Tiger Woods: Chasing dreams – Rolex Rendezvous

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Tiger Woods
Chasing Dreams Tiger, Jack Nicklaus has eighteen majors. Your good friend Roger Federer has sixteen – Sixteen, I know! Sixteen, and you’re chasing the
two of them with fourteen, – Absolutely. How does it look? Well the good news is that
I have a longer playing career than, Fed does. Jack had you know, basically he completed his
last one ten years from now, so I have time. You know, I looked at it if
I’m going to get to nineteen or beyond it’s gonna take an entire career. And, you know, It took Jack what?
twenty-six plus years to get to that point, so if I average just one a year I’m gonna have a pretty good career. And you know, I’ve almost done that, so far, started in ’96 and here I am, with
fourteen so I’ve done alright. But yes, I am two behind and four behind! How does it feel to be a part of the Rolex family
along with Jack, Arnold and Gary? Man, it’s incredible,
I mean they are synonymous with golf. I watched the big three growing up. We all know who they are and what they’ve done for the game of golf and they are synonymous with global golf they’ve played all over
the world and grew the game. And you know, to be a part of
that and to be a part of it with them, with Rolex and it’s just basically,
it’s a dream come true for me because those guys were my idols growing up and now I’m able to be alongside with them. It’s a pretty cool feeling. Another Rolex Rendezvous


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