Trevecca’s golf facility project

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(soft music) – Having an indoor golf
facility at Trevecca will benefit us in several ways. First and foremost, it will
give us an opportunity to be able to practice our golf
indoors in a controlled climate, and not have to practice
quite as much as we do outside in the wintertime and in
bad weather conditions. – Typically in the spring,
especially, we practice in pretty terrible conditions like wind
and snow and all that kind of stuff and freezing cold
temperatures and so having a place to practice indoors
would be super beneficial. – The winters sometimes get
really cold, and as we all know or live in Nashville, the
rain is pretty bad here too. So those cold wet winters have
been pretty tough to practice and we could at least get
some putting chipping. – So this golf facility can
be used for more than just the golf team’s benefit and
just the golf team practice space in a meeting space
for a golf program. I plan on using the facility
as a ministry opportunity. Obviously there’s some need
in the community around Trevecca’s campus and I
would love to have the Kid Power Kids come on campus and
teach them some golf and life skills but also use this as an opportunity to minister to ’em. And there’s a number of
different ways that a facility on campus can be used to minister
not only to the community around us, but to the student
athletes, and certainly just to students overall. – I think that having
an indoor ball facility would be huge for recruiting
especially because it would help us bring in more top level
athletes who are committed to golf and committed to the
school and I think that we would bring in athletes who
would want to be involved and contribute while they’re
at school and continue to contribute after they leave. – [David] So with this
golf facility obviously it takes resources, financial
resources to complete a project like this and, we’re
just wondering if you would be willing to partner with us
partner with the golf program, partner with the athletic
department partner with the school. To bring a facility like this
to not only can benefit our golf program, but also again
benefit the community around us and be used as a ministry opportunity to share the Word of God. (upbeat music)


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