Strike Out Stroke

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Every four minutes somebody in the U.S. dies from a stroke. Sunday is the annual strikeout stroke event with the Padres stroke is the leading cause of serious long-term disability. Three things can help prevent it: eat healthy, exercise and don’t smoke. We’ve partnered with the San Diego Padres and something called strike out strokes, it’s a play on the baseball stuff but what we’re really doing is we’re using that to warn people of the symptoms of strokes. Face, arm, speech and the last one is “T,” time. If somebody you suspect, you have any suspicion what so ever they’re having a stroke you got to call 9-1-1 immediately because time is of the essence. Stroke was never even on my radar I didn’t even consider it for myself I’m young I’m healthy I’m a nurse and a fitness instructor it never occurred to me that it could happen. Well there are some folks based on their culture maybe their family history based on their lifestyle who are high risk, right? Unfortunately many people wait to come see us with a white lab coat when it’s late. We would rather have people checked earlier and there are various tests that we can do on people’s blood and various studies that can be done that will help us detect whether or not people are at risk of having a stroke sooner in their life. Aside from deaths, stroke cost the U.S. thirty three billion dollars a year in treatments and missed work days. In the County News Center, I’m Michael Russo


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