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It looks like you shot him.
BassPro Shops Outdoor World They have like RV’s and boats.. they got everything
there … this is like man’s town. It is so cool here.
Tyler and Shawn are going to have a blast in here.
I wish I had an unlimited credit card so I can buy all the stuff in here.
Oooo a gator … we have to get that guy. I want to go inside
You want to go inside? Ya .. I want to go inside.
Its cold Its not that cold.
Yes it is! Thats a cool golf cart … thats pretty big.
Its called the Bad Boy Its a Bad Buy buggy.
Why dont you get on the green one. Why dont you go an try that one on for size
and see if it fits you. We will have to get a bigger property … we
need acreage. You can barley see Kayla on hers.
Hey Kayla … Ive got a Kayla size one for you over here.
There you go. Thats perfect.
This ones mine. We are going to switch your name from Big
Cat to Arctic Cat because that is the name of your ride.
Wow look it .. we get to go see the fish and stuff.
Fishies?? Ya
Oh ya .. they have fishies!! Fishies!!!
I want to swim in there. There is bigger ones.
Can I swim in there? They are over on the that side?
Are we going fishing? That would be a pretty fun little thing … i
have to get fishing licenses for all of us though.
Look these ultra lites. Wow look .. these are kiddie ones here.
Im trying to blend … im trying to dance. What ever we do in stores I guess is normal.
Comment below if any of you know what this is?
Comment below. You see the little red dot?
Ya The red dot .. you have to focus on the target
and hit it. Im playing too?
Yes Yes!!! I did it!!
I shot the bottle! Yes!!
I shot the bird! We have a stone cold killer here.
I got the birdie!! I turned the light on!
I like this hat. Me too.
Hats are cool. I like this one.
You like that one? We are wrapping up our BassPro Shops visit
here. It was a lot of fun. We saw guns and we got
to shoot some stuff and looked at knives. I shot a lot of things … im a gun slinger.
This is a total buys hangout place right here you gotta go .. this place is so much fun
.. it was very cool. Aways … we will catch you guys later.


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