Steve Jones Putting Tip Using The Cure Putter

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Obviously when you’re playing for score, playing
for a living, everything has to come together to have a good week, and for me right now,
ironically enough, my wedge game is not where it should be. It’s costing me a lot of shots the last few
tournaments. And a couple iron shots. I’m hitting my driver well. I’m just not getting it close enough to the
hole, but at least I haven’t had a lot of three-putts, so that’s helped me out, but
you have to do the all-around game. I mean, you can have 20 putts a day and still
shoot over par if you don’t hit it good enough. So everything has to come together. But you try to, you know, get each part of
your game a little bit better and better and better and see what’s your weakness and work
on that, and hopefully you get it together and do something really well some week, you
know? A lot of times when I play with amateurs,
they see what I’m using, obviously, and I look at what they’re using. I see what they’re using and what works for
them. A lot of guys are pretty good putters, but
usually it’s alignment for amateurs. Most of the time, the pros, we work on alignment. We can align our bodies correctly, then you’re
gonna swing a lot better, and that’s the number-one key. And so, for putting, that’s what you want
to do. You want to align your putter up where you
want to go, and then you want to forget about your alignment and think about distance. That’s all you got to do. Line it up and then think about distance. But too many times people are trying to keep
the putter square the whole way and worrying about hitting it right on that right lip,
and they’re not just letting the putter go through, and they’re not letting it stroke
because they’re thinking too much of alignment. So, once you line it up, just think of your
speed. Since about 1982, I’ve been using a Bulls
Eye putter. It’s absolutely the opposite of this putter,
which is kind of strange. But the Bulls Eye, I used it for 32 years,
and the last couple years been in and out of different types of putters. But the Cure has just been a total opposite
change of all these other putters. You could tell it right away when you first
start using it. Basically, the M.O.I., what it does is just
keeps the putter on line better, and it’s a bigger sweet spot. So that’s pretty simple right there, and that’s
what you want in putting. And obviously you still have to line it up,
and you still have to stroke it, but there’s a lot of factors you don’t have to worry about,
such as keeping it square, ’cause it’s gonna help you do that, and the solidness of that
ball hitting the putter head is incredible. I like the weights back here, the adjustable
weights. I like how wide it is, the thickness of it,
and just the weight that they have distributed perfectly so it keeps it on line. I love that. I never really look at stats, but I know that
I’ve done pretty well when I’ve made more birdies and more par putts than normal. And Jim Barfield told me that I went from
80th to top 10 in putting in one week just because I used it and I putted well with it. So that right there, I don’t even really look
at stats very often, but he reminded me of that again, and so far it’s been pretty good.>>Learn more at And as a special offer for “Golf Life” viewers,
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