What Do You Need To Start Olympic Archery?

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One of the questions that I frequently get
asked is What do I need to buy in order to do archery? Normally for people who want to get into archery I recommend trying it first at an archery
range or a club but let’s stay you’re at the stage where you’re
buying your first bow. You’re probably looking for a checklist of
the things you need to get. The item that is going to suck up the most
time and money is the bow. If you’re buying a beginner bow or a hunting
bow such as the Samick Sage or Martin Jaguar the bow typically comes with all the bits
needed to shoot including the riser, limbs and bowstring. If you’re buying an Olympic style target bow,
these components are all sold separately. For convenience, you may want to buy a pre-selected
bow package or ask the shop to put one together for you
with your bow purchase. Most stores have some kind of beginner package
that includes riser, limbs and accessory kit. The essential accessories are a finger tab
or glove and an arm guard. A bowstringer is recommended and a quiver
is nice to have but not vital. Of course, you need arrows. Arrows aren’t made equal. Depending on your
draw weight, you will need to match the spine of the arrow with your bow. You can either look up arrow spine charts
or contact the archery store and ask. Well let’s say you’ve gotten all of that and
you’re holding your bow right now. You’re ready to shoot, right? Hold on. Not quite. There are a couple of things you need to have
on your bow before you’re good to go. The first is to make sure your bow has an
arrow rest. If you’re shooting traditional style, you
can get a shelf rug. But your arrows need to have feathers and
not plastic vanes. More commonly, a stick-on arrow rest is used. Some bows already come with rests, but make
sure you’ve got one. Second, you need to put a nocking point on
your string. Without it, the arrow will slide up and down.
You can ask the shop to do it for you, or you can get your own brass nock sets, or use
serving thread or even dental floss. You’ll want the arrow to be roughly square
with the string or slightly angled down. Now you’re ready to shoot safely. To go over again, these are the things you
need to get for a basic recurve bow. First you need the bow. The bow should have
a riser limbs, a rest, a bowstring with nocking points Arrows, a finger tab or a glove, and an arm
guard. That’s actually all you need. Again, there are extras that you generally
should get like a bowstringer and other accessories like
a bow case or a quiver. If you’re going for a full Olympic-style setup
you will need to get things like a plunger button and stabilisers and sights. But for the sake of those who are just starting
out and just want a bow, this is all you need. I should point out that you probably want
something to shoot at. That’s not a problem if you’re going to a
range to shoot. But if you’re shooting at home, you will probably
either have to buy a target or make one yourself. Anyway, this is NUSensei. Hope this was helpful.Thanks for watching,
and I’ll see you next time.


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