Tips from Renault Sport experts: R.S. Drive


RENAULT SPORT THE R.S DRIVE Hi everyone. I’m Laurent. Welcome to a new lesson on
the R.S Drive button in the Clio R.S. The car starts, as a matter of course,
in Normal mode. Normal mode allows us to act on
several aspects of the car. The first is the power steering, which gives you a nice, smooth
drive around town, thanks to a light touch
and manoeuvrability. Normal mode also controls pedal travel
response, so there’s no juddering. It gives you a very linear response when you re-accelerate,
which makes things nice and smooth. It also acts on the gearbox, with
a shift time of 180 milliseconds, to avoid any juddering
for a smooth drive. You can use Normal mode in both
automatic and manual, with the option of
using the paddle shifts. You don’t have to shift gear
in automatic but you can retake control
whenever you want. You can use the paddle shift
whenever you want to change gear. The last aspect is the ESP, which is calibrated to ensure
there’s no understeer or oversteer, giving you a very safe drive. R.S DRIVE SPORT MODE In town we were in
Normal mode, but now we’re on little
country roads and we’re going to switch
into Sport mode. Sport mode can be used in
automatic or manual. In manual mode, you can use
the gearstick to change gear or the paddle shift: left to shift down
and right to shift up. In automatic Sport mode the gearbox does all the shifting
for you, both up and down. To retake control, all you have to do
is flick the paddle shift like this. It takes ten seconds for the gearbox
to switch back to manual. Sport mode adjusts the ESP threshold, which lets the car under and
oversteer a little more than usual. It lets you feel
the balance of the car. Sport mode changes
the steering set-up. We switch from pretty light and
linear steering in Normal mode to weightier and more consistent
steering, giving us a sporty drive on country roads. Sport mode also works on
pedal travel response, which is more aggressive and dynamic
when you put your foot down, as you can see here. Gear shift times are also shorter, switching from 180 milliseconds
in Normal mode to 140 in Sport. Finally, Sport mode also
alters the exhaust sound, giving you a sportier sound with the occasional note
of exhaust popping when downshifting. R.S DRIVE RACE MODE We’re now out on the track, where we’re going to put the last R.S Drive
mode – the Race mode – through its paces. What makes it different is that
it switches off all the driving aids. So there’s no more ESP,
ASR and R.S. Diff. We’ve still got ABS, but the
configuration is different, letting you position the car
better on corner entry. To switch into Race mode, flick
the gearbox into manual and hold the R.S Drive button
down for a few seconds. You’ll see Race mode pop up on the screen. There’s also a green warning
light on the dashboard. As well switching off all
the driving aids, Race mode alters the gear shift times,
which now take 120 milliseconds, which is pretty quick. Secondly, the idle speed
is around 1,025 rpm. The idle crawl speed function
is switched off. When you stop, you can lift your foot off
the brake and the car doesn’t move, which is not the case in the other modes,
where the car moves when it’s idling. The pedal travel response
is still very aggressive, making the engine very responsive when you hit the pedal on re-acceleration. The Race mode also acts on the power steering. As in Sport mode, the steering is
weighty and consistent and a lot more suited
to track driving. Another key point in this mode
is that the gearbox acts like a manual transmission, which means you can really
shift through all the gears at maximum rev speed. It’s the driver who has control and
makes the gear shifts. Maximum revs and I shift gear. And that’s that. Lesson over. I hope you found my explanations useful. One last piece of advice: If your
car is fitted with the R.S Monitor, you can, like me, customise
a couple of things: the steering set-up, for lighter
or weightier steering; and the pedal travel response. As per usual,
for more info head to See you again soon
for another lesson. RENAULT SPORT EXPERTS


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  1. Simulation 63

    October 23, 2015 10:27 pm

    Depuis tout petit je suis fane de Renault sport (16 ans ) et je voudrais savoir où peut on trouver des tee short comme vous ?

  2. PARA13

    December 20, 2015 4:49 pm

    j'ai le RS200edc chassie cup, full option sauf siege cuir, je trouve dommage qu'il n'est pas mis les sièges baquet dans la rs "normal" c'est vraiq ue c'est confortable et plus passe partout les sièges normaux, mais dans une rs j'aurais aimer avoir un poil plus le coté sportive, par contre je trouve pas de différence flagrante entre le mode normal et sport, ou alors c'est peut etre juste moi mais j'ai pas l'impression de différence, j'ai meme l'impression que sa marche mieux en normal ^^ sinon a part sa c'est une super voiture, j'ai essayer plusieurs voiture, j'été meme partie sur une megane rs a la base, mais la boite auto ma tellement plus que j'ai choisie la clio 🙂

  3. Pepe Pineda

    February 10, 2017 9:55 am

    Hi Guys! I have a question. My green light (Renault Sport) is always on, even when I am in normal mode. Can you help me with this?

  4. Seb_Loeb_09 Megane RS RB8

    February 17, 2018 8:47 pm

    Hi Renault fans and Experts!
    Is it true that there is an gearbox remmap for the clio 4 rs? I have heard thet there is an remmap for the gearbox and it brings even quicker shifting😁i hope someone will give me an answer, thank you all!!!

  5. Seb_Loeb_09 Megane RS RB8

    February 17, 2018 8:57 pm

    And one more question, is it normal that if you're driving in normal or sport mode that the car don't drive from the start, i mean for example you turn the engine ON and then from the P you shift in D and the car wait for about 1 second or maybe more and then starts to drive???


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