‘What Now? UK and European property investing’- NLA Wimbledon

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Groundhog Day – are you familiar with that storyline? When you re-live the same day over and over again I don’t know about you but for
the last three years I’ve been amazed at how all the journalists every day they’ve
had something new to say about Brexit and our relationship with Europe
and why am I talking to well as I said health people the best in Europe and
it’s one of the issues and changes that I come up against on a daily basis of my
business investors they can’t invest because there’s an election coming up or
posted or whatever so it’s an issue I face on a daily basis but I am sure that
you to face unlike you I am also at that Walter I have investment property here
in the UK and also a cold so I have put it both sides the camps and I can
compare and contrast those two different markets just to get Chopin so I know the
makeup of the audience can I ask how many of you derive your main income you
are in property full term as a landlord or property investor and that usual your
main source of income just two or three of you and by default by people does
that mean the rest of you are investing property on a part-time basis or
alongside your day jobs yeah no because that
both and just really European perspective because we’re hearing you
know Greater London how many of you have ever invested or are currently invested
in the continent of Europe once what would you come to you must be
betting okay right a little bit of an international dimension here in terms of
moving forwards with them with Europe that’s great thanks very much so the
next half an hour and I’m going to go through what I see if the context of
what’s happening in the UK 7th see what I see is the UK lands favourite moment
how it’s being affected by the Solidarity saga with will we locally
with Europe and to also set the scene about property investment than being
around Lord in the UK I they want to just allude to three broad-brush
potential strategies now you may have already adopted a strategy or started
doing things a bit differently for you to move forwards that I’ve got some
thoughts up there about what you may already done what you might be doing
might draw some conclusions and they’re a little bit more about me at the end or
anybody wants to stay in contact I’ve got some contact details and I put this
slide in is a bit of a humorous one breaks it no matter how you pronounce it
that’s phonetically or in a different language it throws up all sorts of
Horrors for investors and bankers and why is that well this has been this
endless uncertainty and early on and has been absolutely no charity for anybody
involved and Karen might be able to correctly but there was some research
done he may have taken part in 2016 among angles asking what their thoughts
were breaks it and over a third film says they felt that breaks it was going
to hamper their ability to let out the properties efficiently and cause
problems it makes us know whether there’s been
any more updated research since 2016 but then the situation hasn’t changed too
much so I’m not so sure that being here figures where they’ve changed much so
just if anyone wants to shout out what do you want force operates it how it’s
affecting your your business anybody want to so yeah and it’s definitely about
concern because they’re about two million Europeans who have been renting
in the private sector and they make up a substantial portion of the private
rental sector so it’s about a concern some people might see it’s a big threat
some people might see it as an opportunity but you know I think we do
get very caught up in this whole scenario it’s a threat to our business
in the UK things are all bad but you know I think we can get a bit tubes or
sometimes with that there are other countries in Europe that are also facing
legal challenges I know that the hood is a pretty big challenge but if you look
at the countries in Europe Spain for example is facing challenges it’s just
an it’s for the election in four years it doesn’t have a particularly stable
political setup at the minute in fact there have been some pundits who have
suggested that Spanish Parliament is of you but might need tallying Parliament
but without retelling at the moment and if you’re following
the news in Europe know that there is unrest for independence in Catalonia
so they have their own importance facing bad and challenging times of us know
that leave lots of lives about the rest if you look at crops with what Mac mom’s
trying to do is trying to bring in a very reformist program the finances in
France on a different state just to give an example when you’ve heard on the news
today about starting a winter of unrest there have been demonstrations in
particular who were his patients reforms he’s trying to rationalize the public
sector pensions there are over 40 public sector pensions in France and they’re
all on different retirement dates different benefits these traditionalized
acts that it cost less to the state and Frances bans double the amount that the
UK does on on public sector pensions so France has its own problems to deal with
Germany to the store water of Europe the the the big economic powerhouse it’s
bumping along the edge of will it’ll work to go into recession it’s been very
hard hit by the fallout of the china-us trade war it’s got a big manufacturing
base particularly its car manufacturing and so it’s being affected by that as
well so I think it’s important to know that you know we’re all facing similar
challenges and also you know other countries in Europe were facing big
challenges of themselves it’s not just the UK that’s on its own caught up
completely just fighting for exit so just a quick run-through of where we
are in a minute and how our economy and the whole planet has been affected by
this situation the disruption of a general election as you say we weren’t
expecting that that’s going to be next week well we won’t we see a major exit
of my net worth wealth for fear of a Labour government getting it that’s not
even to mention different housing policies although both both parties have
committed to building a lot more houses but they don’t always successful in
between that house price or where there are places in abundance suffering over
life in central London there are places that are doing well rental do my honor
think we’ve covered that that their rental demand is affected it affected in
some areas particularly where European citizens are tenant information that a
lot of interest rates which way are they going to go and the mortgage market well
you know the interest rates are very competitive at the minute other
mortgages you’ve been I’ve certainly seen them or heard of evidence of the
mortgage lenders being very conservative in their approach to landing because
they are getting the walls about all the uncertainties they’re being very
cautious in how they lend so even though the biotech market is very competitive
at the minute with mortgage interest rates they are being quite difficult on
the lending strength of them how that’s going up and down particular you do have
exposure potentially to another country and a property there and ownership
rights in the EU that might put some people off thinking about investing in
Europe you know what state is going on country am I still going to have the
same ownership rights as I would do in the EU so there’s some of the things and
the complexity of the picture in UK


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