Trapped in the Closet outdoor party game by Athletic Parties | Westchester County, NY

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Okay, this game is called “Trapped in the
Closet”. When the music stops, they must go into a hula hoop. Hurry up! Get into a hula hoop! Go Go! Find one! C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon. Okay … everybody’s in a hula hoop. Guess
what? We’re gonna take one away now so it’s gonna get even harder. Okay, are we ready? We’re taking one away. Here we go. Come out of the hula hoop. Let’s move around. Silly pop is taking one away. Don’t get into the hula hoop yet, buddy.
Not yet. [Music and sounds of children playing] Freeze! Get in! Get in! Get in! Everybody
in! Good job! Step in, step in, step in! C’mon
buddy. Oh, he likes the cone instead. Go ahead, run to the hula hoop. Run, run, run, run, run! Okay, boys and girls. I wanna see if you know magic because we’re gonna take one away. Do you think we can all fit in one hula hoop? All you need to do is have a body part in
the hula hoop, whether it’s a leg, foot, hand. So let’s figure it out. Here we go. Silly Pop, take one away. Okay, let’s walk around, guys. Don’t stand
in there yet. Not yet! Not yet! Come on out! Let me see some cool dance moves! Let’s go! Let’s go! Get in the hula hoop! Get in! Get in! Don’t push. Don’t shove. Is everybody in? Go ahead … just stick one foot in. One foot … come on. Get the little guy.


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