Rhythmic Gymnastics in Russia… 2016

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Did you arrived at the stop…
No…… Gena, we did arrived all !
I’ll give you my phone, so… The ball is round,
the presentation takes 1:30min Those are the facts,
everything else is theory. It’s like in the movie,
when you found out that something was wrong, then you can rewind the time and
re-modelling the reality. In the real-life you benefit from one Try only ! Alexandra M. was a girl… I was expecting a great future for her. Unfortunately it didn’t turned out that way. I’ve thought wrongly in her case. Unfortunately she became older… …got heavier and could
not handle her weight. She really wanted to continuing training,
but couldn’t ! How successfull Alexandra could handle her chanses
is difficult to say today. She didn’t become a super-star as expected in Rhytmic
gymnastics. She finished her career as a champion
in Team and vice in All-around World Champs. According to the kind of this sport, she is shy. But whenever the trainer is Irina Winer,
then she is under pressure a lot… I think a lot of girls are dreaming of that
and that is good so. And of course there are people missunderstandig
and somebody assuming that I’m lazy or whatever. But I’ve trained a lot together with everybody,
and even more.. And there was always somthing not sacisfing people… When you are training,
you really get satisfaction, which you do not get during competitions ! With million viewers, You’ll get a lot of energy
and power, so you simply put a lot of engagement into your routines… and a lot of your emotions,
so you can’t give it back twice… And by that I’ve got my happyness…. Lets go… Lets go.. Sascha came to Novogorst at the age of 12. … and at 16 became a leader of your her troup … and at the summer of 2012 she travelled to the UK … as a member of the Olympic team. But at the beginning of the OS, shortly before the Rhytm-competitions started Mercurova got informed… The main trainer decided to select another girl !!! It turned out, that it was not all she said and I’got the rest trough the internet It was a difficult situation for me, when I’m sitting on my bed…. …internet starting writing : “You can go to the next Olympic Games…” … “don’t be sad”… “there will be a next one…” And I can’t undestand why they are writing, because I’m going to UK… everithing is OK… And certainly, I’m entering, getting an e-mail… and Alexandrovna wrote, that Dmitrijevna will go instead… My chief said that ! Maybe… 🙂 … and I was just a messanger… of this chief… … and the chief told me… “I’ve selected her”… …, because they have been… ??? but one of them was hurting her leg… She had some kind of a injury… Once it became official… the decision was right. …the winners are not on trial… After that Olympics, Sascha got problems with her weight and health. A disappointed Irina Alexandrovna spend less attention to her … and got tired of the hungry state they lived in, as an adult girl. … new interests … But the drama of this history, that could happen to any of the beauties, did not happen. Rather a melodrama… Right now, Sascha is training…. enjoys her life… … and prepares herself for the wedding The lucky one is Igor Oschiganov …an ice hockey star from CSKA, came second with the junior team during the world-champs in 2012. And that travel to London – became just a memory Not especially funny, but neither that negatively… I’ve suffered, but I’m a person who is leaving that quickly behind it I’m not angry on others…that’s my character… So I’ve left the Olympics and forgot about it, and thanks to god do not remember it… A more dramatical history happen to another gymnast, who was preparing for the London Olympics. 3 months before the Olympics the team included Darja Kandakova, In that position she managed to participate in 3 previous world-champs. There she won 4 gold and 11 silver madails. But then, on one of the WorlCups she got an injury. Some kind of knee-injury. Do you know… As a trainer is leading the sportsman Year after year… It seem to you be one unit… … and then on one stage… … you’ve got other interests… They occupying more important space and the trainer starts fighting with those interests.


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