Top 10 Mysterious Objects Found In Our Solar System


There is a lot we don’t know about space
since it’s really hard to get out there and explore. But you know what we can do? Send things INTO space. A lot of things. Just like, a lot. Hey most amazing fam! Today I’m sharing with yall the Top 10 Mysterious
Objects Found In Our Solar System because we have sent a TON of stuff into space and
I feel like you deserve an explanation on why and how it got there. But before we get into it let me remind you
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I’m going to keep plugging it because bruh it’s THAT GOOD. Alright, without further ado let’s see what’s
been sent into space! 10 Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber
You think space, and where does your mind go to? Star Wars or Star Trek? Well, congratulations if it is the former
because a little bit of star wars spent some time in space. Back in 2007, the space shuttle Discovery
launched the STS-120 astronaut crew with an iconic prop on board with them. The lightsaber Mark Hamill used as Luke Skywalker
in Star Wars back in 2007 joined real astronauts in orbit for two weeks. An astronaut named Jim Reilly said there is
a fine line between science fiction and reality and the lightsaber served as a neat link between
the two space themes. 9 A corned beef sandwich
Now if you are going on a trip into space, you know it’s a long one. Astronauts don’t get the best food on board,
getting the most of their food freeze-dried or just nutrients they suck out of a Pouch,
but astronaut John Young was hoping for something a bit tastier. On March 23, 1965, John smuggled a corned
beef sandwich on flight Gemini 3. He got the sandwich from fellow astronaut
Wally Schirra who bought it from a Cocoa Beach, Florida deli. Because of the low gravity on the flight,
it began to disintegrate when john took a bite, but he did say it was “pretty good…
if it would just hold together”. Another thing that made its way into space? At number 8 A saxophone. For his birthday in 2007, Thomas Pesquet got
a fun musical gift, his own saxophone. But it wasn’t an ordinary delivery since
Thomas lived on SpaceX’s cargo craft at the time. It was delivered on the SpaceX dragon alongside
some french macaroons. He is a little out of practice since he stopped
playing while he was training to be an astronaut, but isn’t that cool? Once the work day is done, I can imagine that
floating in space might get boring after a while, but if you have some smooth jazzy tunes
on a woodwind to keep you going, it’ll all be alright.
(clip if you can use it) At number seven 7 Piece of a plane
When Neil Arstrong went to the moon in 1969, he brought a little piece of a plane with
him. Not just any plane too, but a piece of the
rudimentary airplane the Wright brothers flew in 1903, when the aircraft came a few feet
off of the ground. Neil had with him some of the fabric and some
of the propeller of the Wright Flyer, as a homage to pioneers that paved the way in aviation
and beyond. Which all makes sense since the Wright brothers
Flyer 1 was the first successful heavier than air powered aircraft. Gotta respect those who came along before
you. Get ready for it, at number 6 we have Dirt
Okay, so it’s not just ANY dirt, but it is dirt. The dirt that went into space came from the
pitcher’s mound at Yankee Stadium. But why? So basically, Garrett Reismen is not only
an astronaut, but also a huge yankees fan. And, he was flying on space shuttle Endeavors
STS-123 mission back in 2008. Astronauts are allowed to bring momentos,
so he thought, hey, why not bring up a little bit of dirt from the stadium of my favourite
team? Seems worth it, when you find out he also
threw the first ceremonial first pitch from space in microgravity. The mans dedicated. This next one hasn’t just travelled to space,
but it stays there. At number 5 is The Fallen Astronaut
Not all people who went to the moon made it back safely. It’s a risky job. So now, Resting on the moon is a small aluminum
figurine by Belgian artist Paul Van Hoeydonk. It is stylized to try to depict an astronaut
in a spacesuit as a way to commemorate those who have passed in the advancement of space
exploration. It was put on the moon in 1971 next to a plaque
listing fourteen American and Soviet men who were known to have died at that point. This was organized by Astronaut David Scott
before his Apollo 15 lunar mission. People haven’t been the only mammals to
not make it through a space mission, which brings me to number 4 Lots of dead space monkeys,
many called Albert Before people were sent into space, animals
were used to test the waters. I mean test the space. In the U.S. monkeys or chimpanzees were used
for this and many were named Albert. After the first one was named Albert, they
just kept the name going. In some cases, when the apes passed away the
spacecrafts weren’t reported as recovered, which led people to believe there may be some
space junk out there with the same monkeys in them. But not all space places used monkeys. During the space race the Soviets were using
dogs to see how the atmosphere would affect creatures, which obviously sparked many heated
debates on animal testing. On a lighter note, SPORTS. At number 3 is A golf ball. On the Apollo 14 trip, Alan Sheperd decided
to bring a couple of golf balls with him on his trip to the moon. To take a few shots on the moon he attached
a modified 8 iron club head to the end of a device that collects samples of moon dust
and then let er rip. Video footage shows that he missed the mark
a few times and hit the ground before hitting the ball, but can we really blame the guy?
Gravity is different on the moon so you have to give the guy time to adjust. He sent one 200 yards which isn’t too bad,
but then he sent another one for what he said “went on for miles and miles and miles”. One scientist did the math and said Alan was
right, with the right hit a golf ball on the moon could be sent 2.5 miles, which is quite
a bit more than the earth record of 515 yards. Onto number 2 Buzz Lightyear toy. I mean, Action figure. To infinity and beyond! And to infinity and beyond good ol’ buzz
lightyear went. Back in 2008 an action figurine of the Toy
Story astronaut hopped aboard the International Space Station with Discovery mission STS-124. He had a jolly old time, possibly missing
some other toys to hang with. But returned 15 months later on STS-128. Before Lightyear went on his journey he was
even given the all clear to go by the other Buzz astronaut – Buzz Aldrin! In a promo video for NASA Buzz Aldrin even
told Buzz lightyear that he, Buzz Aldrin, was the Real Buzz. Which, yes, it is true. Buzz Lightyear’s name was inspired by Buzz
Aldrin, the second man to step out on the moon. 1 Tardigrades, or ‘water bears’
If you are wondering what these things are, lemme break it down for you. Tardigrades are very tiny, yes microscopic
eight-legged creatures that are known to survive extreme temperatures. They can withstand being heated to 150 degrees
celsius and frozen to almost absolute zero. Knowing this, scientists did experiments with
Tardigrades and found that some could withstand being in the vacuum of space, especially because
they can be brought back to life decades after being dehydrated. So right now, there are some of these Tardigrades
AKA water bears AKA Moss piglets on the moon since an Israeli spacecraft crash landed on
the moon this April. Some people think they are still alive, so
maybe they will be the first inhabitants of the moon. Alright, well that is all that I have that
is in our solar system. My name is Abbey, and That was the Top 10
Mysterious Objects Found In Our Solar System. We’ve brought or put SO much stuff out into
space, even more than could fit on this list. Like, seriously, the amount of music or sounds
sent into space could entertain aliens out there for a while. Have you heard of anything else out there? Let me know down below and while you are down
there give us a like and subscribe and ring that bell to make sure you get notifications. Remember to check out Top10Central and our
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