Boy] That’s the black one
when you started cutting it. – [Man] Just over halfway through… – [Boy] Over halfway… – [Man] My gosh! That stinks! Check this out, it’s like
there’s metal inside of it. – [Clare] I can’t even see it. – [Man] Look at that,
there’s some kind of metal. You see that? – Oh! It’s golden. – [Man] There’s metal, and then a hole. It’s like a bubble is in there. That’s what that loud noise
was, it’s metal on metal. – It’s a sad face. – [Man] Sad face? So I guess… – Oh, I get that! Look at it. – [Man] So, mystery kind of solved. We’ll have to Google it
and see what else in there, but if you look at it,
you’ve got this yarn stuff, of course, the leather, the
leather ball with the stitches. – [Boy] Looks like the
stitches are kind of black. – [Man] And then this ball that has bumps on the outside of it. – [Boy] And metal inside of it. – [Man] Really hard, and metal, yeah. That’s strange. Well, guys, now we know what’s
inside of a cricket ball. Even though we’ve never
played cricket before. I don’t know if we ever
will, but at least we know what’s inside the ball, kind of. So, there we go.


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