NYC’s Magic Hour Rooftop Bar takes massive food to a new level


I’m Jason hall Executive Chef of the
Moxy Hotel. The whole theme of Magic Hour here is fun we don’t take ourselves
too seriously we have some oversized cocktails some big fun platters of food
for guests and it’s a fun place to come and relax we had this cardi B event she
had our mini Ice Cream Sandwich and she wanted into a jumbo Ice Cream Sandwich
and once people saw it on her Instagram everybody wanted the sandwich so now
we’re serving it here at Magic Hour but we took a an individual portion of an
Ice Cream Sandwich and scaled it up ten times its size social media has influenced some of our
dishes here people like to engage in the meal and take photos of where they are
and what they’re eating more so now than ever before
from our brunch menu we have a picture potion spritz it’s in a jumbo wine glass
you can either have it with vodka tequila
we had a parole Owens grapefruit mixer Prosecco here at Magic Hour we have our super
stack pancake it’s ten jumbo pancakes stacked high on a platter we top that
with maple cotton candy and then we pour hot maple syrup over the cotton candy to
melt it on the side we have a couple of
condiments a Bananas Foster Jam some roasted apples and a blueberry jam our disco ball punch is a popular group
drink it’s made with half a bottle of Absolut
elix vodka Tiki baja punch and some edible orchids.


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