TVJ Midday News: INDECOM Concerned about Police High Command – October 30 2019


but afternoon I am Andrea Chism with the
midday news for this Wednesday October 30 a special welcome if you’re watching
on one spot mediacom the independent commission of investigations in become
is concerned about how the police high command handles issues relating to
domestic violence within the force in its quarterly report in the come noted
one case in which a spouse reported the aggressive behavior of an officer the
officer was removed from an operational team and counseling sessions initiated a
further complaint forced the high command to seize the officer service
weapon but it was returned after another round of counseling there was however
little change in the officers behavior a few months later he killed his
girlfriend during an argument in become is therefore recommending a review of a
policies relating to police personnel keeping their service weapons while
off-duty the oversight body is also awaiting
outstanding reports on counseling sessions in the come says the lack of
such reports highlights the ambiguous application of rules within the police
force meanwhile in the calm is reporting that they received two hundred and
thirty six categories of complaints from two hundred and one incidents between
April and June this year in the comp noted that they received the most
complaints for assault discharge of firearm shooting injury and fatal
shootings Kingston and Saint Andrew recorded the highest number of
fatalities nine st. Catherine six st. James four while Chelonia and clarendon
recorded one each st. Elizabeth Hannibal Westmoreland Manchester st. Thomas and
Portland did not report any fatalities for the
period meanwhile Indicom also reported that there were five deaths in custody
Technology Minister favor Williams says Jamaica is working to improve its
cybersecurity response she was speaking in the House of Representatives
yesterday cybersecurity is considered as one of the most profound
challenges that confront global governments 6.4 turns and young global
information security 2018-19 said 6.4 billion false emails were sent worldwide
are sent worldwide every day the average cost of a data breach is more than us
3.4 million dollars that data is frightening and it’s even more
disturbing as the cyber space is considered as the fifth common domain
after land sea air and out of space the magnitude of the need for cyber secure
environment must be considered against the fact that more than half of the
world’s population or some 3.9 billion people have access to the Internet the
Costas of Manchester Garfield Greene wants the new police commander
superintendent Aguirre Francis to tackle driver in discipline in the parish we
have motor vehicles driving our own at red lights blue lights the LED lights on
their vehicles the noise new suns and motorbikes that are travelling across
the or roads with loud noises yes the entertainments that take place within
the parish disturbing on our our citizens these are things that we are
asking the incoming superintendent to tackle such when people people know that
I enter in Manchester they have to be on the lookout for the police the Custis
spoke to TVJ news following the official change in leadership of the Manchester
Police Division superintendent Gary Francis has taken over from
superintendent Wayne Cameron the st. Mary Police are investigating a break-in
at the Galena primary and infant school last night thieves entered the school
from the infantry department however it’s not clear what was taken TVJ
Sprint’s more reports on Wednesday morning students of the Galena primary
and infant school in Saint Mary turned up for classes but instead were greeted
with this a tempered door lock to the infant department with several tablets
scattered inside and forensic crime scene investigators busy on the compound
acting principal Marsha Frost said she was at home when she received a
call that thieves had broken into the school this morning
about five o’clock one of the Watchmen mr. Wesley Frey called to see the school
was broken into I told him that I wasn’t feeling well but I will come to see what
happened when she arrived miss frost realized that the infant Department was
broken into the front door to the old infant apartment was tampered with when
I went inside the library door was open and the door to my office was open
basically some of the tablets were removed from where there were somewhere
on the floor and when I went into my office I did not actually see anything
that was done however she was unable to say if any of the tablets were missing
miss frost laments that this is the third time thieves have targeted the
school in recent times the first time when they broke in the school they took
food items that’s basically what they took don’t even come at them for every
school every children in high school every school in shouldn’t have broken
school then I look for help in school the children em need em breakfast manon
couldn’t get any breakfast because of that but are getting thanks anyway no
life has not lost in 2015 the school received 200 tablets under the
government’s tablets in Schools Initiative Prince more TVJ news and it’s
time for a break but stay with us we have more stories right after these
messages welcome back and we’re continuing the
news unions representing employees of Jessica Alpert in nain st. Elizabeth are
reporting that progress has been made during yesterday’s discussions about
plans by the company to call jobs ahead of an upgrade of its plants the National
worker’s union and W says during the 12-hour meeting the unions placed their
concerns and suggestions on the table a response is expected from Jessica Alba
at another meeting expected to be set for next week general secretary of the
NW Granville Valentine says among the major points to be dealt with is the
matter of the retention of the Jamaican workers during the upgrade of the plant
the workers were handed letters a sir big notice of redundancies on heroes’
day mr. Valentine says the unions requested that the letter be withdrawn
and reissued under the guidance of the Labor Ministry the company addressed the
matter right we had only one meeting at the Ministry of Labour they went and
they serve a lot of notice and a public holiday without the knowledge of the
ministry or any agreement between we at them so we requested that Athleta be
returned the wording of the letter is also ambiguous and as a result we also
believe that it should be it should be clear it should be understood whilst
you’re at the ministry that the ministry and and the parties understand that any
step that are gonna be taken must be decided there the blood bank has declared a blood
shortage crisis in the island blood drive organiser at the blood bank or
Dean black says an increase in the number of persons with dengue has led to
an increased demand for blood is therefore urging persons to donate blood
the only way we can come out to the price that is that persons coming to
come and give blood I know and just remind you you don’t have to have
anybody in mind either 30 you have the willingness
help somebody when they know the person not you just latter will just help to
save a life and we will do the rest mr. black was speaking at a blood drive in
Montego Bay st. James where he issued a call for individuals as well as
organizations to join the effort to bolster the country’s blood supply to
make sure that the continent bright for every day we need as much purse commode
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 10:00 one of the blood banks they can’t
visit us come I said they come to donate blood you don’t listen up there for
somebody in mind to doing it for just comments that you’re here to give loaded
the basic requirements must be is seventeen to six years old and just have
something to eat come along and we will over check to see if you are able to
give blood if you’re not able to say what you can do start out come back
another day and if I can do it today and we’ll go ahead with it and time now for
a preview of what’s coming up in this evenings health report in the next
edition of the health report we look at treating wounds if you are a diabetic
and you get a bruise on your tool a foot and where is that diabetic wounds are
not healed proper recall readily take a long time to heal so as you get a if you
if something’s stuck in a foot are bruised that’s the health report this
evening in primetime news and now for today’s healthy living tip keep the
dressing of the wound dry protect the wound from bumps pressure and the Sun
always wash hands before and after touching the wound or when changing
dressings watch for the signs of infection and seek medical advice if one
develops and in sports the owners of Jamaica
Tolliver’s have reaffirmed their stance to keep the franchise in Jamaica but
there are plans to shift the number of games to be played at Sabina Park for
the 2020 season TV Jays Ranade Brown reports for the Jamaica Tala was the
2019 Caribbean summer league season was a forgettable one and the team managed
just two wins from their ten games it was a whether the first time since the
CPR started in 2013 as five games were held at savanna pod this was made
possible through the support of the Jamaican government in the aftermath of
talks about moving the franchise but according to Tarawa CEO Jefferson Miller
government support did not equate to spectator support over the five years
first and foremost we ran in a business and we have to look at the bottom line
because there’s a tremendous amount of expenses and running a franchise in the
CPL but we do in consultation and we’re talking to management they’re talking to
government to see how we can move forward make sure but if you look at it
last year we had a two game surrender with almost all of games what I can see
from force in Jamaica is that they love winners and a few winning they’re going
to come out if you’re losing you’re not going to support
but while plans of movie of the franchise have been shoved the owners
are still looking for other avenues of maximizing their investments my
commitment is to probably have two games at Fulani
that’s free games there and that’s that’s what I’m looking to do next year
so to answer your question yes the Jamaica would be the location for all
five games Minna also hinted at Chris Gayle and
Andre Russa committing to the team for next season we saw us poking a Christian
of spoken to Andrea and again we are looking through a total reassessment of
the team and that would occur join the trough and before and after his wrath in
the meantime the tower was donated cricket gear to two young players on
Monday former papeon High player Shamar Edwards
was grateful for the equipment the other plan was national under-19 captain Kurt
McKenzie who recently returned from a West Indies on the 19 cam I always I
would experience in that valley years of youth cricket is
we recognize who entered and I think I’m just really hoping to be a 19 team
forever Cup in South Africa the presentation was made at Sabina Park
Barnard abroad for TVJ sports and that’s the midday news I’m Andrea Chisholm join
us at 7:00 for the primetime use package on behalf of the news sports and
production teams good afternoon


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  1. Orane Moore

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    Indecom is one of the reason why crime and violence is on the rise in Jamaica , these gun men gained so much strength since this body became popular, not withstanding police officers are not adequately paid , hence that leads to domestic disputes spouses getting financially frustrated, not to mention a police officer can’t properly conduct his / her duty without them being scrutinized by indecom , it’s like walking on egg shells, What do u think going happen? The police are going to turn a blind eye to crime ..resign as fast as they came run from problems

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    October 31, 2019 8:24 am

    Watchman keep watch right? Making watchman a potential witness right? Why madam principal feel the need to spell out watchman name to John Public? Smh

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    It's a shame and disgrace madam principal next time don't call out the watchman name in the public like that you can't trust anyone a hope they hold those culprit same same the children are the future


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