'Surreal' to be at Portrush for the Open, says Rory McIlory

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so poor rush has been a very big you know at least the golf club has been a big part of my upbringing and you know I'm it's sort of surreal that it's here even driving in yesterday you know and you look all your coming in on the road and you look to the right and you've got the second tee and I think like I don't know who was teeing off it might have been like Tony fee now and someone else I'm like sort of strange to see them here but it's really cool it just sort of shows what we've done in terms of players you know GMAC win in the US Open darn win in the open and then you know that some of the success that I've had and how you know Northern Ireland has come on as a country that you know we're able to host such a big event here again look I'm from Northern Ireland that I'm playing at home but I don't see myself as that the center of attention I guess and that's why I don't you know I'm here to enjoy myself you know hopefully it doesn't take another 68 years for the tournament to come back here so but at the same time you know I might get an opportunity to to plan Open Championship here again you know you never know what happens so I'm really just treating it as a wonderful experience and one that I I really want to enjoy you know and you know I I'm gonna love being right there and having the crowds and having the support and you know if that can't help you then you know nothing can


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