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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 offers golf fans a number of new modes that add to the games overall experience legends of the majors replaces last year's Tiger legacy mode the LPGA and Knight golf have been added users can play all four major championships and online play has been beefed up with connected tournaments and the ability to have up to 100 members in your Country Club the editions don't provide a complete revamp of the series but it does enough to entice owners of last year's title to give it a try for the most part gameplay and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 is similar to last year total swing control is back but this year includes a few minor changes that will influence what type of swing to use on any given course including golfer swing styles each golfer has their own swing style which includes categories like power control draw fade low medium and high trajectories and whether or not you use your right or left hand it's a subtle change that adds a bit of authenticity to each golfer improved ball physics and a new simulation difficulty have also been added but besides these changes it's pretty much the same old Tiger Woods PGA Tour golf experience from a gameplay standpoint these sports claims have significantly upgraded the presentation in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 but don't let the marketing speak fool you there are changes but it isn't much new replay angles are nice new stat overlays are placed throughout each hole and era specific filters and transitions have been added based on the area you are playing in but everything else is just bland the announcing is sporadic and boring and you won't find any cutscenes or highlight reels before a tournament or between holes sure golf may not be the most TV production heavy sport out there but EA Sports could have done better than this don't expect any extreme changes from a visual standpoint in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 holes are faithfully recreated as always and the added option to play any course at any time of the day is a nice touch animations are done well from swings to putts and reactions to various shots but player models could be done better as faces seem a bit off with little to no expressions crowds don't get much love either as the ugly looking sprites make their return as well this is where owners of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 get their money's worth no matter what your playstyle is you will find a mode that will keep you busy for quite some time those who are hardcore golf fanatics can play through golf's legendary matchups in legends of the majors mode there's an extensive amount of challenges from every era and users have the added incentive of unlocking some of golf's legends by completing each challenge it's an awesome addition to the series and way better than the tiger legacy mode from last year online gets a huge upgrade as well in the form of connected tournaments where players can participate in a number of customized online events with up to 24 players simultaneously without having to wait your turn country clubs also get a bump in the number of members per Club from 25 to 100 other new additions include the LPGA night golf and the return of career mode all these modes cater to all types of gamers if you want to play a quick tourney hop into a connected tournament looking for an extensive challenge you have career mode or legends of the majors the amount of modes makes Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 accessible to just about any gamer Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 doesn't stray far from its roots gameplay hasn't changed much and presentation is lacking for yet another year hover EA Sports rewarded fans of the series with a number of well-thought-out new modes that ultimately make it slightly better than its predecessor that's another sports gamers Show episode in the books if you want more content as always go to the website wlwt's gamers show calm make sure to like these sports gamers show Facebook page follow me on Twitter at sports gamers show and add me on xbox live and the PlayStation Network I'm reopen sino I'll see on the next show you


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