The Green Jacket | 24/7 The Match: Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson


I had to put the green jacket
on Tiger first in 2005 when he won
as a defending champion in ’04, and I signed so many pictures of me putting the jacket
on Tiger, I mean, it sucked. In fact,
when I was putting it on, he kind of took
a few extra seconds, or he couldn’t quite get it
to fit right, just kinda waited,
and I know what he was doing. ’05? It felt very good. I made sure, you know,
it fit properly, and then
did the shoulder adjustment. As luck would have it,
I won the next year, and he had to put the jacket
on me, and I’ll be darned
if it didn’t quite fit right and I needed a few extra seconds
for him to put that thing on me. As far as 2006 is concerned,
I do not recall. Tiger claims he has no memory
of it but we both know… he does.


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