Social Media + Likes + Views = Money Revenue TRASHING SOCIAL MEDIA December 9, 2019


okay so this is the thing that I wanted
people to think about or everybody who wants to trash social media and you know
sometimes there’s some really big celebrity names doing it and I was just
kind of thinking this is the thing I was thinking because they complain about how
many likes a kid has on Facebook and that’s what their worth is well okay so
who’s who’s to blame for that well wouldn’t that be the parents and why are
the parents letting the kids on there to begin with and but here’s another way to
think of it so think of every one of those likes on Facebook or YouTube video
as a dollar bill in your pocket so what if every like on Facebook and every view
on a video is like a dollar bill in your pocket so would you go to work for free
so would you want to think of your worth as going to work and working and not
getting paid so would you do that how long would that
last you know so that’s what I’m kind of thinking you know because a lot of people have a job where they
just get paid they get paid really really well
and and so and it’s kind of like this premise of
volunteering and every written a I’ve talked a lot about that I should make a
separate video about that but well no I don’t really have to but when I was in
Iowa and working for JC Penney’s there was this girl one night and she says
well Teresa do you want to go and volunteer for Relay for Life and I said
can I be clocked in and she said no and then I said well no I’m like I’ve got
stuff to do at my house you know and and you know even then I had the knowledge
to know that well the United States military is all volunteer and but they
get paid but she just want me to go work for free for this company and I said no
I’m not working for free for a company I’m tired of it that was the same thing
I said when I was going to college I wasn’t going to do it so they wanted
people to work for free for their company while they got something out of
it you want their employees to do it and I just thought it was the dumbest thing
I had to take a college course in volunteering as well and even later when
I was working at the register they said someone had thrown up they said someone
had thrown up and they’re like whoa do will you go clean it up and I said
well are you gonna come clean it up at home when my you know I said nobody has
ever come and cleaned anything up at home for me and and so there was just
this thing I said you’re the supervisor you get paid more you do it was one of those things I didn’t give a
shit if I lost the job I really didn’t because I was only getting paid like
five bucks an hour $5.95 an hour and it wasn’t helping me so that I could
survive and not live in poverty and and and and so this whole thing of people
working for free is really stupid and I had to take a college course on
volunteering for a corporation and I thought that was stupid to that Pell
grant money actually was used government money was actually used to learn how to
volunteer and work for free and I’ve always thought well the military gets
paid their volunteer but they get paid and so these corporations have and I
don’t know if it’s the corporations or just the sentiment of the people have
this thing that others should be working for free and I’m not getting paid you
know and that’s kind of like you know wives in the home at home and like when
people get divorced there’s a sentiment that the wife just leaves and has
nothing and you know but where’s does the wife get the money even to afford to
hire an attorney but well when she doesn’t isn’t getting paid and so
there’s this horrible horrible sentiment of inequality and that’s where this
comes from is the inequality of women spouses companions through marriage in
this country and so that what that’s why my analogy is so if you think of think
of a like and you know a lot of people are sponsors they’re just brand sponsors
and so that means one person so that would be like Tiger Woods he’s one
person a brand sponsor for a product so but when things were good
for me and things were rolling freely then then that meant that advertisers
were on all my videos but then that’s been blocked and taken away because then
there’s a sentiment of these corporate media networks who think that they they
created the Internet and they’re going to block everyone else well then that
becomes blocking a public platform like a role that’s kind of what it’s like by
blocking ot like looks like blocking the road and obstructing and preventing
other people from earning a living and so there goes to Samsung scares truck
that is the one mobile device I did get back about it was six weeks after the
police took it oh the Samsung cares truck didn’t even stop it just ran the
stop sign Oh anyway that’s it


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