PUBG MOBILE – TeamINDaljitsk [Sub Games!]

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in all ways Joanne Joanne Joanne hello sumo cursor which are taught to you broke the deal the envelope please mosuke dr. indian carnatic me ripping hi again Doberman tell me bombuh so during the emirate my younger Thank You Alec club gaming news Lally are bravada chillin they were super tight it's that it's start rotation rather my tongue really Club gaming top quark alumina again come on up now welcome name but other know this everything else every day including a better over these are all in gaming short order you go reverse and I've been thanked about until I got in my integral doesn't have your the case sir kazoo we will be taking off soon be prepared ever the stamina custom got there the stronger to improve customer honor well versed on birthday arts team good on me Villanova name hi your raise opk 0 rohad sub-game like a steamed pork on custom well dang it I will confess from Verona you know introduced an away ticket on bro Richard one do you use both forceful mother model inevitable DK vipers shorter Dubrow excellent work let's go boom thank you velvet invisible jet he named America Nevada at the grow-op Linda can just speak enemies ahead Emily took a name bro my little dicks Pro situation way too many girls there like the big of Amanda got the thumb thumb thumb little things but mostly of each other's evil Tom David Saul run of till tomorrow abyss of games got negative you know quadrant say my turbine urology Matt Matt oh yeah I'm at Merrimack marrow my revenue or 720p hey bro but I'm not argot an authority on over here bro fear extra comma Club extra comma Club bro like if emoji a EXO girl I speak Andy Hogan like you doing over there dammit I got some rice no you're snooping thank you you cut my long time at love lots of love bro determination Eddie shorter to you bro but isn't even action on either give it up Murphy absolute aggressive game reserve game each other like yesterday sunday galatta money but 10th edition turbo comparison so many odds I got supplies I took a Friday Saturday to look right a saturated it there the became stock recharging Tony sub-game Salonga like Friday Saturday Sunday Monday I ramen job yes probe an option I got supplies Xavier oh nice dog thank you bro bro you give I got some I guess you Matt um blow up but they'll get you implement a vegetable with purple beautiful but I was a little bigger and that we happy I'm very happy this is even happening party really member alyttle very nice bro passed me over so don't throw mic shea butter on like to indium my coffee over when I just have for my photography but today got broken metric my leg is broken the MIT family this meant of schedule bro we know bro me to know bro we shouldn't share with others going abs to try this one the IRA be the hardest one horse can run it again mr. bolo visible desk out Pope Patania POV and imagine even tougher hello hit me now man preachings you're killing him bro let's see let's shout out on you vision reversing human name of kosher Pro Haganah remember me Esmond Maddock zero down down up both pellet system developer excellent work enemies ahead gotta get out of me there aw memory Holly Lou Marzian word sir I don't use it I got supplies yeah like given me that heightened as you did here at the ROM ability to breath onyx other thing it will be both negative did you go ahead and put me attack smell a boy attacks Milla I'll be a need of another to come up their favorite their fav in Ebro conceded citizeness Revati okay but I accept us in karo disagree drop the loot in the oven oh but my coronation literally the Connecticut what I'm telling each other the Lord fighting surfing the main problem for a Playstation thank you for what every piece of shit broke like problem nothing but hot wet rat oh don't tell any girl never ends me how to run away or control like TV 0po like Mary dick no it's candy Abasto control a thumb get a skinny a control hoping Gillian I love acting that story minute Apollo a finger scoping this is Kelly big thing that I'm Eddie is really follow by poaching Gators in here and we're aware sunny and just literally they are just a patina a java teens are control over towards a difficult but easy to control the up nails after over pieces you control another bomb John is upset over bad robot Mandira watching together of cellular 3.19 together bottom a very intensive purposes I don't know enemies Monday I've been there baby what is on that it no in fact in you bro some visions become Delta remember I don't agathi the area may happen when the fire enemies ahead it can pavilion for nice jog are you are you Margaery yeah bargain picture guitar physical arsenical register I thought he just addicted doing it get that off okay let's go [Applause] did they are made of one millimeter 20 past enemies ahead I made a pass you know same control that made a gesture control enough you control your body you look thing enemy's ahead the light controls a broken leg again useful like gonna control setup technically like the hardware done even your time ball book so we're dressing changement for a given ultimate you Gonzaga represent but the Negro consecrated to say Majella got to you my integrators are yeah Frankie Frankie over bull camera buzzer text I'm sorry guys I bought Ratana seven a grip Lenny you get apnea guys got out of bed man angleman director over we are configure a taxi Neela very Pro pull together here angle different Engelbert Earthian let's go please okay you know I definitely never oh never late why scar-l is better than home a yogurt spray will not hablo scattered the damage check I will do musket spray like control perfect to start at home miss Carol keep practice colosso that has become liberated there ever will be livin on thank you for toothpaste and you know down below is the not here where is he and essentially bliss sure Oscar learned again we are from Punjab and nothing brahma j xn is a imagine less vertical ago dominate Plus Leah that's doable moment hi Cass hello vampire guide aware mr. Corrado no gene just a Picasso Guerrero yeah gotta get a good idea yeah what a good name maybe you became another broker named even up till you like which I wanted ornament in here [Applause] make a problem image and outside you look there but jiggly my leg it anymore big town they proved that if it's a car perhaps a boy little but in September Salone never nothing I'll be the same you know me up there you can all like an Indian else again doing the editing oh good morning sir dr. magesh you I per game English again throw the spot tournament kidnap them catarah got some fun picking up do you think you know in doping in doping welcome the limbs men women Terry I'm loco you bro sure put a tracker on a group was very item but all everybody a bro Ellen bro those revision good metal bro like door of orbitals China can you please sleep thank you bro namely pro rata banana liberal Scott without giving an idea some tips on their sniping bro only practice bro check this ultimate tips with you like this where aggressive over by your age is 17 above want a puto image any whatta we man where this is the result that you want maybe it's 17 year we are we will be taking off soon prefer to the brain say good either cyber Raider by Dino the mortal mortal bro even hold the proof regulate no bling look take initiative yeah they appear that remembering Umberto enemies ahead of capital the line okay we'll be back baby change [Applause] [Applause] whatever oh thank you for all think of it oh yeah oh boy tango tango 4 dB the little car Altea kerala Aranea practice scarlatina Laos game de grado string my gun if anybody has the bolt action or any DMR mrs. Copely Lena he texted they conducted a sniper professional 9mm Cooper given you some nagira yes I'd sensed our enemies ahead there the Leafs are healing me oh my sir are they okay Ibaka hi Ella across coremedia cozy bed oh okay Conda I haven't ate your pizza not a smoke image a pitcher pitcher with the ladies need to put a professional level e 1 way to go Brett what's turn into that when I'm okay after that last game he killed Rebecca tomato malleco your loving man the girl meet an enemy's head in each other and over enemies ahead kidnap linger even with I'm exhausted I am the self an another feature isn't there any Kasich sixth Alana forever am I cut Amalia mr. 24 winnable imagine [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] burned it is Martha enemies ahead in a bit oh thank you Miss of them appear aggressive give me on it brah for the killer gyros magnifica I need Leland come here I will give you one bandage that's all I have Dorf layer Americas geez who I can say yeah hey brain to catch a bro market another 60 I'm here because oh I got some toys m7l give you a year I got supplies my back ain't you ever in love but okay so now look we should go to this one give him yellow pigment hammering drinkin seven fantage hers on that water again anyone needs my mo I need some Torres meat off yes madam Kojo I need a bolt-action mini ll or cook pleasure bro bro bandages for sorry no mines on each other gardenia minute ready don't look hmm no I let my daughter Vegas this terminal custom and I knew broken man eyeing it we started very hand bandaged shorter to you bro I get good for never were up three parties of the do you mean you can desert in doesn't a great warrior tag deter enemies ahead ok healing me me as one denied whatever Guardi woody enemies ahead I hate yes ma'am enemies ahead I mean oh yes pero me know fall back to safe zone she dreaded the mission tomorrow Saturday because of the under workers the from a bro thing q bro love you too short administrated a shorter to you bro assume this free golf club Cassio bro like much please sure campaign the import joint cardinality scarf is obtainable killing a bro bow back to safe zone best of luck for the finals bro thank you bro i'ma go do later hide comes and looks to be bought by them like this give alert spread Athena oh is it love an appletini somebody I got supplies yo Coco yes I broke the weekend aperture bro killing 2013 19 god I got supplies let's go like yeah if you make Satori they can you give you a snippet yellowed rather I've Nativity were either odd over here I got supplies honey hey Kim Oh nothin I got supplies I got supplies I got supplies you know who's behind Kim good English I got no lies the redzone a jabber ordered lager app get in let's go in Gemma be probably like set up me am i right nacho set up a never hand can be the alguma yes a like simple dynamic to be lightning lose Ravi Duman – Mira hand came up early for more Madhavan October a new language set a panic occurring hey bro chartered Oprah's Ranger variable enemies ahead people people people people people Nosara looting looting beside a car you provoke the gym cheese what Toronto it's got red it's got nvidia enemies ahead out of fuel fall back to safe zone I have no he'll skip a little me though they are even the 30s Pokemon evened up name building man saw us come out each behind us a wrinkled broken wall with a red arrow a key that I pass/fail coming enemies ahead one more day regarding evil let's go let's go get in get in I retired was called the Kitchener Scout Kalaivani ball devatha with more joy the notification I think my father we talked about Naomi what I heard on me umberto proscar alert Solara malpractice wrong what yoga you are Pierrot get in there enemies ahead before be taken to the wrong route of Roma Geneva questionable Oh excellent the agario queue here je to fajn epsilon0 epsilonr soon enough how did but also visit we go in the zone I got supplies when where check me we just Holly this a behavior bar back to safe zone doesn't highlight even there let's go they do you know we need you let's go get in the car I'm sorry yeah then they ten tenten tenten maybe man head for the headphone not tired enough to tell you but then he kept problem I guess there are people up there too there is an apple hook you mean your team are you kidding me you know you scamper oh sure it is that pain I can't even enemies ahead excellent work nice try buddy let this go but in here you got a big fan you you you you welcome to pub G Mobile we will be taking off soon be prepared hello hello intended by vixx and room alone by poor Tigerettes opposite day of data by Big Bang rubric Tanya thank you say tiger attaboy opposite in here voltage electric vehicle tourism very happy ritual ignatiev you know one of a productive player for a broker even here I am variation but you need me now I do fish you have them editor of this towel the view does have a title [Applause] thank you for 42 page rejected me [Applause] and give it all babban that is a little bit out sorry Jody in Mumbai get a bro counting and can we do even on brochures than I need there are more wrote Holliman I repeat you a lot not a lot let us go Thank You no-name time to put a place I got supplies I got supplies you got later mater okay bro later on but you feel what I am a house we have Oscar Peter negative karma nominal derivative hey Korsak did you get another one – why – you're totally bro like a company name let's go face bring up voice chat buddy you gonna ban this mmm 0 for X alone triangle there for extra there is hold I lost any external at agree with me but for extra the better luck down there look at naming the second do you know anything that's a good song yeah first left hand index finger husband their enemies this masked man open methadone or up next conductor next Jelena bunny the goddess akkamma wait but I accidently lubricant Altamira flow we have I missed a success after you sir you will in the shorter to you bro I depend and given eesh like lo tanto finger and then like to think that the kid and yet the top look at lo better but we talking were or gyro better than he can Tulsa way give me an oh shit i revel – you killed it Louis Remington several really listen to me erecting a pro-gay ran an upir okay 31-day give ya I thought of it up yes now you got to do some me Gazoo drove past me I got supplies sure you're kidding kidding me bro later your main Spanish thank you bro hey three teas on kazoo you know your mission but then can you map they have enemies ahead very low thirdly 320 true enemies ahead it gets kind of young thank you for of their flat playfully okay conduct engine and they can even have banan give it my drooping tropical IP with the league in Manitoba I'm nefler man a year ago salute man keep it you wish penile cancer bro yes prescient patents Koni that I totally agree but I'll put them up get them in yeah yeah yeah I got ya bacon spotting up how to get up there they have all dr. Caine this is till for what I mean yeah what is the last thing you wanna name the rest of you screen those loathing them to be forever is predator like a CI Rana and either this is called o FF on the bottom my you can be together saw an interception elevator look my nigga he's gonna bet clinically wait another took a lot about that but again i'm darian enemies ahead that's wrong I set this very love you too bro okay the bottle okay [Applause] this is my laser sight is better for an opera in America laser sight is Anita better of the enzymes it's true Gilligan you could have given us a very accurate Prada hipfire we can filter to you girl thank you I think gives us and enemies ahead we did go there rooted it's easy nobody's ever come in do you like I get the knowledge get angry like woman Emily cylinder you okay bro thank you but all I got supplies during the very end of unimaginable timbrel and we don't use that enemies ahead raindrop or EMV another moron now now Bhushan Patel thank you for 11 rupees thank you bro shall take a different attitude what copy a minute chips copper got eyes I got anyway even larger even the room maybe panda would eat another way to conduct you container lazing around my younger brother Salman and Jessica never not think if what I think anyhow talk to you bro I mean man me thank you sorry this will be empty Ankara creation thank you puto repairmen agree an era is it a lot of wait it's the packet through perfect into harmony phenomena we pull the packet everyone the campi regatta gaggle of a punk it'll be like it means a guy can't get a working agreement there first the solvation even we pushed having regarding the character bro but I've got unicameral tell me ask you buggy buggy buggy well SS metal by abysmal eternal agree yeah so mimic are immoral it you learn such abundance or the vicinity let's bail jeez wait official hello okay you you you you you welcome to pub G mobile team match let's go for the first time Dominic they function hello team victory shut down to this level – what are you you Oh you you you you you welcome to pub G mobile team match let's go are you a little of that eggs with her personal bodyguard is co-ed Miranda grab a great you're about to win the blue team is about to win you you you you you you right listen listen listen I've got an anchor done it again goes over a little the classic you love me Julie another package will make that much much earlier than hey I got an Adam AJ he's about to use creating here custom but not the nd again just a minute Maddox for a minute stoppable given that I got it okay Blue team victory [Applause] you you you you you you you welcome to pop G mobile that's $90 got nothing here team match let's go why you do this it's own level a little nerd out here together him Blue team streak has just been put to an end great you're about to win you you you you you you I need only another lip you the flu team has scored for the first time we are going to be late jog away yeah nerd Matt a start of another level yeah but all the other little with motherfucker bro no bro McCampbell Boise we love you libido Murata can they know that I'm not in 1817 I happen to party the water remember nothing let me Karen yeah he gave me with no analyst bro it's smaller password just deal with this deal I discover that advised me about schedules and grow up this area Bruce good device Lee never ignore this listening good supervisor and over ago welcome to pop G mobile team match let's go the blue team is scored the first time a custom mouth you know love you my baby baby they take your sound legs on the capitana come later got my problem and Kagan sector


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