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An excellent strategy to have when you’re
playing a scramble is to utilize your putter from off of the putting green a lot of golfers
come out and they’re playing in maybe they’re first time on the golf course they’re not
avid golfer is they haven’t taken a short game lesson from their local PGA professional
so they’re a little bit uncomfortable about what they can do is they can’t figure out
how to use their putter and so as the A player as the team captain and what you want to do
is encourage your players to putt from off the green the camera where you’re standing
in the screen there is on the green if I were to putt this ball I can roll it nice and smooth
right across the fairway height grass and up onto the putting green it’s a whole lot
less stress on me as a player and as a beginner golfer you can actually putt this ball right
into the hole from off of the putting green and it will allow you to contribute to your
team the coolest things about playing a scramble is that amazing miraculous shot that you get
sometimes when you hit the shots she just get so excited your running around fist pumping
and giving everybody a high 5 so when you’re out playing don’t forget that you can use
that putter from off of the putting surface and that will really help you to contribute
to your team and lower your score.


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