Tiger Woods’ Major Championship Victories by Winning Margin

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Tiger Woods is
one of the great players of all time and belongs on the route Mount Rushmore of
golfing history and the pervasive argument that still persists is is he in
fact the greatest to have ever picked up the sticks and as the numbers right now
Jack Nicklaus still does have 18 major championships but Tiger has 15 including
the one this year at 2019 masters and that is certainly a consideration Jack
does have more but it is my position that Tigers were made during an era that
was far more competitive and had much more competition for him that word
pressing against him that were by golfers that were more fit more teen
were using better nutrition and I had just a much more in the way of obstacles
against him to win these major championships and then on top of that
Tiger did have 108 Pro wins across the world
81 being on the PGA Tour which is only one behind Sam Snead and again Sam Snead
played in an era during the 40s and 50s when it was difficult to travel overseas
and for a lot of these wins you know men were you know fighting in wars and the
best players were not able to play on these golf courses so if you put apples
to apples I think the real conclusion that any rational person can come to is
that Tiger didn’t does indeed have the finest golfing accomplishments if anyone
in the sport so if we look at his top five major championships by strokes
clear of the field it’s very clear that you have five majors all between 1997
and 2006 that were phenomenal performances
the minimum winning margin being five strokes which for a major championship
and with the difficulty that they structure these major championships a
lot of times trying to tiger proof the course it’s that much more testament to
his dominance during that ten-year stretch and even to today playing so
well in his forties so starting off at number five you have the 2005 u.s.
champions US Open Championship or otherwise known as the open or British
open and this one was wire-to-wire tiger was quick out of the gates and it was
against Colin Montgomerie who finished second and the interesting thing about
Colin is that although he was number one in Europe for seven or eight years he
never did win a major on the US PGA Tour although he did come very close and has
since won three on the Senior Tour and what comes to mind about Colin is that
in 1997 he was paired with tiger in the second round and when he was asked by
the media they said how will you fare against tiger and he said well I’ve been
here several times more the tiger has and then at the end of the round he came
in deflated dejected and said Tigers gonna win this tournament and not barely
but convincingly so so it’s just funny to see the swish of emotions as people
began to fully realize the greatness that was to come with Tigers
performances starting at the Masters and this actually the 2005 he was open our
British Open was his second career Grand Slam at the hole at the old course of
Sandra’s and he was 29 so he was rounding out some of the greatest play
that the golf world has ever seen and the number four is the 2006 PGA
Championship where he also won by five at Medina and the rough and Medina there
in Illinois is some of the longest now you talk about rough for a US Open and
then rough for a US Open in Modena and is just
brutal and they were putting yard sticks or you know rulers in the rough on the
telecast to show how deep the rough in fact was even if you strayed just a few
yards from the fairway and it was the longest at the time in major
championship history because people were trying to tiger proof these courses
because just like Augusta was structured the way that he would attack a golf
course he gets a favorable bounce or just if he the ball goes where he aims
it it will go and get that amount of roll that he intends and going into par
fives with short irons or at times wedges is just dismantling a course and
is playing it essentially by the brute force strength and having an unfair
advantage over the rest of the field by coming at pins and cutting off dog legs
and attacking a course in just the way the tiger can and at this point in time
he was 12 a know when leading her tied for the lead for 54 54 holes so that
represents a dominance of being able to close and unlike anyone in the sport and
when it comes to golf all the offers know how easy it is for things to slip
through your fingers and for one hole to completely dismantle your confidence and
make things fall apart as you feel the intensity of the cameras the lights the
commentators that are watching your every shot and that are waiting to
nitpick at when things start to go and unravel on you so on this particular
occasion he tied his own record that he had the PGA Championship at 2000 at 18
under par which is just an unbelievable number to hit at a major championship no
less and then number three is the 2000 US Open or the British Open Championship
and at this particular time in 2000 he was youngest to hit the Grand Slam by
two years so you know being 24 years of age is
just remarkable to be able to achieve your greatness and have it sustained
over a long period of time so much so that you can achieve the career Grand
Slam and the 19-under that he hit at this British Open there stood for 15
years until Jason Day bested up just by one getting 20 under but for a course
we’re getting into a bunker means that triple bogey even by the best players of
the world is entirely possible because if you hit a bunker the wrong way it’s
not a matter of skill if you’re plugged as David Duval went to show with the one
of the British Opens that he won you’re gonna have to hit sideways you’re gonna
have to unplug the lie or take an unplayable because it’s so buried in
there that you’re gonna be half t aiming backwards and it’s it’s part luck but
also part skill in that Tiger would play a lot of these British Opens without
hitting a single bunker pothole bunker any of the major obstacles that came the
way of just about everyone else in the field and this British Open was
particularly notable because it was the first broadcast in high-definition and
the advent of television really did help Tiger his own effect of the popularity
of him and him being broadcast across the sporting world and the rest of the
world by virtue of the 40 million dollar Nike contract that he signed where they
used him as the cornerstone for their advertising and him being on Wheaties
boxes and generating the interest on television the deals that were able to
be signed that infused the purses of these events was the tiger effect and so
many players are able to benefit from that you hear stories about during Jack
Nicholson’s era you know Gary Player and Arnold Palmer had to you know fly
themselves and would just make enough money to pay for themselves and their
caddies and families to travel with and now it’s a whole different ballgame
and when our old when the British Open he flew over there and was just able to
make his own expenses it was more an issue of do how much do I love the game
and how much do I love being an ambassador for the game and because of
Tigers compounding interest that he was able to generate you know players are
not even top players but like top hundred players are able to take NetJets
and fly around the world in comfort and bring their wives and kids and families
and friends and just have the time of their lives and go across the world
without experiencing too much the way of jet lag by virtue of being able to
charter an entire plane or at least share a net jet with a bunch of their
friends and make it a crazy positive experience so that they were able to
bring their best to the golf course so coming in second is the 1997 masters
that was so instrumental in bringing Tiger on the world stage and that
brought so much attention to him such that 44 million viewers were watching on
Sunday give or him give a hug to Earl Woods and show that not only was he here
as a young man that he was living up to the potential that worked so many other
players by virtue of the Nike contracts that he was signing and all of the
excitement that was coming as a result of his three junior ammeter wins and the
three u.s. ammeter wins and then winning NCAA call it collegiate championships
and just demonstrating the dominance that would hallmark his career for the
next you know decade or two so you had the controversy with fuzzy Zeller and he
had the cold reception of many of the past winners that were kind of unsure
about tiger as a proven commodity that were in many eyes of the players taking
away from their proven abilities to win these major tournaments so Tiger started
out even though he’s played the course before as an amateur several times
started out as four over on the front nine holes and him a Nick Faldo played
poorly to start out but from his account and many accounts he was able to reset
after that nine holes and produce some of the most brilliant golf by someone
that has just entered their 20s that we’ve ever seen so this was an
extraordinary performance that had him win by 12 and was a performance only
eclipsed by the number one two thousand US Open where he rocketed to victory by
winning at 12-under and a win by a margin of twelve strokes and it wasn’t
like he was entirely free from problems the course was so brutal with the rough
that on the third round you know in the third hole he got so embedded in the
grass that he couldn’t see the ball you know Stevie recounted that he looked
down there and no white was visible but they knew roughly where it was and he
had to take a swipe out of it and he just got it a few feet forward so he did
grapple with a triple bogey there and then on 18 he was playing one of the
greatest rounds ever and he snap hooked one into the water and with the final
ball Steve Williams as caddie gave him a ball and he roped it down the middle so
he himself said that this represented the four best rounds he’s ever put
together and the score certainly reflects that and you know we all know
about all the extraordinary shots but all of the short game shots that put his
ability to get up and down from the deep rough from where you’d have to take your
medicine and chip out is really the unsung hero his ability to grind on
those par to make those pars was really tremendous and what sticks out with a
lot of people too is being able to muscle out and get on into no matter
where he was you know on that par 5 where he was below the green by quite a
bit and in the rough and he would still go for the green because he knew that if
he caught a flower out of the rough that it would roll up nicely especially if
the green was above where he was and his ability to pull off that shot as the
commentators were so right to comment that this represents a shot that not
even a majority the field can pull off so the performance that he exhibited in
the 2000 US Open was nothing short of spectacular that in order to pull
superlatives by the commentators they had to pull from other sports you know
even now they look back on and say it was a Michael Phelps type of Sydney
Olympics type performance it was a performance that transcended the sport
and just represents the brilliance and dominance that tiger brings to the
golfing world as who many believe to be the greatest golfer of all time


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