The Mystery of Gaepora’s Identity in Skyward Sword EXPLAINED! [ft. NintendoBlackCrisis]

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The Zelda timeline is a complicated thing. The series at the time of making this video
has 19 installments, 19 individual stories that have somehow all been tied together through
a complex timeline that spans over hundreds and thousands of years. At the very beginning of this long journey
of adventures is the events of Skyward Sword, the game that documents the birth of the Kingdom
of Hyrule, the forging of the Master Sword and even the tale of Demise’s Curse. With it being the first game in the timeline,
it holds many mysteries from the early days of Hyrule. If anything, more questions than answers. One mystery that particularly interests me
is the identity of the headmaster and Zelda’s Father, Gaepora. Whilst he appears as nothing more than the
headmaster of the Knight Academy and a Father, he may be so much more… You see, further down the timeline during
the events of Ocarina of Time we meet a character who strikes a chilling resembles to Gaepora,
Rauru the sage of light. Fans of the series have been questioning and
theorising on whether or not there is any relation between the two. The theories have been a bit split on opinions,
with some fans believing there are absolutely no connections between the two and more just
coincidences, then there is the side who are fully convinced they are one of the same. In today’s videos, joined by NintendBlackCrisis
we are going to try and get to the bottom of this mystery and come to a definite answer
to settle this mystery, the mystery of the identity of headmaster Gaepora. Firstly, we must understand exactly who Gaepora
is in full. Gaepora is as previously mentioned the Headmaster
of the Knight Academy along with being Zelda’s Father. He of course lives on Skyloft, the floating
Island that was formed many ages ago to protect Hylia’s people from the breach of Demise. He does appear as just your average father
figure but there is more to the story however. Gaepora actually has one of the most important
roles in Skyloft, he is the Keeper of Legends. Meaning, he is one of the few responsible
for protecting the secrecy of the ancient documents regarding the surface and the Goddess
Sword. This isn’t a role given to the everyday
citizen so this already tells us that he is of some importance, considering he is trusted
with sacred information. A few smaller details we should note are that
he wears a brown, orange-ish outfit, with a brown mid piece, topped with a long red
scarf. He also has distiable facial hair, especially
his eyebrows, or monobrow, which is flicked up high above his head, appearing similar
to wings of a bird. Those details may seem pretty basic but they
may prove useful later in the video. Now that we know a little bit about Gaepora,
let’s look at where the questions on his true identity begin. If we make our way down the timeline to the
events of Ocarina of Time, the adventure where Hyrule gets sieged and overrun by Ganondorf. During this quest we can find a very interesting
character, Rauru the sage of light. We meet him after Link completes the first
three dungeons in the game and has the three spiritual stones from said dungeons. Link pulls the master sword, resulting in
a trip through time but unknown to him, Ganondorf seeped through the cracks and followed Link. This results in Link being held within the
Chamber of Sages within the temple of light for 7 years because he was too young to actually
draw the Master Sword… This is where we meet Rauru. He is the only sage within the chamber of
sages at the time, he explains to Link where he is, why he is here and that Ganondorf has
overrun Hyrule. Within this important conversation with Link
he tells us some important details to note. He tells us that “Ages ago, we Ancient Sages
built the Temple of Time to protect the entrance to the Sacred Realm…” We can take a few things from that quote. One, he has been around for many years, and
Two, he potentially alongside other sages built the Temple of Time many years ago. Another thing to note from this cutscene is
that Rauru is the only sage present, as the others are all assigned elements, that can
only be restored by beating the respective dungeon to each element. Rauru is of course the sage light, explaining
why we find him in the Temple of Light but could this also be because he is a leader
or higher up of the sages, we’ll come to that. One more character that we should be aware
of is Kaepora Gaebora and if the name isn’t ringing any bells then this clip will. Yeah, that guy. Well that Owl. Kaepora Gaebora is that Owl from Ocarina of
Time, although he does appear in Majora’s Mask and Four Swords Adventures but doesn’t
really play a huge role in those games, more of just an assistance role. In Ocarina of Time however, Kaepora follows
Link around on his journey, especially during the child phase of the game, almost like he
is watching over Link. You will encounter Kaepora multiple times,
most notable before and after each of the first three dungeons. He helps the young child Link out and basically
guide him on where to go and provides useful information on the areas. He is an awfully generous Owl isn’t he… This is because, he is none other than the
sage of light himself, Rauru. We know this from a few sources. Firstly, one of the Gossip stones in the game
tells us that Kaepora Gaebora is rumoured to be a reincarnation of a sage. Whilst that’s just a rumour, the Gossip
Stones don’t tend to be wrong. Along with this, it is also stated in Hyrule
Historia, which whilst isn’t the most reliable source for information does tell us that Kaepora
Gaebora is Rauru himself. He takes on this Owl form because he cannot
leave the Chamber of Sages, but why you may ask? Well you see, that Gossip Stone mentioned
one key detail. “Reincarnation”. Which to be possible, would mean Rauru is
in fact dead in the real world but his spirit is contained in the Chamber of Sages, similar
to how Links spirit was sealed in order to protect him until he was of age to be the
Hero of Time. This is why we see an Owl following Link around,
it is in fact Rauru himself but in the only form he can take outside of the chamber of
sages. Oh, one last detail to note about Kaepora. Ever noticed how long and detailed his eyebrows
are. If you look at the face of a real owl they
don’t really have eyebrows at all, whilst Kaepora has extraordinary browns. Just keep that in mind. Now that we have a full understanding of Gaepora,
Rauru and Kaepora we can move onto building the connections between the three and settle
this debate once and for all. Rauru is as previously mentioned the sage
of light, he is also responsible for building the temple of time. Which interestingly was built over the remains
of the Sealed Temple from Skyward Sword, the exact location that the Goddess Statue drops
down to at the end of Skyward Sword. Whilst not the original Temple of Time, as
that was in the Lanayru Desert in Skyward Sword, this Temple of Time is definitely the
more well known and important one. So Rauru built this temple over the remains
of the sealed temple, along with other sages right? When exactly was this? We know it must have been sometime after the
events of Skyward Sword and you’d have to assume it was fairly soon after as it was
built to protect the entrance to the Sacred Realm. Obviously, we don’t meet a Rauru in Skyward
Sword which he probably would have still been in his Hylian form at the time, however we
do meet the headmaster which when looking at him, does strike a resemblance to Rauru. They both wear a brown, orang-ish cloak of
sorts, they both have a similar body build and they both have some sort of red scarf
of sorts wrapped around them. Are the one of the same? We do need to take into account that we meet
Rauru as Rauru many ages later, possibly hundreds and thousands of years after the events of
Skyward Sword, so if these two are the same person we need to consider aging, as he probably
passed away when he was much older than the headmaster. Whilst they don’t share the exact same facial
hair similarities, such as the winged eyebrows they do both have notable and extraordinary
styles of facial hair. Now remember when i said “whilst Kaepora
has extraordinary browns. Just keep that in mind.” Well look at the resemblance between Gaapora’s
browns and Kaepora’s browns… They are nearly identical… and the connections
don’t stop there. Notice how most civilians in Skyloft are named
after a bird, with a letter or two swapped around or taken out of the name. Well if these two are the same person, then
this would mean the real world form of Gaepora many years down the line is indeed a bird,
one of the most sacred and protected beings in Skyward Sword. Along with this, their names are nearly identical
too. Kaepora is just one letter changed from Gaepora
and Gaebora is just one letter changed from Gaepora. A bit confusing to read out loud but you get
the point. This further backs the theory that they are
all the same person. Honestly, all of that could be enough to prove
they are all the same person, however there are some questions remaining that stand in
the way. In this debate on Gaepora’s identity a question
many fans have asked is, if Gaepora is Zelda’s father then why is her Father in Ocarina of
Time not Rauru? We know this because when Link first meets
Zelda in Ocarina of Time she tells Link that her father is inside the castle, as Ganondorf
falsely pledges allegiance to the King, Zelda’s Father. To answer this question, there is always the
chance that Rauru is perhaps Ocarina of Times Princess Zelda’s, great distance relative
or for short, a great Grandfather. The only potential issues with that is, who
exactly is the king and more importantly Zelda’s Father in Ocarina of Time? That’s a theory for another in itself but
considering the events after Skyward Sword were the establishment of the Kingdom, it’s
not too bold to assume a King was assigned rather than Gaepora taking the throne. Even if Gaepora was to take the title of king,
he would have passed away some time before the events of Ocarina of Time which may have
resulted in a new king being assigned. With Gaepora, also known as Rauru migrating
and containing himself within the chamber of sages. Only to return as a reincarnated Owl when
the events of Ocarina of Time occur. The other big point brought up from the side
against Gaepora being Rauru is, what if it’s just a reference or coincidence? And to that, I saaaaay. There are too many “coincidences” or in
my opinion connections for this not to be the case. If you put all of the evidence and connections
together it’s hard to argue against Gaepora being Rauru. Think about, at the end of Skyward Sword the
people of Skyloft move to the surface, Gaepora specifically being reunited with his dear
daughter Zelda within the sealed temple. The same sealed temple that Rauru tells Link
that he built the temple of time over. Perhaps when Gaepora invenitable passed away
years after the events Skyward Sword, his later years in life took on the appearance
of how we see Rauru, as there is a noticeable difference in age between the two. Both older men, but Rauru looking much older
due to his size and facial features. Is Gaepora passed away in his later years
and looked like Rauru it would all add up as to why Rauru in Ocarina of Time doesn’t
look exactly like Gaepora during the events of Skyward Sword. Along with this, it also explains why Rauru’s
owl form of Kaepora Gaebora has those fabulous eyebrows. Calling back to his past self, Gaepora. If
this is all true, it would mean that from the very beginning, before the existence of
Skyloft and the events of Skyward Sword. Gaepora was chosen by Goddess Hylia to be
one of the sages, we just didn’t know it at the time. This may forever remain a mystery in the series,
we know that a ton of work goes into Zelda games in terms of the lore and history and
I mean a lot. However some mysteries as best left unanswered,
leaving them up to the players interpretation and creativity. If there is one thing I want you to take away
from this theory/discussion, it would be that remember the Zelda series is. very. confusing. Thanks a ton for watching, I hope you enjoyed
this look into a mystery that has been on my mind for a while now. Huge thanks to NintendoBlackCrisis for joining
me on this one, we did another video over on his channel covering the Sheikah’s Obsession
with Astronomy. Be sure to go and check that video out through
the card in the top right, card at the end or link in the description. Another big thanks to all of my Patreon supporters,
as your support means the world to me and I can’t thank you guys enough for being
the awesome folks you are, thank you. Again, thanks for watching and until next
time, I’ve been Hyrule Gamer.


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