VW T5 Engine Bay Overview 2011-2015


Hello Guys and Girls. Before I show you
around my engine bay of my Van it’s always nice to have a quick cup of tea! Lovely, right let’s get started
so I’m just going to give you a quick tour of the engine bay of the Volkswagen
T5, the VW T5 mines the Kombi, mine is six-speed 2.0 Turbo Diesel 140hp and mine’s got the air conditioning as well. So I’m just going to quickly show
you around the engine bay so you’ve got the little lever here just above the VW
badge just gently lift it and on the left-hand side just down there tucked
down is a little metal lever so just plug that into the bracket and then hold
the bonnet up. So this is the engine bay of the VW T5. Obviously I’m not going to run you through what every single thing is in this engine bay because basically I haven’t got a
clue but I know what the obvious things are and that is the hydraulic fluid for
the power steering. And engine oil yes engine oil there and that is the
reservoir for the radiator fluid that is the battery that is the windscreen
washer fluid there’s a dipstick to check the engine oil. And this down there is where the
alternator belt is. Oh that’s the hydraulic fluid for the brakes. Because it actually says on there. That is
the hydraulic fluid for the power steering. Right that’s the dipstick so let’s
just check the oil it should be absolutely fine because I’ve just had it
serviced and new oil which was not cheap. We got to use good stuff. So this is the
radiator and the fan as I say down there that’s the alternator belt there as you
can see I’ve just had a new one put on all nice and clean there is just down
there you basically fit this by laying underneath the van taking that plastic
tray off and inside there is the Cam belt inside that cover with the teeth
on it. That’s the fusebox just there well the
engine bay fuse box there’s another one inside under the gear lever. I have to say while I’m showing you the
engine I do love my Van I love it when it had
to go to the garage for a little while oh it was like torture
not having my Van, just missed it get so attached to it. So that is the engine bay of the VW T5
if you’re thinking about buying one then buy one.
As it is a great Van really good and very reliable. Here it is running. Sweet. So that really is
the end of the video nothing spectacular. Thanks for watching Guys and Girls.


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  1. Lurgs

    May 2, 2018 1:02 am

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