Tiger Woods Drops F Bomb After Ex Elin Gives Birth – Live News 247

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 Tiger Woods dropped the F-bomb in an interview amid his career slump and after RadarOnline com exclusively revealed his ex-wife Elin Nordegren had given birth to her new boyfriend’s baby  To make matters worse, the golfer, 43, was also recently called a narcissist in a new biography  Tiger shocked Luke Darcy and Wil Anderson, the hosts of Australian radio show “Triple M’s Hot Breakfast” on Tuesday, Nov 12, when he used the expletive language during their chat.  When asked about his retirement plans, Woods replied, “For me, it’ll be simple I love spearfishing. I love being in the water, I love hunting. I like going on hunting trips, fishing trips and diving trips so to me, just being out in nature is the f**king ultimate best ”  He added, “I don’t like being around a lot of people, in that regard. I like to be out in nature because that’s what I grew up doing, that’s what I do Golf is always out in nature so to me, that’s the ultimate best.”  Woods seemed to be in a playful mood during the interview, but as Radar has reported, a source said he was heartbroken after Elin, 39, and her former football player boyfriend Jordan Cameron, 31, welcomed a baby  Radar published the exclusive photos of Elin and Jordan with their newborn and her kids by Tiger—son Charlie, 12, and daughter Sam, 12, at their soccer game in Florida  “Tiger’s shattered to see Elin playing happy family with Jordan and their newborn,” the Radar source said  “She was the love of his life, and he knows there’s no winning her back.” Tiger Woods’ Ex Elin Nordegren Gives Birth— See Photos Of New Baby & Boyfriend!  After Elin had her baby, things got worse for Tiger as his dark side was exposed in a bombshell new biography  Curt Sampson‘s Roaring Back: The Fall and Rise of Tiger Woods quotes sportswriter John Garrity, who first met Woods as a teenager, calling the star a “pathological narcissist ”  Garrity also told the author for the tome, “All of his human relationships were transactional If you couldn’t help him achieve his goals, he had no use for you. He’d walk past and look right through you ”  Sampson also claimed Tiger, whom Elin dumped after his flagrant cheating, was a cheapskate Sources for his book alleged the golf star was known for being a bad tipper and underpaying one of his coaches Tiger Woods Biography Claims Golfer Is A ‘Narcissist’ After Ex Elin Welcomes Baby  After thrilling golf fans by winning the Masters in April, Tiger’s game went downhill  At the PGA Championship, he shot a 36-hole total of 5-over par to miss the cut by one stroke  He finished nine-under for the 2019 Memorial Tournament in June. Later in the month for the U S. Open, he also didn’t come out on top.  In his new interview, Tiger, who is dating Erica Herman, admitted to the hosts how “frustrating” the game of golf is


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