Rasco Middle School STAAR pep talk

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Ok guys I’ve been thinking. We really need to get our kids to do really well on this test so what do you what do y’all think we can do to help our kids pass the test? I’ve got a great idea! What is it? I read this article where if like students stand on their head and all the blood flows to their head and they get lots of oxygen circulating and it just really makes them think really well and they perform really well. No no no no no that will never work but I’ve got it. They’re going to hold hands and the knowledge will pass through the body if they don’t know, and it will pass on from others to others to others, but you have to hold hands. So our options are upside down testing or hand-holding you know what guys? Rasco is the best school in BISD with great students and awesome teachers! If we work really hard and we try our best, we will rock the STAAR Test!


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