Top-5 Handballschuhe Kreisläufer/innen 2019/20


Hello and welcome to a new Top 5 on Today with the pivot. What does this position on the shoe need? Definitely a lot of stability – hold the block, be pushed around, fall, land on the foot – In any case, the position that needs the most stability and of course the position where mostly relatively large and mostly play on relatively heavy players who need a lot of foot support especially in the ankle. That’s why these are our Top 5 for the 19/20 season. We start here on your right side with the Puma Explode Hybrid 1. A very exciting shoe, redesigned, good midfoot stability, this hybrid cushioning material with a good feedback, but also with a very soft cushioning. A continuous sole, good grip, good cushioning very well suited. Then we have a new arrival: the Nike Air Max. A sneaker legend from the last decades with probably the best cushioning – this Air Max cushioning, this air cushion. But also really very stabile, very inflexible – not suitable for any other position at all – but definitely very good for pivots. Then we have the counterpart to the Nike Air Max, the Wave Stealth 5 with a very flexible Upper material. Relatively light, yet good stability, the Wave Stealth has been established for years. One of the best shoes for this position. A classic almost the Adidas Stabil. Played by Patrick Wiencek from THW Kiel with a top cushioning in the heel area, a good stability in the midfoot area due to this large cage, which is reinforced again by such a PU strap, good Upper material, good grip through this asynchronous sole construction. In any case also one of the top shoes. Then we come to shoe for the signature shoe by Jannik Kohlbacher – the Attack One Contender by Kempa. Big heel cage here, the heel is very well under control. Then these Keffler fibres come into play here, which keep the Upper material very tear-resistant and very stiff, but also very stabile. PU bracing in the forefoot area, good damping. In any case also one of the top shoes for this pivot position. Nevertheless, it must be said that this is a classic. From my point of view, nothing misses the Stabil X. For me it is the perfect symbiosis of good damping and good feedback, flexible but stable Upper material. It can not only be used for the pivot position, meanwhile you can even see it partly on the wing position in the 1st Bundesliga. Top grip, top cushioning, top stability and therefore for us the top shoe 2019/20 for the position pivot. If you disagree, write us. If you are of the same opinion, please also visit, our Facebook page, IGTV and of course the YouTube channel.


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  1. Silas Reichmann

    August 14, 2019 6:58 pm

    Hallo finde die Videos echt cool.Ich würde mich freuen wenn ihr mir helfen könnt ich spiele auf der Rückraumrechts Position doch ebenfalls auch auf der Außenposition. Welcher Schuh ist da geeigneter der Adidas Stabil X oder der Puma netfix Xt 1. Würde mich über eine Antwort freuen.Danke 🙂

  2. LSG xBro

    October 21, 2019 6:12 pm

    Kempa contender, direkt außenbandriss beim 1 spiel. Schön umgeknickt. Und beim Training 1-2x leicht umgeknickt. Irgendwie nicht zum empfehlen, da ich davor noch nie wirklich umgeknickt bin. Kann aber natürlich auch nur Pech sein.
    trotzdem gutes Video natürlich 😀


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