Tiger Withdrawal Support Group


Welcome everyone. We all came a long way and we all love the
man. It’s why we come out. He’s a legend. And we want to see it again. We want to hear the roar. But we’re not going to get it this week. And that’s why we’re here today. So let’s get started. Charlie, why don’t you go ahead and share
first. I’m Charlie. Hi, Charlie. I’ve been covering events for a couple of
years now. But this was going to be my first one with
Tiger in it. I told my mom. I told my brother. I told my best friend. I told his mom. Now that’s he not coming, I feel like I let
them down. Can you imagine anyone else out there today
who feels like they might have disappointed anyone? Maybe he’s feeling a little blue today? Can you imagine that Charlie? Yeah. You’re absolutely right. It’s not about me. It was his week. You know Charlie is on to something. We should think about the positives that came
out of this. Yeah. I think there’s quite a few positives to this
story. Like what? Well maybe there’s a 25 year old kid named
Max working real hard. He might have been the first alternate at
the Monday qualifier. Played about nine holes. He was about even. He wasn’t really going to make it and got
in because Tiger withdrew. What are you talking about? And who are you anyways? I’m Max. Hi, Max. Let’s move on. Maybe someone should share one of their Tiger
stories. Kelly, do you have anything you want to share? It was one of the best days of my life. It was 2001. THE PLAYERS Championship. The 17th green. I was just really enjoying life. But then there was this putt. It was a long putt. It was a winding putt. There was no way this putt was going to go
in. It was an impossible putt. And then it did. And how would you describe that day? It was better than most. Thank you, Kelly. You know I just. I hear these stories about THE PLAYERS and
Augusta and I feel like we’ve done this. And I keep feeling like I gettting so excited. I keep tweeting things. And posting GIFs. And all these things. I end up feeling right back in the same spot. You’re angry. And that’s okay. It’s okay to feel those things. Now I want you to tell Tiger how you feel. He’s not here. This is Tiger. Pretend Tiger is here. What woud you say to TIger? I’d say I’m angry. Tell it to Tiger. I’d say I’m angry. Say “Tiger I’m angry.” Tiger I’m angry but I get it. I miss you and I love you. Yeah. I’m so proud of you. We made a lot of progress here today. I’m proud of all you.


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