Road to Wimbledon China: Fangran’s Pursuit

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My name is Tian Fangran. I’m 13 years old and come from Beijing. I’m studying at Yuxin Middle School. I started playing tennis when I was eight so I have been playing for five years already. From the first time I saw Maria Sharapova play tennis on TV I wanted to play in international tournaments like her So I started playing tennis. My daily routine is to get up at 7am and be at school for 8am. Then after school practice from 4pm to 6pm so practicing every day for two hours. My favourite player is Simona Halep because her build is the same as me not very tall! But she can adapt the way she plays and she is not scared when she comes up against taller players. She never gives up. My forehand is the strongest part of my game but my backhand still needs a lot of work! So far I think I am playing ok. The two final set tie-breaks were hard but I came through the difficulties and won. In terms of this Road to Wimbledon event I really hope I can get to the final then go to Wimbledon and represent China there.


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