Stealth Mini Camper VW Golf 6


Hello People hello people I present a world first a Golf 6 Stealth Minicamper! the car looks normaly, but has a bed inside! a real bed. it is very comfortable and i fit in outstretched. again: i fit in it outstretched! next to it a few boxes With cookingstove, food and clothes. under the bed a garage with campchair, grillstuff and stuff. and now I take the whole thing apart a table… i forgot to show campchair tarp3 leg chair and sun umbrella cookingstuff water stuffbox food and underware clothes coolingbox that’s how it looks from below I cut the bed myself and welded it together as I needed it I can fold up the front part, then I can take the passenger as well. Ready! again to the dimensions lenght 180cm whereas the board has only 146 cm the hadpart 55 cm the widest point 63 cm the smallest part 49 cm the board has 52,5 cm height 29 cm and the bad, 22,5 cm Here comes the wood foot I could not avoid that that’s how it worked not good and that’s why I had to take the wood you can do it more skillfully, but I did not have metal anymore so thats a Golf 6 Stealth Minicamper. that’s the way it looks. Bye!


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  1. Max Zmart

    October 1, 2019 5:27 am

    Wow! Ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass das in einem Golf möglich ist. Gute Idee! Tolles Bett! Echt Geil! Ich werde das versuchen.
    Danke für die Inspiration!


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