Hi sisters! I know you guys are all dying to see the video with me and sister Jeffree Star today, when I tell you it is iconic you guys better sit down, saddle up, and hold onto your wigs because they’re about to be *pop* snatched right out of your head. I’m gonna try to make this super, super short but, before we jump into this video today, I just wanted to tell you that I’m going on tour in Australia this month, and oh my God I have literally never been more excited for something in my entire life! Sponsored by Barbie Coyote, I’m going down under this month to do a tour, a makeup seminar and a lot of other fun surprises along the way so if you’re an Aussie baby And you want to come say “Hi” and want to take sister selfies, you want to learn a little bit about makeup, you want a singing performance and some fun other things, don’t forget to check out for all your tour information dates, tickets, and prices. I’ll see you mates very, very soon, but until then, let’s jump into today’s brand new video. Hi sisters! James Charles here and welcome back to my Youtube channel. As you guys can see here today, we’re joined with a very very special guest!>>Jeffree Star! Hii! and I am so excited We have been wanting to film together for such a hot minute now.>>A minuuute. And for today’s video We’re gonna do an episode of
“Style Swap,” and
>>I can’t believe Sister James got me over here.>>We’re gonna go out of my comfort zone, and we are literally we’re swapping. Tell me how this works. Okay, so basically a Style Swap is a series that I do here on my channel where I pick another friend in the beauty community And we are not only going to challenge each other With doing one of each other’s iconic looks But also trade makeup bags as well.>>Wow. So this is just gonna be like a little bit of a chit-chat get ready with us We have a lot of tea to spill
>>Hot, scalding tea to spill today! That’s for sure! Should we show each other the looks we picked out? Let’s do it! Ready, one, two, three! aaaaaaaa!!! Bam
>>Bam! All right, so w-we literally switch makeup bags, I’m nervous.>>I put together all the products that I would have used to create this look. So I’m gonna hand this to you. BAM alright. Thank you, and I packed all mine. I use a lot of sh*t so — Of course it’s in a Louis Vuitton bag. Alright, so we just dive in right.>>Let’s just go right in okay. I’ll be covering my brows with a glue stick. Well, I am gonna do my makeup like I think James would do it… So sister James loves the Born This Way Two Faced foundation, all tea all shade or no tea no shade because it’s a really good formula.>>Yeah.>>Now did we bring my color?>>No. Let’s see what happens you can — Oh, wow.>>You can make it work. I’m going to Hawaii so I guess we’ll have a — Sister spray tan! yeah Now that the brows are out, I’m gonna use a jeffree star liquid lipstick in the shade Flame Thrower. To act as a kind of a color corrector because I forgot an orange concealer. Okay. This is really good look for me, I think. For me, you have the YSL all hours foundation. I’ve never tried this one before.>>It’s cool.>>Excited. She’s a little light.>>Ooo, the dark one’s light?>>Yeah. Let’s go right over the brows, ready for this?>>Okay. Let’s see it We’ll know if the foundation’s full coverage if–She’s gone Looks like it is literally shaved it with the mach3 razor, BAM She’s gone. I feel like we have a lot of things that we want to talk about today, so I’m down I’m an open book. what I’m sure you guys all probably know if you were like well-versed in the makeup Community slash industry is that when I started the beauty industry me and Jeffrey had serious beef. kinda We did huh yeah. like bad beef Started off rough. A sister scandal. There’s been a few moments Should we just talk about them all? yeah great. All right So we met in New York at actually the Jacqueline’s champagne pop party, James was at the party I had flown to New York with some friends and we were there and I’d never met James before remember you came up to me I did I was super excited to meet Jeffrey, yeah You guys know that I came into this industry pretty fast even though. I was so growing as an influencer I was still a major fan of all the people that were up there Yeah, which I didn’t even know at the time so looking back on like oof ouch like people were a little mean girl So I remember someone I was with was like uh I don’t really want you to take a picture with James and and it’s like this whole weird thing And I’m like I mean he’s fucking cool. He’s a boy in beauty like let’s meet him He’s younger like I lived for and I love your artistry. Thank you I saw you use my liquid lips like his liner, and you were just like full-on taking it there So I was excited But it sucks when and I could admit it even at my age that people do have an influence in like it on you Yeah, and when someone’s in your ear like kind of saying sh*t You kind of follow along, which sucks, so I was a follower in a situation that I definitely regret it Yeah, I mean I apologized for that night being so short and annoying, but you know looking back. I’m like oh my god It’s just so high school. You know it sucks, so like the center She really is very high schooly the next thing that happened was a twitter battle, and this is when I was very small in this industry and i was doing a lot of like the crazy looks all the time that you were just talking about like every day I was pulling out some new look yeah but I wasn’t growing as fast As obviously I am now because the thought that I was doing these crazy creative looks I will admit I definitely did have a little bit of like an ego when I first came in okay and i love that you’re grown enough to say that though yeah, yeah absolutely and in my eyes I was getting frustrated the people like Jeffery or Manny who did more classic glam were growing and skyrocketing of Fame when I was pulling out these crazy creative looks and no one has ever seen before and I was staying at the Bottom yeah, I remember tweeting asking for my followers to send me ideas for creative videos or creative makeup look okay Yes, somebody replied and said like oh do something inspired by Manny, and I quote tweet it and literally said girl. I said creative You did take it there And I was with Manny at that time, and we were sitting in a car going somewhere and oof girl I was it was it was rough ridiculous, and it was so childish, but at the time. I was literally sixteen I just how about superiority complex and I had an ego, and I will definitely be able to admit that now of course I’ve never hurt feelings no it came off very condescending. You can’t read things on the internet Yeah, can’t read how someone’s talking it so it came off a little harsh And I remember you definitely hurt his feelings oh girl James Yeah So I know what to think about James at that time me and Manny were just in the car like it was bad Once it turned into kind of like a group beef with friends. Yes. cuz you know when people are really friends You’re loyal, and you want to chime in like b**ch what so I remember me and Jeffree we started arguing on Twitter And then you had addressed me I knew had talked about how I introduced myself to you that night at the jaclyn on the back line calling myself the next big thing of the beauty industry, and I was just like Wait a second whoa I may be a little bit egotistical, but I would never ever ever ever ever say that so I was so spooked I instantly had texted Manny trying to squash the beef and apologize, but it was a little bit too late I couldn’t take back what I said Yeah, a little too soon like sometimes people aren’t ready to hear sorry right away They may need to like get over being angry or like their feelings which obviously we both can definitely attest to a million percent But it was a very interesting situation to say the least mhmm But it sucked cuz that like have your number to like fix it or really call you I was just more in the vein of like okay, whatever like you may have that comment op Manny You guys can fix it, but you guys ended up fixing it Yeah, obviously I apologized on a personal level too, but even in a business sense, which I definitely want later on in this video too Okay It’s stupid to burn bridges with people in your industry that you’re forced to work with and you’re forced to see all the time so All the time I always try to say drama free which jeffree I can’t relate cannot relate at all times, but I think that is why we’re so different And I think that’ll be an interesting conversation later on as well. I’m gonna contour, okay I’m gonna use the La Mer the powder the powder it’s literally called the powder. It’s so boujee That’s all you get how much you can cost that’s like with tax $97 yeah I’m just gonna set my entire face with this and my Beauty Blender, okay I’m gonna start contouring with the Anastasia classic contour kit all right And I’m gonna go in it with my morphe M 527 brush You can use code James at checkout for 10% off>>a true your sister.>>Yes,>>we got more drama to discuss sister I’m look I’m carving out my cheekbones hit me what what’s another good moment. Oh that we would love to address ooh the makeup forever party Oh Sister James wants to go for the beheading. I think we do hit me what really got us going good here Woohoo. I’m sweating and my actual indirect beef with Jeffree and it was with Nikita Yes, and one day. I was at a make up forever party I had gotten ready, and I did a crazy blue glitter look right I wasn’t there. No you were not there No, this is right when Kylie was first launching her makeup line Yes, and I wore a black liquid lipstick, and it was a hundred percent Jeffrey’s There’s- whether or not I hated him, there was no denying that he has a good formula Yeah, and I tagged it when I posted in a instragram picture as Kylie. No shade literally just wanted the Kylie repost I was really close friends with nikita Still am! and she came up to me and was like talking about up my lips and stuff and talking about my look And she’s like. Oh is that like a jeffree weirdo moment coz like she kind of figure it out She knew I had the best black on the market. She knew is this the Kylie lip, but I was like no It’s Jeffree’s And oh you told her that yeah idid nothing of it Nikita hops right on snapchat and puts her phone in my face It’s driving me to hell and back, but I’m thinking it’s a joke once the snap had kind of completed I realized oh my god wait this isn’t a joke at all and she was like looking over I said
please don’t post that like please do not post that and you can actually hear in the Snapchat me saying please do not post that but she did it went up anyway And I of course was at the party so I don’t know that it went up and told two hours later after I had already left and was getting thousands and thousands and thousands of hate tweets from Nikita’s fans from your fans from that whole squad Calling me out for being shady and for lying and okay for being just like a shitty person I was so shocked and so upset you’re like does he not still be happening Yeah, so I called Nikita like super scared alarm like what the heck is going on like help me She was in the club so she did not get my call finally after like two hours of texting her she finally answered and like we ended up solving and apologizing and resolving it but Hey, because that was like wow so using my lipsticks, but Didn’t tag it like which I been that before too cuz same that’s a little I talked about this a few times before But that’s literally one of the main reasons like rusev asked was because I literally cannot afford a lot of brands makeup so I lied About it, and then the brand to repost me. I love that we live American ballin on a budget Oh, yeah, absolutely huh, you know I can appreciate that hi BAM. Okay ready to highlight We’re gonna use the classic James the full sister highlight moment and now we’re gonna use both of these yeah, Anasazi It’s a Hollywood and the tar chrome paint in a top Bam alright, let’s take the classic all jokes aside and morphe m Five-zero brush every little sister spritz mm-hmm. I also just need to do it to my whole face Anyway, like you do it BAM. I feel like I’m doing a drag tutorial right now who you are okay, so I’m gonna go ahead and start my eyebrows now and these need to be right pink which I am a Full scared okay So I’m gonna use the vivid bright scream color those are unreal and then probably mix it with a little bit of druglord as well We’re gonna fully start this transformation No, James did give me the iconic morphe palette the 35B okay We got the 35B I’ve never really used this one the best one if you haven’t heard of this I’m sure you have because it’s James here. It is oh wow full rainbow, okay? You definitely have a thinner eyebrow than I do a little bit more of an arched brow, yeah Due to low do it like a uh-huh here yeah, and then Alright, now. I’m gonna start painting some blue. Oh look at eyebrow Okay, the structure is getting there now have you ever done a pink brow for fun no I’ve done drag brows. Yes, but not pink amazing. Oh we have one more drama thing to talk about Okay, I thought we had ten more. I’m just kidding. We actually ended up squashing our beef. Oh my god at the dior beauty party. Yeah. Oh my god, okay I was there and didn’t even know you were gonna be there no and in walks James, and I was like okay And I was like and the beef and like any drama had happened like months ago And I was just in a different place mentally, and I was like okay, you know what like let’s talk about it Talk about it Yeah
Me and James went outside on the patio for an hour while everyone is drunk and smoking cigarettes Cannot relate and cannot relate ooh, and we just talked about everything and it was really nice We just talked to each other like normal people yeah You know what no one else chiming in there’s energy can be really overwhelming which a lot of people I’m sure you guys can understand after like just watching us But the one thing that like is really common with a lot of people in this industry is the fakeness yeah? and there’s a lot of people who are very very two-faced and are fake and despite the fact that I didn’t hate Jeffrey for a long time because of really stupid stuff I did always respect him and always made a note of this one talking about him as well That I not only respected his ability to be blunt and honest, but also has a business mindset what to talk about later But I think the fact that we were able to just sit down and just be face-to-face and just own Everything that we have both that wasn’t very important It was important, and it’s something that not a lot of people are able to do. It was really really cool. I’m really thankful We’re able to do it because now of course we’re fine I think the problem is you have people chime in your ear or you hear something online or someone tells you what James maybe no It’s nice to just go to the source like I have James’s number. We’re really cool So if there’s any ever a problem is a girl someone said he maybe has said this and he’s like Oh, just trying to make up some it. Never said that great Hope it’ll be a good day. Like it’s so easy to have a normal conversation and people don’t communicate I think in this industry a lot yeah, and it’s not healthy that’s not okay enough with the drama We’ve had it quite the journey, but yeah We would have no issues for months and probably never again kaguro adults Okay, sister. James is testing me right here with this moment, and I love it. I’m trying to conceal my pink eyebrows I’m scared. Oh wow Ivan even really looked up. Yes Now when someone says that brows can only be sisters and not twins can’t relate cuz that’s look pretty identical honey. They’re still sisters though Have you ever done like crazy look like this before you know? Oh, yeah, this is the first? I love that you’re taking me out of my comfort zone We’re really just going there and okay something that’s been on my mind is yeah I have seen a lot of people come and go in this industry right I’m gonna call myself an OG yeah And it’s really cool to just watch you from far away and see your business sense because there’s a lot of people that thank you You know and I really appreciate and admire. How you are about your business at such a young age Definitely something that a lot of people should look up to and admire because you don’t play around. Thank you Yeah, oh my god. Hearing that from you. Honestly means the world I always said and you can ask anybody best I hate Jeffree but I Think that the way you handle yourself although may not be the most professional sometimes There’s a reason you’ve been around for ten years and are not falling off anytime soon And I think that that’s something to really pay attention to oh that pushes weight to it dance Haha to really pay attention to and something that has made me look up to you It’s kind of a role model in the sense I’ve just seen so many kids that are my age get into this and grow quickly and they completely throw it away and just make Stupid decisions, and I’ve always been thrown who’s very calculated. I love numbers. I love statistics I love all these things addicting it really is honestly And I would so much rather be focusing on that and being brainstorming with my team and seeing what can we really do next to? End everything up rather than like going to a party or like getting coffee yes I just love that because you really remind me of me at a younger age I think what I really admire about how you’re handling things is like you’re not Overspending like money’s rolling and but you’re being really responsible And I don’t know who taught you that whether it’s your parents, and you can tell me in a second Yeah
But it’s cool that you’re not just being wild because I’ve seen so many people come and go in this industry they start making money And they literally spend at all I think it’s gonna. It’s just like yeah every month It’s like forever, and it’s like you know it’s good to treat yourself like I love you treat yourself once in a while Yeah, but you’re not being crazy and like irresponsible right which at your age. I can’t believe you’re not yeah I think that amazing once again I’ve seen so many people do it and I think that’s part of the reason why I’m not also like with my family I didn’t grow up poor per se but we definitely didn’t have any extra money at all yeah And my mom and dad honestly did a really great job of lying to be my brother About it and trying to just provide for us in any way that they possibly could to make us happy which still to this day Means so much time so basically you’re saying like they didn’t really tell you the financials district right guys that right? from being a child that you know has Experiences moment it’s cool because I didn’t get that so I’m gonna share some not it’s not dark. It’s just you know yeah It’s a sick childhood stuff so my mom definitely Did not know any of that stuff. She had bad credit She was in debt when I was young and there was constant like money problems that were always stressing us out Yeah, it’s cool that your parents didn’t let you guys feel that stress. Yeah, I remember definitely feeling a lot of that stress I’m very just thankful for the way that I was raised with that in the sense that I did always save my money and I’ve always been a very very like versed in the technology and like social media area even as Famous before like had a business where I would make stuffed animals with a girl in my school Your Instagram accounts in the Twitter house. I got bored and didn’t do it anymore I would just sell it or just move on I’m a dead person where I like to go big or go home and every powders That I’m working on and if I’m not feeling inspired anymore. I’m like wow yeah, and I’m not gonna waste I’d housing that I don’t care about and when I first started doing makeup my mom was like oh we were gonna get bored of This in 20 minutes. Yeah, we’re not buying you these lights. We’re not buying you this makeup. You’re gonna get bored in 20 minutes The best but surprisingly I’m still here after almost three years of doing and I think that is because now that thankfully I have been able to grow in the beauty space I’m constantly challenged with new things, and I’m able to kind of keep growing creatively will just Awesome, I like how you were honest last year And you were like look guys like I don’t want to be someone that just does little Bronzy tutorials and reviews like this doesn’t get me off yeah, and I love how you were just honest about that I don’t want to be just a review channel and no tea no shade because like review channels are awesome And I go to review channels when new products being exactly yeah Today we’re still consumers as well, yeah and I look to my peers especially Tati when I Used to see if something is really really good and a lot of other channels as well So nothing against them, but for me personally it just doesn’t inspire me to sit down and do that type of stuff I love a review. Yeah, where I get to just be really real Time it’s just bringing for me to like I said and use the same products every video. Oh my god. No yeah, I didn’t know mostly followers know that I use the same stuff in every single video a very very rarely I Think my most recent edition was the kkw highlighting powder But nothing has been added in – oh so for me to sit down a big Oh, yeah, guys this concealer is really really good. Everyone’s like no, It’s not girl. You’re completely lying so for me I only do reviews if I like know that it’s gonna be like a good video and like Bacon yeah, it’s like we want to hear you review right Kim K – today, but for the most part I just try to keep myself inspired creatively because I know the second thought I’m not inspired I’m out, and I really love makeup and beauty and I love this community And I love my followers that I have built so it’s kind of like an incentive for me to like not get bored Yeah, so I’m trying to close myself to stay on top of things and really push the boundaries So thank you for saying that yes, yes of course alright. We are blending. Oh, yeah eyes coming together. Oh my god This way it’s so pigmented come on blue clothes is why right it’s like you’re your butter mm-hmm Wow sister snapped, okay? I have a question for you What is next for James like do you want to do a collab with the brand are you working on something secretly do you want? To put out a makeup line. What do you want to do for right now? I’m just focusing on just getting content and really like having everybody shaking like literally I went into this year like with my team, and I said by the end of 2018 I want everybody to look back on everything that I did and say holy shit How did he do all that Wow I think for right now? I’m really focused on like YouTube right now, but I’m also going on tour soon, which I’ve obviously been hinting at and you guys know. yes No, can we talk about that a little no we can okay, so I’m going to Australia for the first time Oh, so the times up. I think the tickets will already be on sale Oh you think so yeah, the tickets will already be on sale so if you guys want to come see me in Australia Yeah, okay tickets BAM. That’ll be very very soon after this video goes live so my god. Come see me down under mates Ah, yes, I do you so you’ve never been there never but it’s amazing. There’s a lot of hot men there That’s my whole point was a lot of hot Australian men definitely be getting some sister schlong yeah and Australia Hope there is some hotties there. What are you gonna? Do there since I don’t even know what’s going on I want to hear the tea so basically the tour is going to be like a live get ready with me But also a Q&A it’ll be kind of like a mix of like a regular tour, but also like a makeup seminar Yep So like definitely teaching people But not like the same educational level as like a lipstick NIC type tour like a makeup right Mario tour just a little just try for the everyday type of people you know I love that and So will be a live Q&A as well for all the sisters to just chit chat ask questions Talk about dramas fill the tea life advice anything you guys want to talk about and then There at the end there’s gonna be a musical performance. Oh my god. I’m so excited for. Damn. Oh, you’re doing a lot I don’t know how much anything is, but it sounds like you’re getting a lot through your money’s worth a lot for the money Yeah, it was gonna be super super awsome this very first time ever actually like performing live which is gonna be fun yeah the general mission yeah, let me have like the VIP Then we also have the sister package so then all the sister package people will get to eat dinner with me after And get a really awesome makeup goody bag with all my favorite. Oh, I love that It’s definitely like a lot going on oh and of course a meet and greet. Hello. I gotta get this sister pictures together Hi, your fortune airflight you’re doing a mean great Great, so I’m just super excited, and I will be going on a US tour as well. Yeah It’ll be the same exact show format Just here in the United States in a bunch of different cities, so you guys have to stay tuned for more details But in general. I’m just so excited Just meet everybody and just slay all together and get to really thank the people that have supported me since day one. It’s so like To hug and be around the people that really support you and just like hang out I’m truly so beyond excited, and it’s gonna be so much fun. I just like wanted to start right now. Yeah, that’s amazing I love that you got me to do something that I would normally never do in myself think it’s really cool well I think that’s the beauty of this series, too It’s like it really pushes people out of their comfort zone So like if I can have my friends do something cool and to have a little fun while doing it I don’t know a lot of my looks like this I always like to add a lot of dimension and a lot of different like colors and pigments and shadows to Just so they like photograph really nicely and also if you like more than just a makeup look I really like these to feel like a piece of art They sure look like one when I saw those here for the first time. I was like she did that oh Thank you, sir. I had one thought for you that you need to leave downtown crawl. I’m well aware I Arrived. I am trying. I’m trying to buy house which I talked about a few videos ago, but oh you did yeah Let’s give my mother sister update you guys know I’m 18 but because I’m 18 I just got a credit card last year for the first time yeah And my account is set up so all my credit card bills get wiped in sleep in my account her my credit score should technically Be perfect, but because this is my first year credit. It’s not perfect right when you get a house They average together your last two years of income and of course this year with income I made a lot of money And I’ve been saving all my money very wisely I’m really making sure that I keep everything because I have known that I wanted to my house But last year I made nothing okay, not nothing But I made very little compared compared to this year of course and when those two numbers are outfits together They’re not good so clearly I’m stuck in that situation when my best friend’s Mother’s was actually really to co-sign on my mortgage with me for a house which is Why insane yeah, that’s a big thing they do yeah, but? And apparently to have a cosigner you need three lines of credit. I don’t even have one good line of credit How would I ever have three lines of credit on a house which is also so stupid because the parent of a cosigner is to? Adjust your credit Yeah, but like so now they’re like being in a little impossible so now they’re being impossible, so it looks like I’m sister stuck But at this, but I’m trying to figure out anything that I can in five years So now I hope to be moving on to the next big thing and you’ll be chillin in my mansion, and yeah You know like not have to worry about the type of stuff, but I just really want to get the house And I want to be able to have one for my parents and I’m so yeah my brother move in with me and get a car and a dog and Lately that place of my editors my team and it is most fulfilling to help others Yeah I got my mom a house buy my mom a brand new car just so amazed I helped all my you know all my Friends people like I’ve had cousins and family members. I just can’t get ahead because they’re in debt. I wipe it clean you know If you know I hear about that and people really don’t ask me the good thing I mean there’s been some family members that literally think they but you’re like they’re personal yeah I am Bank of America so when people act entitled yaga blog I don’t care if you’re my mom’s sisters cousins whatever like girl. I and if we haven’t talked to me in 10 years Maybe not maybe just say how are you cousin not? Oh my god? I need to borrow money and my girl That’s crazy, so family can’t also hurt you and sometimes But they can also be really great you have really supportive parents Which is awesome you have a you know like one brother or how many siblings one brother, okay sister Ian, yeah? And yeah, keep you know obviously you keep those people close, but people will start coming out of the woodwork And they already are not family. Thank God my family’s amazing and have been nothing but supportive yep, Friends Ian actually had an experience where a few of his friends started asking him for money when we filled our videos – James hasn’t even sent me our check yet. Yeah, like what is? 16 16 oh my god infuriating, what does another 16 year old need? What’s wrong? What do they need Yeezy’s and mac makeup or what do they need it was stop it actually I’m saying. No that was a Disappointing experience for him this is reigns between me and Ian has really brought us closer together because yeah We didn’t really help the best childhood growing up and so many people thought that I was just using improv use on our videos together Which I mean I get it the videos do really well So like I could see where you might think that but at the same time like Ian’s my brother and because we didn’t really have The brush childhood together, sorry I’m taking every possible chance to now Spend time with him be greater than bond yeah, and it’s in a really amazing experience for us together And I’m so thankful and because of that we have gotten so much closer we’ve been talking a lot more and when that happened he actually faced timing and was so upset and was talking about it and I Really had a sit him down and be like listen you’re gonna lose a lot of friends, right yes and it sucks because you think that more people would come and try to leech off you and of course they will they will Also get a lot of people that don’t really care for you And you realize that they were only there for what you had to offer them. Yeah. Yeah, which is hurtful And you gotta let him go. It’s well at least he has you tell him that yeah well I learned that the hard way and I had so many people that I was close friends with for years on end But I had to cut off for my own well-being and–Same–in the long run I’m now thankful that I did, but it sucked and I remember crying I felt asleep so many times over it and wishing and praying that it would be different and that I could keep those people in My life, but at the end of the day I now don’t miss any of them, and it sucks to think like that and I gotta be that way Often it’s a crow Some people just start to turn a different way or they have a different mindset as you or things just change and it’s healthy Yeah, you know alright, so the only part. I’m a little What’s right word sister spooked sister spooked about is the white steepling? I want that galaxy effect Yeah so while I’m sitting there a fluffy brush like that’s Okay, kind of jiggle it around a little bit got a little bit messy, and I took a white cream shadow I’m gonna kind of grab it on here. We’d have to add a little bit more dimension So that’s gonna be like what kind of looks like stars Oh? See I was afraid that was too much, okay well
No because if you go in with a law it kind of balances it out There especially if you add in black too dissimilar of fact. Huh oh? I got it BAM. We love a little sister steepling Sticks are weird steepling stifling a steeples were horses sleep No, it’s a ball steeple is church like Alright, so we’re doing mascara. Um James gave me the extended play gigablack lash from Mac sty free. I hope Yup I used her but I do not have a sty great, so we’re doing lashes. Okay, we’re both doing Miami I wear Miami unless you can’t even make that up the past coach aims for money off Ok the co with Lily’s house the photos everybody ok these go James. Get some money off your morphe brushes You have Lily lashes your over liquid lipsticks your life insurance your car payment your McDonald’s so James I use it talked about it works. Oh What is your favorite and least favorite part of your makeup routine? Oh? Least favorite drawing on brows. It’s just like taking the time sometimes. I mean I love an alien look this year I’ve been very anti brown haven’t worn brows in so long. That’s why I was so excited to do our collaborative on brows Thank God I just love skin and glow like I love getting my skin to perfection from making all the discoloration and everything go away To full matte Barbie like I love that and I love I waiting and it’s love yeah I feel like you’re definitely ask in person all right now We’re gonna dive in and use a drug lord Which is vegan and safe around the eyes and the face and we’re just gonna do a little Lightening a little lightening them my sister strike a full sister storm strike love I’m gonna gather a little bit of sarcophagus a little bit of legendary – I want that mean ketone in there Okay, you know now it almost hit pound sarcophagus cuz Tana took her whole brush and just went right in there So thank you for that this thing classic are we surprised no No, we’re not definitely not I have another question for you Jeffrey hit me baby. One more time yes We were talking earlier kind of about like the social media How it’s ever-changing and we did mention? How you have been someone who’s kind of like the cockroach of social media Oh gee does not die me and Shane Dawson. I’ve been doing this since we’re too long yes for too long no Kind of rock your brain from being online for so long What do you think really separates a creator from being like just a little fad – like a long lasting person? Oh wow, and do you have any advice for me to do that do you think yeah? I think you’ve already learned a lot at your age you went through what most people go through in like Seven years ah yeah in like one same with me Yeah, like I addressed controversy years ago, and then I got Re brought up ten years later So imagine like imagining you there like 28 you’re like 10 years later, and someone’s still running their mouth. You’re that girl It’s so far from who you are but It’s the Internet nothing goes away right so my advice is really just stay true to who you are which is exactly what you’re doing Don’t get mixed up with any more both than people in our industry. I think what’s really kept me. Let’s say relevant and current I mean it’s been a long time right we’re talking from yeah, Friendster to MySpace to Facebook to Instagram to YouTube it’s been a wild journey, and I’ve always been very Authentic and I’ve just always been myself. I know it sounds so like boring almost or like bland, but yeah I’ve just never been a different person I’ve always been me and I’ve always stuck up for what I believe in and I’ve always been passionate about you know my thoughts and feelings which I Know a lot well you know, but you just gotta stick to doing you And I think that you’re discovering yourself right now as you get older And you’re you’re on the right path and no matter what anyone says about oh, you’re a hard worker And I love watching your journey, and I know people whether it’s Coachella or something else people are always gonna say something about you But you’re you’re doing it the right way and you’re being authentic and don’t ever let anyone take that away from you. Thank you That’s what I have got to say. I mean the world even in the short time that I’ve been it’s industry like alongside of you I have seen a change in you as well because like let’s be real and I first joined you were very oh yeah loud And there’s a lot going on it was every day was like I was like. Oh my God. Jeffree’s I was calling out somebody else on social media yes And I knew you on a personal level and but we weren’t that close of friends yet, because there were so many times I wanted to text you and be like you are a genius stop talking Yeah, and wish you would have yeah, I wish I would have to get a why yeah Let me tell you why I wish you would have okay And I’ve never said this out loud before is because a lot of people That were around me were making it worse it takes a real friend to be able to sit there and call you out on your B.S well Yes, yeah Yeah, and I didn’t have that really a lot of learning and that’s okay. You’re never too young or old to learn I’ll say that yeah, well. That’s very much my personality as well and like I’ve i’m definitely Blunt, and i’ve definitely can hold out for being a little rude or a little Starkie before to people but in the long run all When I am that way towards people especially my close friends Yeah
Even though it may seem really harsh and kind of like aggressive in the moment it takes a real us friend to be able to Say that with confidence know that this is coming from a place of love not hate and not being angry to me I’m the same tear a person like I want someone to come to me and be like listen sister I love you the most you need to shut up. You’re being awful right now I’m thankful for those people in my life And I want people to do that to me So I think that’s why I have the same nature to do that to other people cause like I wish I had somebody to stop Me before we did stupid things, but at the end of the day It does shape us as a person, and it really allows us to grow and become better But I find that with thankful for the people that are and you’re going. Oh yeah, and have your back exactly Yeah, okay So we have one last step of course for every makeup or two of Courtney and these looks are Iconic so I think we have to set them in place we sure do I’m gonna use Jeffrey’s morphia prep setting spray And I’m gonna use James the makeup finishing spray from Scandinavia. I love this actually some so glad you have this oh, so good Really good, but you guys this transformation is not Completely, fully complete. hopefully you know it’s not we have one thing left we want to do of course This is our makeup, but I think we have a little surprise for you, so we’ll be right back Hi sisters Welcome BACK to my YouTube channel I’m living and scared at the same time. I’m living for my code 10% off hoody. I love it I have this one. Yeah, please kidding. How do you feel and miss Gucci you guys see it? I think I’ll be taking this home with me as well. Okay great The pink brows are spooking me. I like a lion. I’m scared. Also. I always notice in your brows You don’t do much detail either now like you don’t draw hair strokes, or just like one little shade Oh, I want to take a white and little darker fingers. I know but Inspired me when you transform me, which hi of course that video is up Yeah, cause you don’t I he did actual brush hair strokes And I was like wow this looks so real the brows looked real, and there was nothing there I think I said it was like micro bleeding in my jaw what definitely go check out the video over on Jeffrey’s channel But overall I had so much fun at Swamp in southeast today insane is so cool We’ve definitely had quite the ride together in the Industry if you will any sure how we copy and going over and talking about our ups and downs has been honestly selling him but at the end of the day like I said even through everything I’ve always respected you for being an absolute genius business man and there’s a reason you’ve been here for so long and thank you for inspiring me to work really hard and Do the same way I’ll be sister cockroaches. Yes well Thank you for saying that that is amazing, and thank you for getting me out of my comfort zone today This was so fun when I first saw it. I was like can I do that I might get of course I can but I Didn’t know how we would get there, but I’m really happy with it. I’m like doom its second And it’s fun it gets you in your like quiet place, and you’re just creating art, which I’m sure. It’s a bit more Anti-roman literally what keeps me going in this industry? Yes, well thank you for having on your channel and such an amazing time This is amazing style swap bam if you guys know this videos today Please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below every have not already come during the scissors I would love to have you in the family as if that Bell icon So you notified every time I upload a brand new video And if you like to follow me on our makeup store nudie follow me on Instagram or Twitter. They’re both Just James Charles and my snapchat for more if I haven’t seen that stuff is James Charles the next wrath after Charles And if you love this video you can also click down below watch James Rose transform me into my name’s Charles But with 50 inch hair we have some other magic in the works for some content We’re definitely do and I can’t wait for more I had so much fun filming stay tuned We do well you guys, thank you so much for watching, I love you, and we will see you in the next one


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