Truth about Consistent Golf

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if you’re looking for consistency you
probably already are I just got done with another total game evaluation and I
heard the same thing I hear every time it’s they want to play more consistently
and I always chuckle a little bit because in my mind people are consistent
almost always when it comes to a golf lesson or just in their golf swing it’s
just they’re not consistent of what they want to be so let’s say I have the guy
hit ten shots he’s going to hit eight bad ones and two good ones and those
eight bad ones are all gonna have a pretty similar look that’s consistency
those two good ones those are the ones they want to hit more often now what I
explained and what you have to understand about consistent golf is that
those two good shots the planets they had to align and what I mean by planets
I mean the things that they do good and bad they sort of have to line up or
balance each other out so in golf swings to be consistent you need to take the
things you do bad like let’s say your ball position you might have it too far
back well then you have to do something to sort of make up for it so one bad
thing is canceled out by the right good thing or they just cancelled out and
they come together and you hit a good shot so consistent golfers they’ve got
like two of those things it could be anything it could just be they need to
make sure their ball position is right and then they play well so they’ve got
that one thing poor golfers they don’t know their things but there’s a lot of
them and when they hit a good shot it’s because all those things ten bad things
and ten compensations lined up good golf shot here’s how you get to be a
consistent golfer you take those ten and you make them nine and eight and seven
and so on until you become that good golfer who only has to watch their ball
position or whatever it is their grips something get that down to where it’s
one or two things and that guy hits eight good shots out of ten instead of
two so if you’re looking for consistency you probably already are just not the
way you want if you want to be consistent
make your swing better get it to be seven things or few or five things or
fewer the planets align more often you hit more good shots your scores come
down it’s simple consistent golf that’s the
key to it


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