Uneven Lies Tips – Sidehill shots, ball above feet

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In almost every round you play you’re going
to be confronted with an uneven lie of some kind. This video highlights the basic address and
swing adjustments that you’re going to need to make when the ball rests above your feet. Your first two adjustments are to stand taller
and grip down towards the middle of the handle. The next adjustment is how you aim. Due to the design of the club, when the ball
is above your feet the face actually aims left, Both the amount of slope that exists
and the loft of the club influence how much the aim gets shifted to the left. If more slope exists, then the aim is shifted
more to the left. The higher the loft of the club, the more
the face of the club aims to the left. Too accommodate this, there are two adjustments
you can make.This first is to set your aim farther to the right. To further protect against a left-miss, open
the face to help aim the clubface straighter. The goal of this shot is to advance the ball
as close to your target distance as possible which requires achieving solid contact first. Increase your ability to hit the ball solid
by making a swing that is less than full. Since you won’t be swinging full, you need
to reduce the loft of your club one or more clubs to help you create the desired distance. If you’re still having a hard time hitting
off of this type of lie, contact your GolfTEC Coach. Swing Better. Play Better. GolfTEC.


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