Recon and Stealth Wins the Game – Outdoor Hill Enviroment Airsoft Gameplay

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Hi everyone! I am Cyrus from AOC We will like to thank you for supporting AOC In the following videos, we will adopt your suggestion and improve our video The game today is on a hill The game objective is to bring 2 out of 3 pilots back to our respawn point. Your can purchase our gear on Airsoft GI. If you are interested, please visit the website above As the game start, we ‘ve decided to push up to the right We can use the bushes as cover to flank the enemy It is a big map and only with not a lot players; therefore, there aren’t much direct contact. “Look for cover” We observe the environment and decided that it is very likely to contact the enemy So I slow down and stay sharp In jungle/bush environment, moving objects are way easier to spot The bushes blocked most of the BBs, I did not manage to land some on the enemy The enemy’s conversation expose their location After this kill, we walked around 8 minutes without any contact Therefore we push down hill and try to flank the side of enemy We clear all the enemy near their respawn point And the referee decided this is spawn camping and ask us to fall back We then get back to the hill to make sure it’s clear and look for the pilot (objective) “Let me do some recon” “Go that way” “Do you know is he in our team?” “Negative” “Friendly! let’s move” “2 o clock, someone behind that rock” After clear the enemy behind the rock, we again try to flank from the side However, some enemies already pushed up to our 6 and ambushing “take cover, don’t expose yourself” “Cover my right” “Roger” “Cyrus, I am going to the rock, need your cover” “Roger that” “Got him” That are the last two kills of the game The game ended with a draw Anyway, this is still a very good game At last we will like to thank you for watching Please subscribe if you like the video To get more information about AOC, please follow our Facebook and Instagram All links will be down below This is Cyrus from AOC, see you next time!


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