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So would you recommend this stretch for someone to do like at the gym before or after a workout That’s a good question. So It really depends. So one thing that people don’t tend to realize is that the hamstrings are tight for various reasons and if you like, you know you ever call Time Warner and you’re like “Hey, my Internet’s down and they’re like is it plugged in?” Oh Yeah, some people it’s not, some people it is, other people It’s like oh, is it connected to the router? well, no, it’s not, so they’re different remedies so if yours increases decreases with this then maybe a neural slide type of Correction is needed other people. We just find that say they had a past bruising tear here what like I did in that case we might have to eccentrically load it and you might find things like Nordic hamstring exercise or Romanian deadlifts or single leg deadlift. So those are ways to pattern and increase the range Typically, I don’t have people stretch a lot. But if you are gonna stretch then I’d rather you do it actively So let’s just try this then So I’m gonna bring you up as high as it looks like you can go and we’ll walk this knee out just for show Better right there. Okay. All I want you to do is grab the table here hard Good, don’t let me get in there. There you go Now, can you pick this up off my hand as far as you want to? Okay, so you just show me that you have better hamstring range with you doing it yourself. So why is that? Okay, so is it really a length issue or is it tight for another reason Okay, so I mean you’re considered basically the normal range here and then everyone’s noticing the knees fairly locked We’re not gonna get super specific with this. But for the most part of you can see she went further So you’re making your core help out with Increasing hamstring or increasing hip range, right? So Typically, then when people go through and stretch their stuff and they do their partner stretch and just the other ones Chillin, right? It doesn’t really stay It comes back the next day and people get through this repetitive cycle of just like stretching all the time So you have to be able to load it and you have to be able to control it. So Don’t get skinny, get fat. Push me away. Push me up Push the hand. There you go. Push my hand up, good right there, now pull it off my hand Good go more good, so if you’re challenging new range of The let’s just say hamstring, but really hip because a lot of things involved there if you’re if you’re challenging the new range And you’re doing it with control, the body will start to realize hey, I got control of that Maybe I’ll start using it but until then it’s just range where everyone is just the subconscious brains really afraid of it It’s like walking through a dark room that you don’t know and you’re just like like it’s just freaky So all of a sudden you’re guarded and the movements guarded, okay So that will carry over to running when you start after you start to load it And we’d go through loading videos on another day. But we’ve already done some yeah If you guys have questions about hamstring stuff check the link


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