Simple Putting Hack – How To Hole More Putts.

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Hello there my name is Brian Fitzgerald and I’m The Golf Doctor. Today I’m going to show you how you can start holding more putts very very simply. Today I have chosen quite a difficult putt actually. It’s a right to left putt. Ah but we’re going to utilize the ball to assist us in getting more putts to
go in. So if you have a look at this ball it’s
a special ball and I use these for training. They’re called
Dave Pelz “0 Balls” and they’re terrific for actually training purposes. But if we get
just some standard golf balls so there are some
examples of balls they all have lines on them. So it doesn’t
really matter which brand it is, it’s just a case if having a look and
you can utilize the line on the golf ball. So what we do is we aim the lines and I’ll keep using the Dave Pelz balls. I’ll aim these two red lines at what I’m gonna call the break point of
the putt. This is a right to left putt so I have got my string line and I’ve got my two yellow lines there to assist me. As long as I line up those two red
lines at the break point and I hit the putt at the right pace its gonna give me every chance of going
in. I won’t get every one one of them but you give yourself more of a chance if you actually go through this process.
So I take my setup my feet are in line with the yellow sticks. My white line of my putter is pointing along the Black line and the
two red lines making sure that my putter is going back and through the right length. Almost… We’ll have another crack at it. As I said
this is a pretty tricky putt. Now we’ll have another go at this one. The same process. Got there. So that’s how you try and hole more putts. We just aim the lines on the golf ball at the break point. We swing in line with
the breakpoint and that will give us every chance of holing more putts. As I said you won’t get every one. But you’re going to increase the chances. So, thank you for letting me help you
with your golf. My name is Brian Fitzgerald I’m the Golf Doctor.


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