The Garage – Dominik and the innovation of a sparkling future

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[MUSIC] I know it sounds crazy but I just
infused this water with the future of air conditioning. [HICCUP] [MUSIC] Now these bubbles are what soft drink
dreams are made of and they’re also responsible for that fizzy and sparkling
effect that makes certain drinks refreshing, tasty and they also cause
hiccups. But did you know that you can also use this in air conditioning
systems? Hmm. Let’s find out with the help of our expert here today. He is the head of research and development for air conditioning at ContiTech. So please welcome Dominik Kempf. Dominic, great to have you! Thank you for having me. Tell me will I get hiccups from using
the air conditioning? No obviously not. Actually what we see in your bubbles is CO2 as a natural gas and natural fluid and that can be used as refrigerant fluid. But wait a minute. Isn’t co2 something we actually want to get rid of? Well, technically you are right there but in this specific case this co2 we use is a waste product of all the major industry, which obviously is then you
know not needed and we put that in the system. All right. You remember the 80s? [MUSIC] Yeah! In previous generations of refrigerant fluid, we were talking about the ozone hole. You remember that? Yeah, i remember. We talk about that in school a lot. Yeah all that. And the previous generations of that refrigerant fluid these chemical substances they did deplete the ozone. Since this has been changed so now we have no more issue with the ozone hole. So that means no more problems? Almost! Well in this specific case if this new refrigerant fluid comes to flame and it’s a flammable refrigerant fluid unfortunately, it produces hydrofluoric acid. Wow! Is that as dangerous as it sounds? It is actually one of the most dangerous
substances that we know on our planet. I can show you. Show? Experiments? I love this! [MUSIC] Chris… No. I love your excitement but this is way too dangerous. We could never ever do this here in such an environment! But can I leave this on? Looking good so, okay. Okay! So what are we gonna do? Well, let me show you what we have. [MUSIC] Thank you! This is a glas that was treated with hydrofluoric acid. You know how glass is intert to any kind of aggressive fluids. Wow, actually it looks really aggressive! One of the other effects is that as these
refrigerant fluid goes into the atmosphere because it permeates out of
the systems this is unavoidable unfortunately. It comes back down as trifluoracetic. What does that do then? Well actually trifluoracetic is harming our
drinking water and all our basic nature. Sounds scary! It is scary! So am i able to use my you know air conditioning system just the way I’m used to it? Or what? Chris, don’t worry about that your system is perfectly engineered safe and sound
there’s nothing to worry about. So back to my water and the carbonic acid. What benefits are there when using this in an air conditioning system actually? Well, as you use the air conditioning system in the summer there’s the same efficiency
of this natural refrigerant fluid versus chemical refrigerant fluid. Okay… This is the best part about CO2 because CO2 does work in the reverse mode of an air conditioning system we change it and call it a heat pump and this actually means you have to warm side in the car and the cold side outside. I get it! And the concept kind of reminds me of a refrigerator. Exactly right Chris! Perfect engineering thinking. This is what we have here: A fridge. Inside cold, outside, this is where we measure the temperature – and look at this. That’s pretty warm! It is pretty warm. Compared to the room temperature anyway. Exactly. And this is the benefit
that we use out of the CO2 air conditioning system when you reverse it in heat pump. It is really a great opportunity for all the electric vehicles that we see in the future to improve their driving range in the winter. When you have in the winter
normally all your energy consumption in the motor of course but also in the
heating of passenger and battery you can use that heat pump system and have a
much higher efficiency. This basically means my electric car goes much further in the winter than your car. But my car still looks good on a summer time come on. Well, it does. But this is the product that we talk about. This is it? Yes. So simple? Well, might look simple. The details are inside and you can imagine the engineering makes the difference. I can imagine. And you know no
matter if you’re using CO2 in highly complex products and components like
that or for your drinks. There’s one thing we can agree on: The future is sparkling! And there’s one more thing we need to do Dominik! And that is you know what’s coming, right? Yep. A nice picture. 1-2-3 cheese! I’d like to thank you very much Dominic for being here today with us! Great, thank you! Thank you for watching and be sure to tune in again next time for the next episode of The Garage! Until then stay safe and see you then.


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