Tiger Woods’ Wife, Kids, Siblings, Parents

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Tiger Woods is a famous golfer as well as
one of the richest sportsmen of all time. He can boast of 14 victories in Major tournaments
and 79 victories in PGA. Additionally, he is a double winner of Laureus
World Sports Awards. Despite the fact that many people know who
Woods is, very few know that he set his very first record at the age of just 9 months. Due to his father’s huge desire and energy,
a little kid poked the ball into a hole during one of the US tournaments. Then, in 1984, at the age of 8, he took part
in the first international golf tournament, where he easily won. Year after year, Tiger was getting more and
more professional, winning awards and trophies. Nowadays, he is one of the most successful
golfers. And now, let’s have a closer look at the
celebrity’s family. A father Earl played basketball while studying
at the University. Then he served in Vietnam twice. He was a recognized figure in the world of
sports thanks to son’s achievements. It should be said, that Earl used to train
Tiger since childhood and was his biggest inspiration in life. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2006, aged
74 from cancer. Before marrying a legendary sportsman’s
mother Kultida, Earl had been married to a woman named Barbara Gary with whom he fathered
three children. In 1969 he tied the knot with Kultida, who
gave birth to a golf legend. The couple has been together since their wedding
and until husband’s death. From dad’s first marriage, the champion
golfer has three half-siblings with Earl Jr. being the oldest one. He was born in 1955 and was the first child
in a family. According to Earl Jr. Tiger Woods is a real
snob, who doesn’t have any desire to communicate with half-siblings. Kevin is another half-brother, who resides
in Kansas and is in need of help because of multiple sclerosis. Even though he asked for celebrity’s financial
support, he didn’t get anything. The third half-sibling is Royce and she is
the only female born. It is not known what her occupation is or
whether she is married. What we know for sure is that she is also
not in touch with Woods. The famous golfer had been married only once
to Elin Maria Nordegren since 2004 and up till 2010. The two love birds met through a pro golfer
Jesper Parnevik in 2001. Elin first worked as a nanny in Parnevik’s
family but when she started dating Wood, she began pursuing modeling career. It seemed like they had a strong marriage
everyone could be jealous of until the events in 2009. It was found out that Tiger is a multiple
cheater, who had affairs with over 100 women. Of course, this news immediately led to a
divorce. However, for the sake of kids, they keep communicating
and according to the golf star, they are doing great. Together with Elin, a sportsman has two children
with a daughter Sam being the elder one. She was delivered in 2007 and just a few hours
after her birth, the whole Internet was talking about Sam, as parents shared her cute pictures. The girl is now very interested in soccer
and spends a lot of time playing and practicing it. Two years later, the celebrity welcomed a
son Charlie. He decided to follow dad’s steps and participated
in US Kids Golf event in 2016. Looks like both kids are planning to pursue
sports career.


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