The 5 Variables of Putter Fitting

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Hello, I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. And today I thought we would take a look at
the 5 things I look at when I measure someone for a putter and I fit them for a putter. By doing that we eliminate all other excuses
as to why you putt bad. You now have the perfect putter. Now it’s just down to your technique
and your practice.I hope you enjoy the tip. [MUSIC] Okay. The first thing I always look at when
I do a putter fit and I think this is one of the most important things is we need to
match the putter to your putting stroke. What do I mean by that? Putters come in 3 different types. And they
come in what’s called a straight back and through putter. Then they come in what’s called
a slight arc. Where the putter actually turns a bit and opens and closes a little bit during
the course of the stroke. And then there is whats known as a strong Arc. Which is a lot
of opening and a lot of closing. a lot of people say to me which one should
I be? That’s actually irrelevant. It doesn’t matter which one you should be it’s which
one you are that is the most important thing. Once we dtermine what your stroke type is
then we can find a putter to match it. So the way I always determine what stroke
type you are is I use the iPing app from Ping. It’s a terrific app. It’s free. I’ll put a
link in the video there to show you a video I have already made on using the iping app.
It’s great for measuring data about your putting stroke and helps to detrmine which putter
type you are. So let’s just say at the moment you are a
straight back and through putter. We need what is called a face balanced putter. So
if I was to hold the club like that we want the putter face to sit nice and flat. And
if you do that the putter is then going to match your stroke. Straight back and straight
through. I’m a slight arc putter.So this is my putter
that I use and you can see the toe is slightly down. So when I swing my putter slightly opens
and slightly closes. If I had a straight back and through putter. That putter is designed
to stay square and I’m trying to make it open and close I have a little war going on between
my stroke and the putter. And there is not going to be a good outcome in that situation. Then we have what is called a strong arc.
and the strong arc putter sits toe down.Like that. So that’s designed for a putting stroke
which has a lot of opening and a lot of closing. Once again I have had a lot of people who
have purchased a face balanced putter and they have a strong arc. They are never going to
putt that well. They will have days where they do but not consistently, because their
stroke is fighting the putter. We don’t ever want to do that. So once we have detrmined what type of stroke
type you have and we can match in the putter that matches that. The next thing I look at
is the legth of the putter. And I have also got a video I have produced on how important
it is to get the right length. and I’ll put a link up there for you. When we look at length. if we have a putter
length that is too long it makes your eyes go inside the line of the ball. if I do that
no matter what putting stroke I have I am going to open and close the putter even more. If I have a putter that is too short. My eyes
are going to be over the top and in front of the ball. That is going to make me have
a putting sroke that is doing that. if I can get my eyes directly over the top of the ball,
then I have the best position that I can putt.So by getting the right putter length that’s
going to help get my eyes over the ball which will produce a much more consistant putting
stroke. Once we have determined the right length of
putter. We look at the lie of the putter. When I take my set up there.If I have the
toe of my putter up in the air What’s going to happen is if I hit the ground with the
heel of my putter, that clubface just closed. So it’s going to make me pull putts. So we
don’t want that type of motion when I hit it. if I do the opposite and I take my set up
and the club is resting on the toe of the putter. As soon as the toe of my putter hits
the ground. The putter face opens.That is going to make me push putts to the right.
So we really want to get that putter sitting nice and flat.To give you the best chance
of getting a good roll on the golf ball. We also need to look at loft of the golf club. If
we depending on what type of stroke we have we need the right amount of loft. If we are
hitting up on the ball a lot we need to deloft the club. If we are hitting down on the ball
a little bit we actually need a little bit more loft to get the ball rolling. So that’s
also determined by your stroke type and iPing does a good job of measuring that. And lastly, the other variable we need to
look at is grip thickness. Now I have a fairly thin grip on my putter
because I am a slight arc putter. I believe Slight and strong arc putters need a thinner
grip. Where as straight back and through putters benefit from having a thicker grip. With the
thicker grip it helps lock your hands together and produces a straighter back and through
putting stroke. So it doesn’t really matter what stroke you
want to be. As I said before we need to match all of these variables to what you are. So if you can go through and get a putter
that’s the right stroke type, the right length, the right loft and the right grip thickness
and the right lie angle. You then just don’t have any excuses. It’s just down to your technique.
And there is nothing worse than having a client coming to me for a putting lesson, when it
is clear that their putter doesn’t suit them. So eliminate all of those possibilities. get
the putter fitted and I think you will find you get much better results. I hope you enjoyed the tip. Thank you for
letting me help you with your golf. I am Brian Fitzgerald the Golf Doctor. If you like my videos, why don’t you hit the
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