Professional Knights DESTROY Regular People In Medieval Games


– (Katie) Oh, we got a canter! – Oh!
– Whoa! – Oh!
– Down! – Hey guys, I’m Katie Wilson.
– And I’m Brandon, better known as the Lavender Wizard. – (Katie) Welcome to the Medieval
Tournament of Lords. – (Brandon) A huge thank you
to Google Play for sponsoring this video. Head on over to the Google Play Store
and download Lords Mobile today. – We’ve brought together gamers,
athletes and professional knights to compete to see who
has what it takes in a medieval fantasy experience. Today, we’re gonna see if wit,
strength, or experience will prevail on the field of battle. Alright, you guys
are professional knights. Please introduce yourselves. – Sure, so I’m Virginia Hankins,
and I run Sheroes Entertainment, which is a company that loves
all kinds of things fantasy. – And I’m Dustin Zaney,
and I’ve specialized in swordfighting for God, about 15 years now? – Athletes, tell us who you are
and a little bit about yourselves. – Gladly, thank you, yes.
I’m Dom Mazetti aka Gym Jesus, aka the Brofessor,
you can find me on YouTube. – Alright, more importantly,
I’m Bradley Martyn. Every day is arm day,
and I’m gonna carry you through this. – Well obviously, you guys
pump a lot of iron. Do you think that’ll help you
win today? – I don’t think,
I don’t need to think. – (Bradley) Yeah.
– ‘Cause I just know. – Alright gamers, do you think
your experience playing fantasy games
is gonna help you at all throughout this tournament?
– Not at all. – Not at all.
– No. – Have you guys ever seen
a horse in real life? – I’ve ridden a pony when I was eight,
and that’s about it. I’ve been on a lot
of carousels as well. – (Brandon) The tournament
will consist of three medieval challenges,
archery, swordsmanship, and jousting on horseback. – (Katie) The team who wins
the most challenges will be crowned
the tournament champions and will take home
a cash prize of $1,000. ♪ (triumphant music) ♪ – (Brandon) The archery challenge
will consist of two rounds. The first round is basic archery. – (Katie) Players will have
three arrows to get as many points as possible. Bullseyes are worth three points, the red and blue rings
are worth two points, and the black and white rings
are worth one point. – (Brandon) For round two,
teams will send in their very best archers
to compete blindfolded. – (Katie) Because of
the increased difficulty, points will double
in the blindfolded round. – Archers, are you ready?
– Ready! – Yeah!
– Ready! – Yeah no, we’re good, dude.
– Yeah. – Yeah, we’re ready dude.
Don’t need to yell about it. – Let’s raise those bows.
– I’m getting tingles. – Ready?
Fire! – Hot job, Dustin!
– Already. Oh! – Not surprised that the pro
got closest to the bullseye. – (Katie) If we’re going for GoPro,
he got it. – (Brandon) But the pros were able
to get closer, oh! – (Katie) Oh, that is almost!
– (Brandon) That was really close. – (Katie) Almost.
– Tom taking his next shot. – (group) Oh!
– (Katie) First bullseye! – (Brandon) The gamers
striking a bullseye! – Amazing!
– Incredible! – See what happens
when you close your eyes, man? – (Brandon) Incredible!
– (Katie) Oh my goodness! – You can see over there, Brawn Boy,
he just missed his bullseye, oh!
– Oh! – Oh my God.
– And the Bros also taking a bullseye. – (Katie) Alright.
– (group) Oh! – Failed the end. – And the athletes
missing their third shot. – Does distance count?
– (Brandon) Bros missing. – (group) Oh! – So the big beautiful stud muffins,
the athletes, ended up with two points.
– They got two. – The gamers,
coming in with an impressive five. But come on guys,
were we really surprised? The pros coming through
with seven points. – Get ready, fire! Whoa! – Aw angry.
– Sick. – Aw, that was mean.
– That was, you know, you’re like, you’re close.
– (Tom) Oh God, pretty bad. – But she has advanced. But she has a different bow,
this is not fair dude. – It’s not fair they have
Robin Hood on their team. – What do we got gamers? – Oh my, bro, do that, do that. – An incredible bullseye, oh! – Gamers coming in with…
– You gotta hit the center. – The pros came with that last one.
– My arms are too long. – You gotta hit the middle. Hit the middle bro,
it’s the middle. No that’s…
– I was going for distance. – Oh!
– Very nice. – That’s not, that’s bro…
– Nice shot! – This is the, come on, can you? – We have two arrows on the board
for the gamers, the pros, of course,
had all three of their arrows hitting that target.
– Bro, you gotta, come on, you got this.
– The athletes are clearly having a little bit
of a problem. – Oh, and cheating, ah!
– Oh, I actually don’t, I don’t think that’s…
– All those count. That was three different shots. – Alright, so in this round,
our gamers came in with five points, but our pros here got eight points. Athletes, I’m very sorry,
but we’ve decided that you are disqualified from this round
for unsportsmanlike conduct. – ‘Cause we’re too good?
– Too good, that makes sense. That makes sense, that’s fine.
– You stabbed the target! – Yeah, it was…
– Okay. – Stabbing targets
is what I do, buddy. Ask your girl. – Alright, we are on to round two. Our blindfolded round, and guys, points are gonna be
doubled this round. – Ooh!
– My God. – Archers, raise bows.
– Okay. – Raise your bow, dude.
– Pull. – Just a little bit, yeah okay,
we’re good, nice and blind. – Oh, alright! Well our gamers at least
hit the target! – I hit it?
– You hit it. – You definitely did.
– You hit it! – The only arrow to
actually land. (Tom laughs) – Okay, perfect.
– Left. – A little higher.
– Left. – A little bit left,
no a little bit right. – Hold that.
– Up. – Nailed it, nailed it! – Aw man. – The gamers also
hit their target! We’re getting into the last arrow,
currently. – The last man. – We’re gonna get
a bullseye this time. – Oh yeah, no I’m feeling it. – This is really exciting,
it comes down to this third arrow. – Whoa!
– Oh! – Ugh.
– Whoa! – Yeah, and I’m blindfolded.
– Oh my goodness! The gamers, hitting their target
for the third time, and the athletes
also making a mark. Their big old muscles
just couldn’t help the athletes here, and they finished last
with eight points. The gamers made a pretty good effort,
and managed to grab an impressive 16 points,
but not surprisingly, the professional knights
got 17 points, just barely making them the winners
and earning them the point for the archery round. – I think we showed
who actually has the true skill in this sport.
– I would say that. – And I think the gamers
were able to do a lot better when they
were blindfolded or closing their eyes. – The professionals did pretty good,
but they’re professional. – For professionals,
they did professionally. – We did surprisingly good.
– Yeah we did! – That was insane, you should
just call me Legolas, you can be Katniss Everdeen,
we’ll call it a day. ♪ (triumphant music) ♪ – (Katie) The second round
is swordsmanship, and finesse will be
the key to victory. Players must hit the targets
on each dummy without hitting
the dummies themselves. – Each target
is worth one point, and the team who can
get the most, without hitting the dummies
will be crowned sword champions. And just because I can,
I’m gonna be giving away an extra style point, okay? It can go to anybody. Knights, raise your swords!
(thunder crackles) – Yeah!
– Been raised. – Show us that you have
the same finesse as you do strength. Athletes forward! – Woo!
– Let’s go baby. – Alright.
– Show ’em how it’s done. Show ’em how it’s done!
– Oh, ooh, ooh! – They’re coming in, oh, oh, oh!
– Oh! (laughs) (screams)
– Oh! – Catch you later. – You go!
(Kendelle yells) – Are you kidding me?
Did you see that? – Kendelle striking the balloon
and not popping it. – Ooh, ooh, that was a good one.
– Striking the second one. Doing a great job. – Oh!
– But missing the head! Go for it again! – (group) Oh! – Its top comes straight off.
Oh! – And we got a twerk!
– And a little dance! – (Kendelle) Did you see that?
– For the dummy. – Alright Dustin, go!
– Woo! – Coming in with finesse, ooh!
– Oh! – Don’t bend it!
– Whoa! – Yeah!
– Whoa! Both water balloons down.
After going through round one, I must say that was
absolutely pathetic. – Pathetic.
– Guys, there was one point awarded! – Guys, have you forgotten
that there are $1,000 on the line right here?
– That’s 1,000 gold coins baby! Pros, when you are ready! Rolling up.
– She’s got her eye on the target. – Ooh, there’s the finesse, oh.
– Ooh, whoa! – (both) Oh! – Oh my God!
– Both water balloons down. – Hit him!
– Yes! – He takes a stance. Oh, but he doesn’t hit it.
– Misses the head. Oh, looks for it.
Oh, it’s still there. – Swiped and it’s missed.
– The cauliflower! Okay.
– Nice. – Misses the second, oop.
Incredible. – Does that count?
It might count. – He wants revenge.
– Oh! – And made cauliflower rice.
– Okay. – Oh!
– Whoa, alright. – Kill it!
– With that, Bradley. (laughs) – Oh, the head goes straight down.
– Whoa, immediately. – Oh!
– (Bradley) Let’s get him! – Alright.
– Get it bro. – Oh, oh!
– Oh, okay! Alright, okay, oh, producers!
Producers, can we get? Producers, can we…
– I think, I think… – Oh!
– What? – Can we ask him
to put the sword down? I don’t feel safe!
– (Katie) Yeah. – Well that was certainly something. Round one, a little iffy.
Round two, you guys really brought it. Like I mentioned at the beginning
of this challenge, I was gonna be awarding
my style point, and I have to say that my style point
is gonna go to Tom of the Gamers. – Woo!
– Alright! – (Brandon) He did this
incredible golf swing. – (Bradley) Who is Tom? – But guys, fear not,
because I too have decided that I will be giving away
a style point as well. – Aw!
– Yeah, give it to us. – Because I can always appreciate a man who swears
his fealty to the queen. So, athletes,
you’re getting a style point. – Woo!
– We did it, yeah! – (Brandon) Which means…
– That was me, that was me! – Which means that in the end… – (Katie) The athletes managed
to get two points and unfortunately for the pros,
they hit their dummy on every attempt,
so they’re walking away with zero points that round. – (Brandon) The gamers
scored three points, and are the winners
of the swordsmanship round. – Well this was a little bit
more unorthodox than I was expecting. Normally, we’re fighting an opponent that actually
moves and attacks. – Most of my swordwork’s
all on horseback, so I’m also used to doing
downswings, upswings, where all of a sudden,
I’m above the opponent, and today I’m like here. – I think they were trying
to throw us off by attacking ours
instead of their dummy. – Yeah.
– And we saw who the real dummy is. – That was their dummy?
– That was their dummy, yeah. You went to the wrong one.
– (Dom) Oh. – (Bradley) You didn’t know that? – It was looking at me funny,
so I just, mmm, had to take it out. – Alright guys, we’re gonna be heading into our third
and final challenge. Gamers have one point,
our pros have one point, and our athletes have zero points.
– Two points. – (Brandon) Zero actually.
– Plus two. – Now, let’s bring out the horses. ♪ (triumphant music) ♪ And now the moment you’ve
been waiting for, the final challenge of our tournament,
the ring tilt. – (Brandon) It’s a ring game
that knights use to practice jousting. – We’ve asked each team
to send their best rider out to the arena,
and whoever can complete the challenge in the quickest time
and collect the most rings will be one step closer
to taking home $1,000. Alright, here we go,
the gamers are up first. Are you ready? – He doesn’t look ready.
– Go! Oh, he’s gonna get
a little trot in there. Amazing!
– (group) Oh, oh, oh! – (Brandon) A little too
fast for his… – Oh, whoa!
– Still gets one. Tom is going around the bend.
– (Katie) Opposite direction. – (Brandon) Going for a second ring. – Tom, you’re so good at this.
– Still going. – (Kendelle) You got this, Tom.
Look at that, it’s right there, waiting for you.
Oh yeah! – Magic!
Incredible, incredible. Next up are the athletes.
Bradley on his horse. When you’re ready!
– (Dom) Do it. – (Kendelle) Boo, ooh!
– (Brandon) Nice little trot. – (Katie) Ooh, oh, we got a canter! – Ooh!
– Impressive, oh oh oh, oh! – Oh, and he’s down!
– (laughs) Are you okay? – Ugh, that one hurt.
– (Katie) You alright? – (Dom) And he’s down!
– (Katie) You alright? – Ugh. – We get points for that? – We get extra points now, right?
– (Tom) (laughs) That’s style points. – (Bradley) Yeah. – Next up, we have our pro.
When you’re ready! – (Kendelle) Ooh.
– (Brandon) She’s coming to a gallop. Oh!
– Epic canter and accuracy, speed also, she is going to be
tough to beat. Let’s see if she can
get the ring on her way back. – And she has time to stop.
– Pretty sure her rings are bigger. (group laughs)
– (Kendelle) She’s cheating somehow. – (Tom) Yeah, he brought
her own horse. – (Dom) Oh, sideways,
with the drift? – Oh!
– Nice! – Oh, she’s drifting the horse?
– Got it! – Virginia with the speed,
with the accuracy, incredible! – (Katie) In an unfortunate
turn of events, Bradley fell off his horse
and wasn’t able to finish that round. – (Brandon) Tom from the gamers
got both of his rings and finished in 41 seconds. – Virginia also got
both of her rings, and did it in a mind blowing
27 seconds. We do have a winner
of our ring tilt challenge, and it is going to…
– (both) The pros! – Of course.
– Right. – Which means… (drumroll) The pros, you guys
are our overall winners of our Medieval Tournament of Lords!
– Woo! – Yeah boy! – Of $1,000 cold hard cash.
Brando, make some magic happen for me. – Ooh!
– Ah! – Check it out, ah.
– Congratulations. – You know what that is?
– Never seen it. – Smell of victory!
– Whatever. – Did you guys expect
the pros to be taking it today? – (laughs) It was a total shocker.
– No dude. – What?
– Total surprise. – Where’s your partner?
– Oh yeah, he dead. He died.
(Katie laughs) They didn’t, he didn’t literally die,
he just figuratively died. He charged at the target,
and uh, you know, he fell off the horse, you know,
sometimes you fell off the horse. He didn’t get back on. Needed that money
for gambling debt, so… (group laughs) – Thank you so much to our gamers,
our pros and our athletes, and thank you so much
to Google Play for sponsoring this video. And to Lords of Mobile
for inspiring us to get medieval. – And you can get medieval right now
by downloading Lords Mobile on Google Play
in the link below. – Thanks so much for watching
this episode. – (group) Bye!
(thunder crackles)


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  1. Robin Barayuga

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    That artificial creaking during the archery irritates me. If your bow was making that sound in reality while being drawn, you’d want it away from you on the double

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    It's amazing how different school systems around the world are. We went horse back riding in middle school. it was a week of sports activities once a year, from tennis, swiming,snowboarding,rafting,kayaking,golf,archery… I must say it's really neat I got all those experiances and schools around the world should also do this.

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    I think the real winners here are the gamers. They did better than the athletes and were pretty comparative to the pros.

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    To the people here saying they shouldn't call themselves knights, that it's disrespectful to the Queen, and that only the Queen can knight someone; you're wrong on all accounts. Firstly the Queen is not the only person who can grant knighthood you'd think British people would know how knighthood works. Knighthood is something that can be granted to someone by a knight, a lord, or royalty. It is not a royalty exclusive thing, the majority of knights throughout history were knighted by knights or lords and not royalty. Saying that only the Queen/King can knight someone is basically saying the majority of knights were never real knights. Secondly a "professional knight" is someone who trains and works in the manner of knights without necessarily being a knight. They sometimes will enter competitions but in most cases they work in reenactments or themed events etc. Something really funny considering some British people here are going at these guys is that there are many "professional knights" that work in England. Check out Warwick Castle for instance they have many "professional knights" working there daily and you don't see any British people complaining about them and they refer to themselves as knights and not "professional knights". So if you're going to call out these 2 "professional knights" why don't you go and boycott Warwick Castle then since everyone there using your words are calling themselves knights, are disrespecting the Queen, and never received knighthood.

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