Stinger Only Challenge With Matt Fryer & Lloydigolf | Golfing At Monifieth Golf Links In Scotland


we’re here in Monifieth Scotland
playing the Monifieth golf course can’t wait to tee it up here we’ve got
something special in store for y’all today I’m gonna have a couple others
joining in on this video have a challenge today stinger only super cool
course here this is actually where Tom Watson hit his very first link style
golf shot very first one you know he ended up having pretty good success in
links golf thought that was a pretty neat fact so I’m gonna go ahead and
introduce you to who’s joining me today today we are gonna be doing stinger only
challenge Lloyd got mad
super excited about today here’s how it’s going down 4 iron only or
whatever club it would use for a stinger is the club of choice that’s the only
club you can play we’re gonna be playing three holes holds eight nine and eleven
of them yeah that way we play a par four par five and part three that’s gonna be
a three holes we’re doing the challenge I’m gonna be playing by myself
these boys are gonna be playing a scramble against me you know what I love
it love it Matt any words ready excited pumped sun
shining yeah they’re ready to roll it sounds like this is actually an open
qualifying course as well so it will test your game for sure we’ll see on
eight all right Matt what club is your stinger club foe iron for iron all right
it’s who I’m with the page seven nineties all righty
lloyd I can barely get farther on so we’re going to define my understand
that’s Lloyds club selection today we are going to be using one club only you
all know what I’m using yes right there 4-iron here on number
eight sorry about the feel sorry about your first singer I mean I’m actually
quite pressed I got the members bounce it rolled in I’ve got five on into the
green we’ve got this you should be worried seriously boy I also want to
take the time right now to say thank you so much to Scotland home of golf to
Jamie for getting me out here putting this all together
also Carnoustie country has been an unbelievable host here couldn’t be more
excited about this opportunity and just want to say thank you so much for
partnering with me this week and having me over here it’s really been a bucket
list trip for me the experiences have truly been incredible so thank you so
much Scotland home of golf really appreciate
it and it’s been a true pleasure to get to come over here looks really good y’all we actually hit that stinger far
enough to reach the front of the green I’ll show you here in a second that
would have been an epic first shot to drive the green with a four iron on a
par four we’re actually pretty good shape here there’s the front of the
green and there’s our ball we’re probably about five paces into the green
from here ten is back just a hair and I need to run something you know
keep it kinda just skirting the bunker there don’t want to go in the bunker
hopefully you get something up there close to ourselves a great look at
birdie Zach Radford after one mighty mighty
stinger the stinking he’s got a little links shot up and over layed it like a
pizza bad not too bad 20 feet work left but
I’ll take it burning on the first pretty look on the
first yeah you uh fingers only maybe that’s the way you go here in Scotland
just trundled just off the back edge here
looks like Lloyds gonna go first they’ve got a decent look for birdie anything
not on the green does need to be played with the floor iron or the standard flow pretty good run right there sir one full light means I can go for it I mean oh it needs to get up and Lloyd could
have even used the putter there but he was so confident in the 5-iron that he
just wanted to roll the rock with it number nine par-5 547 yards the boys are
setting up some different camera angles here pretty much dead straightaway right
there there’s a little poll in the distance that we’re gonna be aiming at
he’ll try to zoom in to do a little better vantage point it’s gonna lead it
off again for us but maybe just a little left yeah not up next not can really
send some saucy stingers I’ve played with him the last few days he’s got a
got away way to sting it a little different than mine but very effective oh my goodness that was so good dude
that was incredible that was pretty special singing right
there from that right there stinging it here in Scotland that was he dropped his
love that was special Matt thank you I do
enjoy one of those lo little flights out though it’s always nice and hearing that
fears on the wind is it’s dragging through air in Scotland’s always a
something a little bit extra feel like it’s it’s the home of it should be done
a little bit more out here so can’t wait till my next one now only worry is
there’s a mound it’s it’s like diving stinker I haven’t seen that one yet
I’m word – it’s almost like a tall pot okay pop that that’s the new one love it
right here right up over there that’s our view right there I think we want to
take it just to the right of that poll you see kind of on the top of that Mound
why that was impressive he hit it so low that it clipped the little small bank
right in front of them should be okay though that’s alright I think Matt’s in good
shape my ball is just a little short I should
hit that a little harder but we’re not bad shape just short of the green that is a lovely role I’m actually gonna
give it to them that’s good sir they’re in for the final hole join us on the
11th all square for two holes par and a bogey for both teams on to 11 we’re
actually just playing ten here because I wanted to play a par four for five part
three number eleven also I want to apologize a little bit about the audio
there have been times when the wind kicks up and it is really windy out here
however that’s just kind of part of the experience
I wouldn’t expect playing golf in Scotland in it not to be windy had some
days where it wasn’t that windy so today we’re getting some of that wind we’re
having a blast is amazing money fee mont did I say that right money faith I
actually did pronounced her right not gonna lie right there got that one right
Monti fee Mon C Mon money money like money money peace got it
number 11 Mar 3 you want to be right got a little room
left but there are some bunkers over there sending some stingers yeah what’s
the script what’s the crack cause the skulls on the doors I believe it’s all
square sir 3 into wind for iron one of the first believe you’re in to
happening probably not gonna happen but we can all dream all righty
it’s trundling down there wow what a shot we both might have ended up just a
little long kind of through the green but those are pretty saucy singer
senator smart three I was pretty happy with mine that’s excellent as well all right we’re walking up here right
here right here right here yeah there’s my ball
there’s Matt’s ball if any part of the ball is touching the green they could
have putted this however surely a pinky away a pinky away gonna be using that
for iron sir that’s alright
got a puffer far he is I am his target oh he has hit it very
solid yes that is gone goodbye touch them all Matt I think he has done that
it needs to trundle not bad all right Lloyd up first here see if he can roll
the rock not a bad putt not a bad putt oh great roll sir I’m gonna give you
that they’re in for four see if Matt can improve here get them apart what a role what a role did he do it
are you serious we have done it SARS acts got a little bit of meat on the
bone here otherwise it’s a it’s a loss on his 4-iron stinker challenge it’s got
to be hard coming all the way to Scotland and potentially oh it’s burned
the edge burn the edge you’re lucky great effort pal we tried we tried you
know The Scotsman the Englishmen in Scotland have come away with the victory
today yeah that was that was a lot of fun hit some fun stingers hope you all
enjoyed that little stinger only challenge sorry we’re trying to clear
the green real quick and yeah I’m just dropping clubs and left tonight but we
are gonna continue playing this round however congratulations to Matt and
Lloyd they got the victory today they played well that was a lot of fun and
it’s always a good time hitting stingers in Scotland always again congratulations
Matt’s doing the dab del played well yeah I was gonna go for the pound and
there we go yeah so hope you’ll enjoy coming along this was the stinger only
challenge they got the victory it was fun it was fun really enjoyed it
mana fee I said alright oh I said alright yeah for sure Scotland home of
golf want to say thank you so much for putting us up Carnoustie country has
been incredible the host Jane incredible we can’t thank them enough for having us
out here and giving us this opportunity it’s been truly amazing also go check
out my blowing mat I’ll put all his info down below in the description
lady golf as well check him out his stuff will be in the description below
as well with Scotland home of golf and Carnoustie country if you like this kind
of content just drop a little like below if you’d like to see me back in Scotland
just a little like below that would be awesome don’t drop it
dude yeah the double the double yeah and y’all until next time we’ll see you only
see ya you


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  1. Mike Stewart

    September 2, 2019 6:00 am

    Scotland vids are just awesome! Tough loss there Zac, but the guys hit some decent shots. Stinger quality however remains with the King of Stingers. 👊

  2. Tim Sewell

    September 2, 2019 6:31 am

    I love your videos, they have a maturity to them that brofive lacks. But the wind noise was so bad I couldn't finish the video

  3. SantaSkip Knows

    September 2, 2019 7:30 am

    It's easy to see Zac, that thought still need to work on ground runners(chip and run shots). But still all in all great game

  4. mpc77769

    September 2, 2019 7:38 am

    If you're gonna sting it, that'd be da place!
    Thanks for the video 👍👍

    Raindrops looked awesome zoomed in too!!

  5. Brian Rizza

    September 2, 2019 7:55 am

    Lloyd getting a stinger lesson from the king of sting. Lucky bastard ha ha ha your cousin doing a good job with the editing. Double mic drop on the par3 tee

  6. Will Huffines

    September 3, 2019 3:23 am

    So Zac, ya boy is playing Ping i3's and is looking to upgrade to something a little more modern… any suggestions? (I've looked at some Mizuno clubs, Pings, and Titleist)

  7. The Golf Clan

    September 3, 2019 9:53 pm

    Love watching these stingers with that shot tracer 👌🏼 Two great lads you played with – good company cannot be overstated

  8. Brian Fulbright

    September 4, 2019 4:43 am

    The Prime Minister of Sting himself. I'm ready to come play Nashville G&A anytime. Would love to watch those stingers live!

  9. Plus2 Golfer

    September 4, 2019 7:12 am

    People like Lloyd always make me cry laughing…I see them on the course every week… Swing looks like something the special Olympics wouldn't accept and then they're throwing their hands up like today is the first day in 3 years they're over par lmao

  10. Beau Velasquez

    September 7, 2019 1:21 am

    I do this challenge but only by greens with woods behind them, and approach shots,and mid shots, nevermind


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