TOO MANY BOWSERS | Super Mario Maker 100 Mario Expert #3 w/ Dazran303


so I’ll take one of these and I’ll kill
as many okay don’t you have to spring the next thing I first jumped twice but
it didn’t work okay stand on what it is to the end are you
no no hey everyone its Desmond and welcome back to the channel for some
more Super Mario maker today I thought we changed it up a bit and do an expert
run so we used to do 16 levels now with a hundred Mario lives so it’s not as
tough as super expert but you definitely have to do way more levels so we’ll see
how long this takes all right let’s see what’s going on here generally in
experts you get you get better stages set stages that are more playable than
super expert super expert I do like to challenge though but most of the time we
just get cancerous stages so I’ll see what’s going on here maybe we’ll see if
it’s enjoyable we can do some more of these and let me know in the comments as
well if you’d like to see you know both super expert and experts or just expert
sre or just super expert okay what’s going on here how am I getting up here don’t tell me it requires you to do a
shell job or can you go down a pipe let’s see I don’t know I’m gonna try a
shell jump here it’s not required but I wonder how much we skipped just now oh okay I’d say we got a nice little
shortcut they’re gonna know where’s this okay so we’re going into giant world
here who’s a big hammer bro guy here oh wow close am I literally going backwards
to the way I actually skipped or what’s gonna okay we need him to go to the wall
at the end nice okay that’s good okay maybe a piece which for not bit
and maybe we just have to be in the small world for it let’s see oh I’ve
been so careful standing on the edge here oh we just go all the way back
no okay whoa posting that box this way it’s activated oh that’s coming
back all right nice stage that was good kind of a weird aesthetic that he
decided to use tree pipes to kind of make the large pipes from Super Mario
Bros 3 but yeah it was a good level starting off with a good one they’re
super small tall end by zared wreck that was cool okay on to stage 2 of 16 16
stages is an awful lot I feel like I’m gonna be here for ages compared to doing
super expert boss in seeing that oh man I did a super expert run where I was on
one stage for almost like 2 or 3 hours super expert can get out of hand okay
what’s going on here maybe we can get a stand there’s the goal ok so what’s
actually going on here the only way the goal is true those two bricks so we need
a piece which from somewhere potentially don’t time we have to check all these
boxes now all these ones here what the hell am I doing here we need the big
fella although I could actually just ground-pound this
one I think okay well it’s not in one of these boxes so maybe we’ll what can I do
with this big fella so if I kick him actually can’t get him without dying
honey what is going on okay so if I just get a small Koopa Troopa can’t I win
well it was this stage so I’ve ruined this okay so I’m gonna kill myself
in-game now there was another life all right
so I’ll take one of these and I’ll kill as many okay don’t you have to spring
the next day where’s all the rest of koopa troopas it was like there’s a good
few of them and I bet you he’s disappeared now oh this is ridiculous couple of koopa troopas down here okay
we can use this fella I can possibly get up okay it’s really not what I wanted to do oh
dear okay so as they’re walking hang on we’ll
wait for him to walk towards us oh I’m such a waster now that’ll do now what do
you want to do here I guess I can twirl on some of them here
oh man sat again Oh would you ever remember to move to the left to the
right even lifts even Jesus I’m confused alright now we can twirl onto these guys
and we’ve won wait I have to be small okay we win not
a fan of the stage weird level easy one the only thing that was heard about the
stage is if you forget to move it to start you’re gonna constantly die and
that’s probably why it was ranked in expert at all and the despawning koopa
troopas that was a that was rich sneaky estoy muy local i don’t know what i mean
something about crazy checkpoint wait damnit I’ve lost an M&E okay I’m just
going through all this nonsense oh my god
I almost actually got under in there that’s a lot of shit to be in the way
holy crap whoa soft right spawn where I’m standing
Jesus chemic is crazy in this stop okay so if I damage boost very good no it was a fine here it got destroyed
oh my gosh there’s no way I can win where is the
vine wasn’t it here oh my god Wow oh oh it’s not gonna be high enough I
don’t think it is oh that’s disgraceful it’s one block short of allowing me to
get up there oh yes thanks yeah continue to hit all the things No we got a key that better not bring me
back to the start I’m I’m worried about there so I’m not gonna use it in a hurry
is this the rest of the level yeah I’ll go back to the snow tanks all right her
nonsense expert-level covered in Bowser’s stage
number four Japanese level what have you got for me sure
okay okay Shawn cows is there anything up here hey all right we got a key and
the key door is at the flag so but it’s not in the sub world no good I don’t
know if I want to go in there maybe I have to let’s see all right cannot see
any ground no come on what’s this what’s in the door what okay so if we get the Red Coins
again and go backwards we can win I don’t know if that’s gonna be faster
than the intended way but maybe it is okay but is this the right key door it
is well what so the level creator made that door to start for himself so when
he got his Red Coins he’d just not have to do any more of the level all right so
thanks for that somebody else was on to your game beating it in 26 seconds
all right Stage five don’t touch the mushroom okay I’ve played levels like
this before they did okay my tracks the hell am I supposed to
do Landon the Powell I’m gonna wait for
this pal here what was I supposed to do about that one okay probably not going down there right
can I get into this hole yes that’s gonna be a mushroom right just in
case it is okay it’s not oh I’m an idiot oh I do a bed go all right now what’s going on with this cannon how
can we get it to shoot wait I can actually pick up this motion one to fire
up I can’t I all right damage boostin probably not
necessary but easy okay Oh does that game over I can get hit by
just pull up it okay that’s nicer hmm okay what’s the piper vote oops Oh saved it that was good that was good
if I do say so myself hey hey we’ve got a boot bounce on this
ah here okay so you understand No The Doors backwards let’s check the door
I don’t know if I want to go into that pipe small Oh God I’m actually gonna wait for the donut
bloc to respawn here okay nice what the hell what just exploded here I
can’t get to stare now you have to lose the boot I guess so thanks to the troll block you’re gonna
fall there power-ups don’t touch the mushroom wait Oh rotten okay all right good that’s better right what
are we doing here burning that pipe I guess tricky the stage this one square a
long one too it seems I like it so far okay what now just damage boost hey we got it nice and expert is so
relaxing so tough stages though at the same time they’re not like they’re not
easy-peasy there are a couple of try levels and I’m
enjoying it nice change of pace he does a good stage as well it was quite long
now and I don’t know if I care too much for that
Kai’s will block out of nowhere alright we’re only onto stage six here ten more
to go after this no no am i moving at all okay oh whoops okay
we’ll give this a chance see if I can catch a shellman here Oh close Hey okay
so think I’ve already lost okay so we want to go up to two block
but at the highest block can I get past this oh no really
no I crouched I crouched so I can’t get past this no block what
am I supposed to do if I could go under oh I crouched the game tonight if I
could go below this one and go up this section there after the spring and no
pet sorry spring and no block I could then be one block lower run obstacle
flag and then just jumped from underneath the thing but I have to be
here but I can’t get past that no blocked in what what oh my god of course I can pass
through all the ground so why wouldn’t I hit the gold
Oh was not thinking about that now all right
Luigi’s island 8-10 bye boy some boots hmm is that blue platform on Rails or does it sink okay let’s trust this fella and think
that it’s on rail so it will continue on oh okay right
I was still worried let’s trust this fella doesn’t trust this fella
can you blame me yeah sucker too wild yet right what are we doing now
p-switch go straight on oh wow girls clothes can I get infinite
oh no they want fun okay then we go alright what are we doing here got some change homes I don’t see what
I’m supposed to do and now I do right oh my god Oh
oh my god I can’t believe it this is what we want great success
oh yes called it 74 lives no I didn’t say at 79 please I was on that stage way
too long all right ended up on 77 not too bad
ah that Bowser jr. fight it was so easy but I literally could not execute it any
time I tried to do what I just did literally every time I got here that’s
all I wanted to do and I couldn’t do it something would always go wrong get me
out of that stage disgustin all right stage eight green mario bye revolve all right I’d read in here okay we got a
tricky stage green where you at smiley its way Luigi it’s Luigi again am I
supposed to hit that again if I just could hit that question block it would
be swell okay then we’re losing the power of something gets sprung out okay
this is quite a tough stage here it’s gonna take a couple of lives to figure
out what I’m supposed to do oh my god no no I got caught in the cloud why
would you put clouds there I suppose the clouds are there to make it easier to
get into but I jumped because I didn’t know what was coming up next and I got
stuck I first jumped twice but it didn’t work okay in the door checkpoints good
okay oh my god that’s under Goomba mouse on
the little feller taking our time get in there okay
progress okay
are we jumping or are we falling down with this now oh my god got in yeah all
right one shot that last bit that was good I think we actually got the
deterred checkpoint in I don’t even know what I’m trying to say
from the second checkpoints a tattered checkpoint was all in one go and then to
the third one to the end that’s good tough little stage nice linked I enjoyed
the crap out of that one was good alright stage nine get in there spin to
win bros by R’lyeh no no oh no it’s new suit may pursue that’s what that all
know was about noise shooting fireballs is knee spin to win bros what that was
short I’ll take it I’ll take that all day long
that no clock there at the bottom just in case you don’t make it that’s that’s
nice of the Creator moving on thanks for Elijah
we’re unlovely didn’t stage tiny tiny stage it’s not the size of the stage
that matters anyway you know alright what’s going on I did
not get to see the name of this stage was it Japanese oh my god I want a
mushroom am I allowed have a mushroom another one bites the dust two very
short stages one after the other there I’ll take it okay six stages in total to
go doughnuts and cannons by Josh this sounds like it could be good
hope it’s Superman your world oh I’ll take sick my brush tree I like
superheroes tree and he wasn’t lying is this the end of
the stage now oh my god no yes got him nice all right that was quick
oh you can just walk along the flame the burners they’re called yeah I’ll take
the way I did Thanks not the world record five seconds
well oh I must just run learn to burn her straight away twelve seconds I’ll
take it all right five more and a healthy amount of lives hg u bv what a
great name for stage very memorable Oh run what is this sludge monster I’m bad
Oh head mode engage done on purpose I might say saved it oh okay that is it
Wow expert come on now that was very short tiny all right stays 1371 lives
that’s quite the amount of lives left this might be my one of the highest I’ll
have to keep note of what’s my highest so I know if I’m doing the thing okay I’ll have a target to beat no no okay I
wonder could we stand on what it is to the end are you okay no no yes nice on that was good I think I’ve
beat an expert before on a team or something knives so 69 doing all right
o-69 cut him okay three lives left levels left not
three lives three levels left Luke’s one – to the haunted airship by PT from Australia I know my flags but I can’t
are nice I can’t tell the difference between Australia and New Zealand
I think that’s Australia please correct me if I’m wrong in the comments please yeah okay so are we going in okay let’s go in he like stuck in his
pipes looks like now I had a pee on me hey let’s go no wait a second Oh could I
not have gotten to the end on that fella I really want to check now I can’t get
back okay no thanks and seen him on to stuff just
okay oh well we just hover over will this work I
almost didn’t know any trick he used to be no just – okay No in the pipe and it’s over no jump on
please no I didn’t get the extra life oh that’s all I wanted I managed to slip
down the left side would you believe look at the amount of space I’ve got
left to slide down there and I did it if that was intended you had to avoid
spikes by doing what I just did I could never replicate it oh alright last two
lives there’s the princess impossible by tizzy from Denmark Austria Denmark
Austria Denmark I can’t remember I’ve seen it like smoke as I say in earlier
on it’s Austria definitely final answer for a friend no I could probably have
flown to the India oh that’s about it have to be thrown in my face here oh man
this box wasn’t it get out of the way you guys no extra
life oh well don’t take a dude to could do Oh
what all right on to the final level 67 lives remaining not too shabby
Bowser’s test by jeweler man no no oh that was a pixel away pipe I’m not going to no pipe get in there buddy Oh Lucas nice perfect that was good that felt good 67 lives
must make a note of it 67 and now we’ve saved the princess and now it’s gonna show a list of all
the creators of all the stages I played okay so that was an expert no skip I
guess 67 lives is the score to beat in the next expert run let me know in the
comments if you’d like to see more experts I’m going to be doing super
expert runs you might have seen someone a channel already but I’ve definitely
got more planned experts one two is a little bit of a change so if you want to
see that let me know in the comments thanks for watching hope you enjoyed
leave a like if you did and subscribe if you’re new around here new videos like
this five days a week thanks for watching everyone take care and see you
in the next one


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