Silks & Aerial Gymnastics w/ Miranda Sings! (bts)



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  1. LuLu_ Playz

    October 18, 2018 6:45 pm

    Jessica: “I’m not gonna talk to loud so Parker doesn’t hear me” Parker:”I heard her just so ya know” 😂😂😂

  2. LaVioletaAmatista

    November 1, 2018 1:04 pm

    It’s so beautiful that y’all as parents encourage Parker to do what he enjoys and what makes him happy

  3. Scott Gibson

    December 12, 2018 3:03 am


  4. brooke lynn

    December 28, 2018 11:49 am

    Bailey could be a lawyer one day, those logic books she reads are essentially what the LSAT is. Also these kids are living my dream.

  5. sleepy sailor neptune

    January 6, 2019 4:34 pm

    why are the safety mats just in the background? why are they not being used just in case a fall or stumble occurs? i understand that the teacher is a professional and could be able to catch and all, but just in case!

  6. Jimmy Neutron

    January 19, 2019 2:12 pm

    I wish I could do this I LOVE the greatest showman I’m literally the biggest fan I’ve watched it 12 times and the greatest showman is a good 1 hour and 48 minutes so yeah

  7. Makenzie Biller

    October 12, 2019 7:52 pm

    While the bigger kids are swinging and having fun, Duncan is having fun by drumming on a mat and looking at himself in the mirror! How cute!!!☺

  8. Pizza kitty

    November 2, 2019 11:59 pm

    Parker is the cutest I hope you don’t mind but I haven’t been on your channel for that long and I thought Parker was a girl but now I know

  9. amanda white

    December 4, 2019 1:32 pm

    My name is kyiah I ♡'ve your canal love kyiah🤑🤩🥰🤟💝💖💗💓💞💕💌❣💔❤🧡💛💚💘


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