Tourist Sauce (California): Episode 4, Sandpiper GC with Micah Pueschel


Hey, this might be the coolest place said I’ve ever seen How many times can you get this up and down out of ten? I’m gonna go with the one. Oh my goodness great shot! Very tight, tight, tight piece of property. We’re making it work. Am I nervous about Icarido driving an RV. Yeah, yeah I am. No Laying Up was here. Starting for Sandpiper Golf Course I’m gonna go post a f***ing number today! Let’s go Randy! The strap boys are going to the refuge, baby That’s the rallying cry. That’s our war cry. Where should we park Rigarita? We officially decide on Rigarita? It’s kind of just is rolling off the tongue at this point. I think it’s it’s in the zeitgeist RV Penicko. RV Penicko is good. That’s the runner up. That’s pretty good. Guys this looks really fun. I’d say let’s go launch ’em! What do you think of Sandpiper? the Rap it kinda got from some people is like it’s gonna drone really well and the golf course is blah blah blah But I kind of think the opposite. Like you’re kind of thinking on every hole It’s really soft which kind of takes away some of the the width and angles stuff But I don’t know if it I don’t know if it’s the opposite. I think it’s still drones pretty well. Well it definitely drones very well. I was I’ve been very pleasantly surprised and I Would love to play here every day Are you allowed to film in public restrooms? And today we’re gonna be joined by Recurring star from season two. I made it. Solly dialed up the PJ for me so I made it in time. So I made it in time, and I’m just happy to be here man Whatever stops we can pull out to get the talent here. Welcome to my home course. God. Yes Let’s go try to get it! Alright, let’s do it. Listen a huge fan. Hey, thanks man. Nice to meet you, man of the people. We’re starting on the back. Number 10 is the six handicap. So I’m poppin. I’m poppin as well It’s pretty tough and intimidating the first time around you got a lot of like big holes. The greens are fast We got a local Sherpa though. We got the sherpa, we’ll be fine. Look at that shaft. It matches my my visor. TC, what are the scores to start the day Soly’s at 64 followed not so closely by DJ and Big Randy at 56 TC is at 54, and Neil is bringing up the rear at 46 You guys cold? You used to be Midwesterners. Mr. Poosh, Ted Ray vibes. Oh He loves it Oh No Great up-and-down 3X Sandpiper used to be an oil refinery So this whole property sits on kind of like old oil ground, and then there’s still some Leftover oil Vibe over there. Bacara resort over there. Kind of nature a nature preserve on the other side. UCSB Isla Vista down that coastline This guy, dude. That was Gankas speed there I think you our music is like reggae, and alternative rock, and pop I think it’s kind of a little bit of an island flavor, too So I think if you’re into that kind of thing you might like it Otherwise, don’t even bother. Oh We have a huge preppy following. Yeah, the preps love us. I don’t know what it is. We’re listening with my family, fly with me came on Which I don’t think my mom was listening too close to the lyrics, but was like I kinda like this music This is nice Is that playable? I don’t think so We wanted it to be music. That’s not like We didn’t want anybody to like come out of it just being like like I just listed Elliott Smith I want to go sit in the dark closet He’s gonna catch the speed slot coming back Stay there. Put it on after you’re done with work or in the morning and you’re like, okay I’m ready to get the day started or I’m ready to like wind down Do you like that stuff, Elliott Smith and all? I do, see I like depressing music But like I like to make music, that’s not depressing Started with me or some of the guys writing it with acoustic guitars in the living room and we all lived together in one house over here and then it’s kind of Evolved now to where we go into a studio and kind of come up with beats essentially we start with like the music first then we write kind of move up from there write lyrics and and yeah, It’s a lot better now. I think like we’re better at it Hopefully that’s like after 15 years of doing something you hopefully improve at it unlike golf We got a seal out here. I thought it might be a sea otter. But Mr. Poosh is telling me it’s a seal Good putt! 6-pointer. Yeah, you got 70 and 70. Yeah, DJ and Soly have broken the ceiling Is the RV starting to wear on you just a little bit. No not so much my golf swing starting to wear 12-step program, five stages of grief whatever you want to call it. I’ve accepted that I’m being a b***h I’m gonna stop being a b***h and I want to apologize to you Hey You don’t need to apologize to me. We just want to see you power through it. The attitude in your locker room right now Yeah, but maybe they bottomed out, and now are gonna start trending at the right part of the season. That’s what I’m hoping It’s almost like the whole team hates the coach so much that it’s like binding them together Yeah And now they have something to really play for. Number thirteen big par five along the coast It’s a risk reward hole You want to stay close to the side of the cliff you get a big run out if you get it over the tree Left go for holes, right Oh way, right ocean. The line is really the left of that one Cypress that’s sitting there and if you go to the right It’ll run that. There’s are speed slop dude run out and you get there in two That’s gonna be close to the edge. Sounds like that could be a new song. You find inspiration in a lot of places. I think Yes already took Close to the Edge And the leader facing some adversity. I hate to say it that’s the rub of the green that was too perfect That is the rub of the green. That was two perfect golf shots Simply Simply trying to get some foothold to hit this shot Listen, I’m trying to if I can get some beta on this this big big wall climb. I’m doing I Don’t know what to do here. Heads up Poosh. Watch out don’t let it hit you. That’s pretty damn good Golly The six the six balls a little hectic. Before we break what are the scores at Soly is our leader at 74 DJ you’re following closely at 70 Followed by Randy at 64, I’m at 56. I have not Made a point today as of yet. And then Neil is absolutely leaking oil He is down to 42. He needs to find something, and he needs to find it quickly. All right. Well, hey, we’ll see you guys We’ll see you guys in there. Best of luck! Still anyone’s game. We’re all tied. We are are tied, just hemorrhaging Soly’s got his fingers on the touchpad, there’s blood everywhere. Going clear into butt hurt nation right now Mr. Solomon Welcome back to butt hurt nation. It’s good to be back, thanks for approving my visa. I am a little Perturbed that the two leaders in the tilt game paired themselves with the local So, you know, we got a lot of blind tee shots, don’t really know where to put the ball. Like last hole He’s telling him to hit it up the 8th fairway. No one’s a bigger fan of Poosh than me. If I could have that one over again, I might play it a little differently. In my defense I had a six footer for birdie that I missed. I I do. Yeah, I do Randy what do you uh, you got going on? It’s like a bogey golf game right now like a football game I just need I needed to turnover. I got a stop on 4th and 2 on the two holes ago Had the ball midfield finally have some field position, and just got birdie there. Like Neil, I’m looking for a little you know, a tip pass that that we can get our hands on or yeah Somebody’s got it. Somebody’s got to punch that ball out Maybe a late hit on the quarterback. Yeah. 15-yard penalty. I’ll take the unsportsmanlike on the sideline, whatever. 18th hole, it’s a par 3 it’s kind of a weird Finishing hole. It’s the only hole over water on the course essentially. Hey f**k boys, I got a problem! You guys are playing with the local knowledge, and you guys are in the lead. Are you in cahoots? I got an issue with you guys. Even without the local knowledge, I don’t think you’re gonna catch up. You’re on 3x He heats up very quickly because he flies very close to the sun And then the wings melt. This is where the nickname comes from I’m not nervous about that. I’m watching both of you in the Lead and you’re playing with a local. If you’re gonna come on the tee calling everybody f**k boys just leave the banana in the cart Pretty good, one time go in the hole, go hole in the f***ing hole. Oh my god Think that was the right number Great two! Good two bud! Par five stroke hole, stroke hole. I’m gonna be on 5x by the time we get four Sick! That feels like a waste. Little shovey, that was a little shovey. That’s some Shovey’s cove right there. Can you try to shout out where this is going, I’m trying to okay. a little shout Will you please club down! Yeah, sorry about that Over my head, and back through my legs. Want me to sign a glove. God I’m not feeling the heel of the putter right now 3x He thumped it nicely. Beautiful! Wow great shot Thanks, we may be starting to see not only the refuge but possibly the number one seed he is three holes away from locking it up Delete that immediately. I mean Sandpiper golf course itself could use some touch-ups I think, but like was really fun to play near the ocean for its price point. Some people say it’s expensive I don’t really think it is compared to like you you want to pay like 550 at Pebble or like whatever 150 or 180 or whatever it is at Sandpiper It’s an enjoyable little walk by the ocean with some really cool holes I think when you play a bad golf course, it feels tedious you feel like when you step on tee boxes You’re kind of like eh okay. Yeah. Yeah I never was close to feeling. I thought like every all was I’m like cool I know the challenges like that’s let’s go try to make a birdie Oh My lord It’s maybe like a cup or something like that Soly for eagle. We’re kind of reaching the exclamation point stage here You know, my mentality was play well but not play good enough that people would start getting mad about the handicaps I was I was really riding hard for that one or two seed my back feels like shit sleeping in the RV It’d be nice to get nice to get loosened up. Nice to get pampered a little bit. Hi I’m here to read part of the three seed. Perhaps the greatest thing about winning The qualifying is the nickname that comes with it, which is big sir. I don’t get the spa treatment a lot No, you can count it on one hand. I definitely hit rock bottom this morning on the front nine. I shot 48 Stinks, that’s right. I’m the five seed. I played horrible found a little bit of a swing Still some strikes and gutters. Saying I’ve never won a tour sauce season And it’s been weighing on me. A lot of people have said I’m the best player never win a tour sauce Season so. You know, I thrive in the underdog position much rather be the four seed than the three seed 3 seed you’re kind of the middle child. Four seed you got a chip on your shoulder But but you’re not the shittiest either. If I know anything about myself. It’s that I Can get hot quick. So I feel bad for my man TC, older, bro. We’ve got a Cain and Abel matchup coming, a civil war of sorts. I’ve been beating Neill for Going on 25 years now, you know I feel confident running into anybody right now I think I’m getting a fair amount of strokes. I think my game, I have speed I think I’ve mentioned this You know, I think my handicaps a very fair number and I think if I can shoot like three rounds In the mid to low 80s, I think I’m gonna be tough to beat. I’m not scared of anyone Randy I’ll be giving up the most strokes to. But DJ I feel like right now is Playing the most under his handicap. He seems to have found speed He hit a 7-iron longer than I hit a 7-iron today Which is a rarity. As the five seed, I also have to continue to clean out the RV’s septic tank Which you know hasn’t been too bad So I really want to beat you guys Like I care which is like maybe I shouldn’t but, like it would be awesome to take you down, then take you down. And then take that f***ing guy down. You know, it’s a thrill to get to the championship I got a lot of days to think about it. That’s kind of the negative, the downside I’m not sure what I’m gonna try to get out of these next few days. Do I want to work on things? Do I want to just keep the train moving a lot think about in that meantime But I think I’ll sleep a little bit better than I would if I was playing that four five match. All right. Hey Soly Thanks for time. Hey, thanks. Congratulations. Appreciate it I’m out. I don’t have anything on me. Get you after the round. Yeah, after the round. Hey, thanks for showing us your course man. Thank you guys for being here man, you got a good day Good vibes all the boys are here. We had some beers. Poosh why don’t you play us out? Trip of a lifetime really Weather’s starting to cooperate. We’ll see what happens tomorrow Golf game hasn’t cooperated. But you know when you’re in a spiritual place like this, it’s it’s kind of it doesn’t really matter First time going up Central Coast it’s gorgeous sun’s out The ocean, the calm ocean behind us. It’s amazing I almost feel like right now is intermission, right? We’ve gone through qualifying We’re almost at the midway point of the state We’re at Dragon Point. This is probably the highlight of the trip so far, I’d say. It looks like a cell phone background basically What’s your one word to sum up the trip so far? Exit velocity for me. That’s two words. That’s a good point. I’ll say golden I’m saying lots of layers. The Golden State, the golden sunshine. I don’t want to explain it. I mean so far it’s just been like fulfilling a lot of plans go into these trips, and sometimes you get to the place and it’s different than you thought or falls flat or whatever like every single place that we’ve gone so far has been better than we thought it was gonna be maybe, at least for me. Yeah That’s very fulfilling Man, I’m f***ing glad we’re parked. Let’s extend those sides out, and let’s get cozy in here Ya’ll want to try to push it Yeah developing situation, this whole side of the RV does not want to come out. Read the thing real quick Slide here we go Engine must be off, battery must have sufficient power. Can you take it all the way in or is it totally stuck? It was not moving. Hold button two, three seconds longer Do not attempt to move or Drive RV while slide is out Thanks for the help. So what are our options? We brought in Slugger White here to discuss what the issue is. We just gotta reach got sack up, and like everybody can get to their beds It’s gonna be a sarcophagus in there for you Soly That’s the gap for bed. Randy, you might be, you know curled up a little Might be curled up a little. We may have to amputate. Neil, Why don’t you take the futon, and Randy will lay diagonal? I’m fine. Don’t be hero here, man I think that’s I think this whole entire issue is the rub of the green. We got an unlevel sight Well, wait to see it. Wait till you see it in the morning. Wait till you see what the site looks like in the morning That’s that’s why we can’t leave We’ve finally got some drama We’re going to the Monterey Peninsula Country Club. We just heard on TV they’re about ready to pull the players off the course Let’s see who the real men are. We’re going out they’re coming in. I think that says it all I’, trying to figure out which one of my layers is wet. Definitely five, probably four All righty, we’re done. We’re just looking for that turnover we’re looking to get that get a hand on a ball, yeah tip drill, knock a ball loose maybe zone blitz get a little momentum going. You’re showing cover two, free safety rotates and you get like a spear blitz from the strong safety Like, you know, off the A or B gap and then it’s like whoa, we’ve got quarterback like throwing off his back foot Oh and it’s like oskie! And he’s taking it the other direction That’s what I’m gonna do to you tomorrow, or two days from now, I think that’s gonna happen and then you’re gonna get knocked for like a helmet to helmet I’m the quarterback. It’s gonna get excessive celebration. So I listen, I run a discipline team.


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  1. Chris Martin

    July 13, 2019 3:45 pm

    Let’s hope for more “stripes and gutters” with some “zone blitz” thrown in. #teamrandy #teamneil

  2. Tyler Malone

    July 14, 2019 10:16 am

    Just called the USGA. We have a rules violation. Soly used an alignment aid. They are currently talking it over among themselves and should have the penalty by the end of the month.

  3. Nick Lorusso

    July 14, 2019 1:09 pm

    the seagull scarfing the chip reminded me of how fast the conversation sounded on the 3M podcast. great banter between everyone, Icarito getting a little testy. nobody wants to be that guy in a group, but bad play will bring it out. cheers. I am a preppy Iration fan.

  4. Chris Brown

    July 15, 2019 8:33 am

    Sad to see Big Randy's fall from Strapped Cameron Frye to reading for bit parts like the role of the 3 seed

  5. Aaron Borgmann

    July 15, 2019 7:18 pm

    Appropriate that Merch Czar was leaking oil on a former Oil refinery. Very on brand for the branding expert.

  6. John Stanley

    July 16, 2019 4:30 am

    Did anyone see the whale spray at right around 4:40 when they zoom into DJ’s approach shot? It’s subtle, but it’s there.

  7. Kevin Fahey

    July 16, 2019 6:22 am

    Poosh daddy with the little jog is like the pedestrian stick figure at an intersection while Neil from the face of the bunker is a 18 car pile up

  8. Kyle Hardwick

    July 16, 2019 8:07 am

    Numerous double entendres about “SandPIPEr”, planning a rebellion against the coach amd contemplating 15-yard penalties to fire up their game, and overcoming adversity in the wee morning hours to rally the troops … This is Tourist Sauce (California): Episode 4, “Varsity Blues”.


    Soly, as Lance Harbor (All-American quarterback of the podcast; tragic injury costs him scholarship to FSU where he was to join his idol, Bruce Cupcake)

    DJ Pie, as Jonathan Moxon (an academically successful, rebellious podcaster who doesn't want your life (or coverage takes))

    Young Neil, as Charlie Tweeder (a wild, cocky and hard partying athlete perpetually on the verge of disaster)

    Tron, as Coach Kilmer (a verbally abusive, controlling contrarian looking to win at all costs, but hits rock bottom)

    Big Randy, as Kyle Moxon (pensive, thoughtful teenager who recently found religion and joined a cult (sorry, G))

    Poosh Daddy, Billy Bob (cameo appearance full of dick jokes, good vibes, and good beers)

  9. Mark Welsh

    July 16, 2019 8:36 am

    With all that leaking oil, should Neil have opted for a no free ad dress shirt on the course today? That said, the NLU vest did a great job masking his "pit stain problem" #lessonsfromthetrapdraw

  10. tcerickson3

    July 16, 2019 8:46 am

    Tron could only dream to have the type of down-cock in his golf swing that the seagull did in going after that sandwich.

  11. Michael Fritch

    July 22, 2019 2:13 am

    Where would i get that sweater in the intro with the broken golf tee in the shape of California?

  12. Hunter mengel

    August 31, 2019 12:14 am

    POOOOSSSHHHHH!!! He's the man, and Iration is 10/10 on the beach, boat or golf course> Great Pandora station too

  13. Brian Teunis

    September 6, 2019 11:20 pm

    You guys are great on the podcast. But your youtube is even better. Looks like a lot of fun playing that many rounds, and traveling with your very good friends. Very funny and good chemistry. Love it. Wish I could do the same

  14. Zack Ciesinski

    February 6, 2020 7:29 am

    @4:39/4:40 – dolphin/whale puff right above the left side of the green!

    beautiful course, thanks for sharing. binging this whole season…you guys are awesome.


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