Thousand Trails in Verde Valley, FUN ADVENTURES!! Playgrounds, Swimming, Mini Golf, and Fishing!


*music* Lotdot TV Adventures! *girl giggles* *wooden creak* Hi kids! We’re on an adventure! At Thousand Trails RV camping and Resort With lots to do, We hope you like playing outside! Lotdot: Surprise! Mom: Wow, super cool Lotdot why don’t you show me around? Mom: What is this that we’re in here? Lotdot: This is a cabin! Mom: This, is a cabin! Lotdot: Now also got a bed… Mom: And it also has a bed! Lotdot: But….. I…I can’t get up here… Mom: You need a little bit of help? Lotdot: Yeah Mom: Here Mom: Uhhhg Mom: We did it! *laughs* I love this bed! Ah! Mom: *laughing* Mom: You love the bed? *laughs* Lotdot: I do love it! The bed’s kind of bouncy! Mom: It’s kinda bouncy! Mom: Alrighty! Mom: Ready to get down? Lotdot: Ready! Lotdot: Weeeeeee!! Lotdot: And this…is a sofa! Mom: And this is a sofa. Mom: *Laughs* Thats a chili and a chili and a coffee pot! Mom: There’s what? Lotdot: Chili, chili, coffepot! Mom: Cherry, cherry, coffeepot! Mom: Close enough. Mom: Let’s…..skedaddle! Skittle! Mom: It’s pretty out here huh? Got trees and rocks. Mom: Oh! Lotdot: This is a cute pinecone. Mom: Can I see that one? Lotdot: Ok! Mom: Can you show me both of them? Lotdot: Ok! Mom: Super cute! Mom: Do you, do you want me to hold them for you? Lodot: Ok! Mom: What do you see? Lotdot: I see a park! *voices in fast forward* Mom: Alright Lotdot, let’s head to the next playground. What is that? Lotdot: What is that… lotdot: ….thing Lotdot: What is that thing? Mom: Oh my goodness, Mom: I think he might be a bug Lotdot! Lotdot: Oh yeah.. Mom: Alright Lotdot, let’s play some mini golf! Mom: What did you find? Lodot: I find one! Mom: Good job, so we start right here. Mom: All the way from the black square, Mom: All the way down, Mom: around the corner Mom: and back into the cup! Dad: Oh! Mom and Dad: *Laugh* Mom: Can you put it back on the black mat? Lotdot: Yeah Dad: You gotta wack it! Lotdot: Opps! Lotdot: I can’t.. Lotdot: Oh. Lotdot: I did it? Mom: Yeah! Woohoo!! Mom: Whoa! Mom: Super cool! Lotdot: I find two! Mom: We found the next course we found number… Mom: …two! Mom: Now hit it the whole way there with out picking it up! Lotdot: I did it? Mom: Pretty good keep going! *music* Lotdot: Aw! Lotdot: Did it go through? Lotdot: I just put it on the green… Lotdot: Did I did it? *music* Mom: That was awesome!! Mom: Mini golf was fun, now lets head to the pool. I got to be safe in the water, so I wear a life jacket! I have my life jacket, Lotdot: So now I can swim! Mom: K, bye! Mom: Oh wait you need your shoes off, wait! Mom: Hey you! Mom: Woohoo! Mom: Whoa! Do you see my feet paddling in the water? Mom: Do I see your feet? Yeah! Mom and Dad: I did! Awesome! Time to chill, ah! Mom: Ah! *background noise* Lotdot: The next day we went fishing, Lotdot: At Horseshoe Lake! Mom: I like your pole Oh, cool it’s a Moana pole. Lotdot: That’s a big fish! Mom: That’s a big fish! Mom: Wow, there’s so many dragonflies here! Lotdot: Caught one! Mom: What’d you get? Keep reeling it! Mom: Looks like you caught a fish, Lotdot: Uh oh! Mom: And some leaves! Mom: oh! Mom: Do you wanna try and get a real fish instead of a fake fish? Lotdot: yeah… Mom: Yeah? Mom: Because that’s a fake fish, huh? Mom: Look at all these Dragonflies Lotdot! Lotdot: Lots of corn! Dad: Put a piece of corn on your hook. Dad: Bring it in a little bit. Dad: Right there.. Mom: You’re so good you already understand fish lingo! Dad: stop, stop, stop Dad: Wait Mom: Oh my goodness you are so good at this already! Mom: I think Grandpa caught you something to look at! Lotdot: What you got? Mom and Lotdot: *gasp* Lotdot: A fishy! Lotdot: Hi fishy! Lotdot: Look! It’s a fish! Dad: There he goes! Mom: Bye bye mister fishy! Lotdot: I did see him go… Lotdot: Frog! Lotdot: Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit! Mom: Are you trying to communicate? Lotdot: ♪A nature walk♪ Lotdot: ♪A nature walk♪ Lotdot: ♪A nature walk♪ Lotdot: ♪A nature walk♪ Lotdot: ♪A nature walk♪ Lotdot: ♪A nature walk♪ Lotdot: Look! Mom: What? Lotdot: It’s a leaf! Mom: A leaf? Lotdot: I saw two leaves! Mom: You know what Lotdot that would be really cool for our art project. Mom: Ok, let’s gather ’em up Lotdot: (distant) Bye! Dad: *laughs* Lotdot: ♪Keep going nature walk♪ Lotdot: ♪Keep going nature walk♪ Lotdot: ♪Keep going nature walk♪ Lotdot: Wow guys! Lotdot: I had so much fun! Lotdot: I hope you guys had fun too! Lotdot: Thanks for watching! Lotdot: Like and subscribe for more fun! Lotdot: Bye! *outro music* visit: Music by


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  1. Pam Payne

    September 4, 2017 9:45 pm

    Beautiful video! So much fun. Needed the smiles today. We've stayed at this resort just outside of cottonwood, AZ, in our rv. Great place for family fun and memories. Can't wait for next video

  2. celestial_bunny

    September 5, 2017 3:57 am

    We watched this twice 🙂 after watching all of LotDot's videos this morning! Haha, my kids especially liked this one 😁


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