Novak Djokovic Wimbledon 2017 pre-tournament press conference

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Yes, seems to be right now from
this perspective a good decision to have played Eastbourne.
Obviously I was not playing too many of the events in the week prior to the
beginning of the Grand Slam in my career, but I decided to do so this time because
I felt like I needed more matches in general but especially on the grass,
that is very unique surface that requires time for adaptation and
adjustment, especially for the movement. I felt like this time I needed a
proper tournament rather than just playing couple of exhibition matches.
I’m glad I’ve made that decision, and that I went to Eastbourne
because it was a very positive experience on and off the court as well. He was one of the players on the tour
that I’ve had closest relationship with even during the active career.
Which wasn’t easy, and it’s not easy obviously,
because he was top-10 player. We were kind of competitors and rivals.
But we always had a tremendous respect and support towards each other.
We spend a lot of time off the court speak the same language. Things were
very easy for us in terms of communication. After that, obviously he was very
unfortunate with his injuries and illnesses that kind of ended his career. It’s really unfortunate because he’s
definitely one of the most talented players that I have ever seen. He was very, very smart very educated always. Just
very kind guy, you know admired by many people and
respected around the tour. We spoke. He said he was anyway
coming to London. He would be happy to spend some time with Andre and
myself during Wimbledon. That’s more or less everything we talked about. In terms of what comes after that,
we’ll see. We’ll take a day at a time see how everything flows during
this tournament, see where that takes us. I used to base all my happiness
on winning a tennis match. I think many athletes today are doing that.
So I try not to do that any more because it’s not like I don’t care, but winning
and losing a tennis match, absolutely not. Of course, I would love to win every
single tennis match I play in but I don’t try to take that as very
essential, you know, moment in my life which determines my happiness. It’s a different approach, but I’m
still here and I’m still motivated I still keep on going. I’m still glad to kind of experience whatever
professional tennis career has for me.


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